Georegion: Africa - Middle Africa - Democratic Republic of Congo
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Country: Democratic Republic of Congo

Non-imaged species (629): Acropyga silvestrii, Aenictogiton attenuatus, Aenictogiton bequaerti, Aenictogiton elongatus, Aenictogiton emeryi, Aenictogiton fossiceps, Aenictogiton schoutedeni, Aenictogiton sulcatus, Aenictus alluaudi, Aenictus alluaudi falcifer, Aenictus buttgenbachi, Aenictus eugenii, Aenictus eugenii henrii, Aenictus moebii sankisianus, Aenictus raptor, Aenictus soudanicus brunneus, Aenictus weissi, Anochetus africanus, Anochetus bequaerti, Anochetus katonae, Anochetus maynei, Anochetus obscuratus, Anochetus siphneus, Atopomyrmex cryptoceroides, Atopomyrmex mocquerysi, Axinidris denticulata, Axinidris hypoclinoides, Bondroitia lujae, Bothroponera pachyderma, Bothroponera rubescens, Bothroponera sanguinea, Bothroponera soror, Calyptomyrmex barak, Calyptomyrmex brevis, Calyptomyrmex clavatus, Calyptomyrmex duhun, Calyptomyrmex nummuliticus, Calyptomyrmex piripilis, Calyptomyrmex rennefer, Calyptomyrmex shasu, Camponotus aberrans, Camponotus acvapimensis, Camponotus aequatorialis kohli, Camponotus agonius, Camponotus argus, Camponotus atriscapus, Camponotus barbarossa micipsa, Camponotus barbarossa sulcatinasis, Camponotus bayeri, Camponotus brutus, ...