In the News

January 20, 2006
The Scientist
Why Google is Good for Science (HTML)

January 2006
NATURE, Vol. 439
Mashups mix data into global service (PDF)

November 21, 2005
The Scientist, Volume 19, Issue 23
The Ants Go Marching - on Your Screen (HTML)

November 14, 2005
Ants: What's in a Name? (HTML)

September 30, 2005
Google Blog
Ants unearthed with Google Earth (HTML)

September 22, 2002
California Academy of Sciences Press Release
Academy Scientist Maps World's Ants with Google Earth (HTML)

February 17, 2005
NATURE, Vol. 433
Online access offers fresh scope for bug identfication (PDF)

April 30, 2004
SCIENCE, Vol. 304
California Academy Starts on the Museum of Its Dreams (PDF)

February 6, 2004
SCIENCE, Vol. 303
Meet the Ants (PDF)

September 22, 2003
Open Access
Ants and Open Access (PDF)

July 17, 2003
NATURE, Vol. 424
Ants join online colony to boost conservation efforts (PDF)