Georegion: Asia - South-Eastern Asia
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Subregion: South-Eastern Asia

Non-imaged species (2551): Acanthomyrmex basispinosus, Acanthomyrmex careoscrobis, Acanthomyrmex concavus, Acanthomyrmex crassispinus, Acanthomyrmex dusun, Acanthomyrmex ferox, Acanthomyrmex foveolatus, Acanthomyrmex humilis, Acanthomyrmex laevis, Acanthomyrmex malikuli, Acanthomyrmex mindanao, Acanthomyrmex minus, Acanthomyrmex mizunoi, Acanthomyrmex notabilis, Acanthomyrmex padanensis, Acanthomyrmex sulawesiensis, Acanthomyrmex thailandensis, Acropyga acutiventris, Acropyga ambigua, Acropyga butteli, Acropyga dubia, Acropyga gelasis, Acropyga hystrix, Acropyga inezae, Acropyga kinomurai, Acropyga major, Acropyga nipponensis, Acropyga oceanica, Acropyga pallida, Aenictus alticola, Aenictus annae, Aenictus appressipilosus, Aenictus artipus, Aenictus bakeri, Aenictus baliensis, Aenictus binghamii, Aenictus bodongjaya, Aenictus breviceps, Aenictus brevinodus, Aenictus brevipodus, Aenictus buttelreepeni, Aenictus camposi, Aenictus carolianus, Aenictus ceylonicus, Aenictus changmaianus, Aenictus chapmani, Aenictus clavatus, Aenictus clavatus atripennis, Aenictus clavatus sundaicus, Aenictus clavitibia facetus, ...