Georegion: Africa - Eastern Africa - Kenya
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Country:  Kenya

Non-imaged species (526): Acropyga silvestrii, Aenictus alluaudi, Aenictus bottegoi, Aenictus crucifer, Aenictus decolor, Aenictus eugenii, Aenictus fuscovarius, Aenictus fuscovarius magrettii, Aenictus hamifer, Aenictus rotundatus, Aenictus rotundatus guineensis, Aenictus steindachneri, Aenictus weissi, Anochetus africanus, Anochetus bequaerti, Anochetus katonae, Anochetus maynei, Anochetus obscuratus, Anochetus pellucidus, Anochetus rothschildi, Anochetus sedilloti, Anochetus traegaordhi, Anoplolepis custodiens, Atopomyrmex mocquerysi, Axinidris acholli, Axinidris bidens, Axinidris hypoclinoides, Axinidris icipe, Axinidris kakamegensis, Axinidris luhya, Axinidris murielae, Axinidris okekai, Baracidris pilosa, Bothroponera ancilla, Bothroponera crassa, Bothroponera ilgii, Bothroponera kruegeri, Bothroponera notaula, Bothroponera pachyderma, Bothroponera silvestrii, Bothroponera soror, Bothroponera talpa, Brachyponera sennaarensis, Calyptomyrmex brunneus, Calyptomyrmex clavatus, Calyptomyrmex duhun, Calyptomyrmex piripilis, Calyptomyrmex tensus, Camponotus acvapimensis, Camponotus aegyptiacus, ...