Georegion: Asia - Eastern Asia - Mongolia
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Country:  Mongolia

Non-imaged species (56): Camponotus aterrimus, Camponotus herculeanus, Camponotus japonicus, Camponotus longiceps, Camponotus saxatilis, Camponotus tashcumiri, Camponotus turkestanus, Cardiocondyla koshewnikovi, Cataglyphis aenescens, Crematogaster subdentata, Dolichoderus sibiricus, Formica adelungi, Formica aquilonia, Formica candida, Formica clara, Formica clarissima, Formica cunicularia, Formica japonica, Formica kozlovi, Formica lemani, Formica litoralis, Formica lugubris, Formica manchu, Formica picea, Formica pisarskii, Formica pratensis, Formica sanguinea, Formica truncorum, Formica uralensis, Harpagoxenus zaisanicus, Lasius distinguendus, Lasius fuji, Lasius obscuratus, Lasius przewalskii, Lasius reginae, Messor excursionis, Messor excursionis alaschanicus, Myrmica angulinodis, Myrmica arnoldii, Myrmica commarginata, Myrmica divergens, Myrmica eidmanni, Myrmica kirghisorum, Plagiolepis pallescens, Proformica coriacea, Proformica jacoti, Proformica kaszabi, Proformica mongolica, Tapinoma orthocephalum, Tapinoma sinense, ...
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