Georegion: Africa - Southern Africa - Namibia
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Country:  Namibia

Non-imaged species (194): Acropyga arnoldi, Aenictus rotundatus, Anochetus levaillanti, Anoplolepis custodiens, Anoplolepis steingroeveri, Atopomyrmex mocquerysi, Axinidris namib, Bothroponera berthoudi, Brachyponera sennaarensis, Camponotus belligerus, Camponotus breviscapus, Camponotus callmorphus, Camponotus cinctellus, Camponotus cuneiscapus, Camponotus debellator, Camponotus detritus, Camponotus fulvopilosus, Camponotus grandidieri, Camponotus grandidieri eumendax, Camponotus maculatus, Camponotus mayri, Camponotus mystaceus, Camponotus mystaceus exsanguis, Camponotus mystaceus kamae, Camponotus namacola, Camponotus nasutus, Camponotus nasutus fenestralis, Camponotus nasutus quadridentatus, Camponotus niveosetosus, Camponotus robecchii, Camponotus robecchii dispar, Camponotus robecchii troglodytes, Camponotus rufoglaucus, Camponotus rufoglaucus latericius, Camponotus rufoglaucus zulu, Camponotus sericeus, Camponotus simulans, Camponotus storeatus, Camponotus vestitus, Cardiocondyla emeryi, Cardiocondyla shuckardi, Cardiocondyla venustula, Carebara aberrans, Carebara arnoldi, Carebara hammoniae, Carebara kunensis, Carebara mayri, Carebara vidua, Cataulacus brevisetosus, Cataulacus intrudens, ...