AntWeb Tools

AntWeb provides many facilities to aid you in your discovery of the ant world. Among these are:

Search Tools

Our advanced search let you find ants in a variety of ways, including: taxonomy, location, and collector. You may also search for ants which have images, and type specimens.

Regional Lists

View regional lists of ant subfamilies, genera and species.

In Depth Information

View description pages of ant subfamilies, genera and species to get more details about them.

Ant Image Comparison Tool

The AntWeb image comparison tool lets you compare images of ants at the subfamily, genus, species or specimen level. You may also specify which types of images you would like to compare: head, profile, dorsal, or label.

Web-based Field Guides

Take AntWeb to the field with you. Create a field guide from a taxon page, from a regional page, or from a search result. You may use your browser's "Save Page As..." feature to save the page for offline access. Here is an example: field guide.

Maps on AntWeb

You can pinpoint the location of ants using maps on AntWeb pages.