Georegion: Asia - South-Eastern Asia - Singapore
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Country:  Singapore

Non-imaged species (218): Acanthomyrmex ferox, Acropyga acutiventris, Acropyga oceanica, Aenictus gracilis, Aenictus laeviceps, Aenictus seletarius, Aenictus shuckardi, Anochetus agilis, Anochetus graeffei, Anochetus incultus, Anochetus rugosus, Anochetus tua, Anoplolepis gracilipes, Buniapone amblyops, Calyptomyrmex beccarii, Camponotus adustus, Camponotus arrogans, Camponotus bellus, Camponotus camelinus, Camponotus ephippiatus, Camponotus irritans, Camponotus irritans carinifer, Camponotus irritans tinctus, Camponotus maculatus obfuscatus, Camponotus nigricans enganensis, Camponotus overbecki, Camponotus quadrisectus hians, Camponotus quadrisectus margaritae, Camponotus reticulatus sericellus, Cardiocondyla strigifrons, Cardiocondyla wroughtonii, Carebara diversa, Carebara overbecki, Carebara silenus, Cataulacus granulatus, Cataulacus horridus, Cataulacus latissimus, Cataulacus praetextus, Centromyrmex feae greeni, Centromyrmex hamulatus, Colobopsis badia, Colobopsis leonardi gracilenta, Colobopsis moeschi lygaea, Colobopsis rothneyi krafti, Colobopsis vitrea angustula, Crematogaster anthracina, Crematogaster borneensis, Crematogaster difformis, Crematogaster dohrni artifex, Crematogaster egidyi szaboi, ...