Georegion: Europe - Eastern Europe - Russia
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Country:  Russia

Non-imaged species (320): Aphaenogaster famelica, Aphaenogaster gibbosa, Aphaenogaster januschevi, Aphaenogaster japonica, Aphaenogaster kurdica, Aphaenogaster obsidiana, Aphaenogaster splendida, Aphaenogaster subterranea, Aphaenogaster subterraneoides, Bothriomyrmex anastasiae, Bothriomyrmex communista, Bothriomyrmex corsicus, Bothriomyrmex modestus, Bothriomyrmex turcomenicus, Brachyponera chinensis, Camponotus aethiops, Camponotus aterrimus, Camponotus atricolor, Camponotus buddhae, Camponotus fallax, Camponotus fedtschenkoi, Camponotus herculeanus, Camponotus interjectus, Camponotus japonicus, Camponotus kopetdaghensis, Camponotus kurdistanicus, Camponotus lameerei, Camponotus lateralis, Camponotus ligniperda, Camponotus obscuripes, Camponotus oertzeni, Camponotus piceus, Camponotus quadrinotatus, Camponotus saxatilis, Camponotus turkestanicus, Camponotus turkestanus, Camponotus vagus, Camponotus xerxes, Cardiocondyla elegans, Cardiocondyla koshewnikovi, Cardiocondyla mauritanica, Cardiocondyla sahlbergi, Cardiocondyla stambuloffii, Cardiocondyla ulianini, Cataglyphis aenescens, Cataglyphis cinnamomea, Cataglyphis emeryi, Cataglyphis foreli, Cataglyphis gracilens, Cataglyphis nodus, ...
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