Georegion: Europe - Western Europe - France
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Country:  France

Non-imaged genera (40): Aphaenogaster, Bothriomyrmex, Camponotus, Cardiocondyla, Cataglyphis, Colobopsis, Crematogaster, Dolichoderus, Formica, Formicoxenus, Gerontoformica, Goniomma, Haidomyrmodes, Harpagoxenus, Iberoformica, Lasius, Leptanilla, Leptothorax, Linepithema, Manica, Messor, Monomorium, Myrmecina, Myrmica, Oecophylla, Oxyopomyrmex, Paratrechina, Pheidole, Plagiolepis, Platythyrea, Polyergus, Ponera, Proformica, Solenopsis, Stenamma, Strongylognathus, Strumigenys, Tapinoma, Temnothorax, Tetramorium
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