Georegion: Africa - Middle Africa - Congo
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Country:  Congo

Non-imaged species (189): Aenictus brazzai, Aenictus congolensis, Aenictus eugenii, Aenictus weissi, Anochetus africanus, Anochetus bequaerti, Anochetus fuliginosus, Anochetus pellucidus, Anochetus traegaordhi, Anoplolepis carinata, Anoplolepis tenella, Axinidris bidens, Axinidris gabonica, Axinidris hypoclinoides, Bothroponera ancilla, Bothroponera cribrata, Bothroponera pachyderma, Bothroponera sanguinea, Bothroponera talpa variolata, Brachyponera sennaarensis decolor, Camponotus aberrans, Camponotus brevicollis, Camponotus buchneri, Camponotus caesar imperator, Camponotus chrysurus, Camponotus congolensis weissi, Camponotus coniceps, Camponotus florius, Camponotus foraminosus flavus, Camponotus furvus, Camponotus maculatus, Camponotus perrisii jucundus, Camponotus polyrhachioides, Camponotus polyrhachioides cupreus, Camponotus pompeius, Camponotus pompeius iota, Camponotus posticus, Camponotus roubaudi, Camponotus sericeus sulgeri, Camponotus simus manidis, Camponotus vividus, Camponotus wolfi, Carebara vidua, Carebara vidua fur, Cataulacus egenus, Cataulacus erinaceus, Cataulacus kohli, Cataulacus mocquerysi, Cataulacus pullus, Cataulacus weissi, ...