Georegion: Asia - Central Asia - Kazakhstan
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Country:  Kazakhstan

Non-imaged species (108): Alloformica aberrans, Alloformica nitidior, Aphaenogaster rhaphidiiceps, Aphaenogaster turkestanica, Bothriomyrmex kusnezovi, Bothriomyrmex turcomenicus, Camponotus aterrimus, Camponotus herculeanus, Camponotus interjectus, Camponotus oasium, Camponotus saxatilis, Camponotus semirufus, Camponotus turkestanicus, Camponotus turkestanus, Cardiocondyla gibbosa, Cardiocondyla koshewnikovi, Cardiocondyla littoralis, Cardiocondyla sahlbergi, Cardiocondyla ulianini, Cataglyphis aenescens, Cataglyphis bergiana, Cataglyphis longipedem, Cataglyphis pallida, Crematogaster subdentata, Formica litoralis, Formica mesasiatica, Formica picea, Formica pratensis, Formica rufa, Formica sanguinea, Formica subpilosa, Formica truncorum, Formica uralensis, Lasius brevipalpus, Lasius carniolicus, Lasius longiceps, Lepisiota frauenfeldi ferganica, Lepisiota frauenfeldi surchanica, Lepisiota integrisquama, Lepisiota karawaiewi, Lepisiota melanogaster, Lepisiota semenovi, Lepisiota spinisquama, Leptothorax goesswaldi, Messor aralocaspius, Messor aralocaspius infumatus, Messor caducus, Messor clypeatus, Messor diabarensis, Messor excursionis, ...
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