Museum refers to any institution or organization that owns and manages scientific collections. This includes Institutional Collections, Personal Collections, Project Collections. Specimens associated with a museum are grouped by the information in the "owned by" field in specimen records.

Kinds of Collections Antweb

ABS, Lake PlacidArchbold Biological Station102922547
AFRC, PretoriaAfribugs Collection140927415
BMNH, LondonBritish Museum of Natural History574822008
CASC, San FranciscoCalifornia Academy of Sciences18118445185
EcoFoG, KourouEcology of French Guiana Forests316942
FMNH, ChicagoThe Field Museum354741747
JTLC, LonginoJohn T. Longino Collection1399996305
KGAC, GomezKiko Gomez Abal Collection496352
MCZC, CambridgeMuseum of Comparative Zoology, Cambridge 65795943
MHNG, GenevaMuseum of Natural History, Geneva579322721
MMPC, PrebusMatthew M. Prebus Collection89424
MSNG, GenoaNatural History Museum, Genoa250410245
NHMB, BaselNatural History Museum, Basel341713517
NHMW, ViennaMuseum of Natural History Vienna9483607
PSWC, WardPhilip S. Ward Collection1355411476
SIZK, KievSchmalhausen Institute8934273
SMNG, GörlitzStaatliches Museum fur Naturkunde Gorlitz1801505
UCDC, DavisUniversity of California, Davis89925165
UFV-LABECOL, ViçosaLaboratorio de Ecologia de Comunidades UFV56082026
USNM, WashingtonSmithsonian National Museum of Natural History34004838
UTIC, AustinUniversity of Texas Insect Collection45379
ZMHB, BerlinMuseum fur Naturkunde der Humboldt-Universitat Berlin233412121