Release Notes

Antweb Release Notes

Release 8.96.1
  Two fixes for image comparison.

Release 8.96
  Add util method to test for set1 condition.

Release 8.95
  New Google API server key.

Release 8.94
  Map api latlng solution.
  Field images, 1st rev.

Release 8.93.1
  Change recent image search to use get instead of post.
  Remove 13 images.

Release 8.93
  DBUtil.getDataSource replaced with DBUtilSimple.getDataSource
  Download Species List Range Data feature suspended.

Release 8.92
  Refuse requests with 0xc
  Log in nonLegitRequest.log

Release 8.91.2
  Field Guide set to request scope.

Release 8.91.1
  Taxon not found handling in Field Guide action.

Release 8.91
  New log for taxa not found.

Release 8.90.1
  Criteria checks added to FieldGuideAction. and made request scope.

Release 8.90
  dbMethodName changes (omit curate pages).
  BrowseAction made request scope.
  Check for insufficient privileges.
  Revert to C3P0 .9.1.2.

Release 8.89
  Tighten security of the LogMgr.

Release 8.88
  Upgrade to c3p0 from to
  Backup a large srfExceptions.jsp file.
  Minor refactor of LogMgr. Support for SRFExceptions file.

Release 8.87.1
  Add unique to BrowseAction dbMethodName.
  More precise check in DBUtil.close().  
  Tighten the logging for ambiguous homonyms.
  Disidentify uptimeRobot as bot.

Release 8.87
  Imaged Species added to
Release 8.86.2
  Logging changes.

Release 8.86.1
  UserAgentTracker robustness.

Release 8.86
  Simplify doFilter() exception handling.
  Reset UserAgents list following scheduler.
  Create hyperActive UserAgent functionality

Release 8.85.1
Date Jan 19
  Activate bot denial in case of server slow.
  UserAgentTracker clean up. Move logic from SessionRequestFilter into UserAgentTracker.
  User Agent Manager. Add days. Time dependent on refresh. Add functioning data.
  HttpUtil.getLongRequestInfo() method with parameters and heading info.
  Output longRequestInfo in case of SessionRequest exception, including userAgent and startTime.
Release 8.85
Date: Jan 17
  Debug flag feature.
  UserAgentTracking refactor.
    Creation of user_agent_whitelist.
  getGeolocaleFromProjectName() to resolve a bulk of legacy requests.
    Appropriate projectants redirects.
  Create ServerDb. Move functionality from ServerStatusAction.
  Create UserAgentDb with functionality from UserAgentTracker.
  Only allow live adm1s in the Change View Options.

Release 8.84
Date: Jan 11, 2023
  Red Flag Option drop down list added to Advanced Search.

Release 8.83.5
Date: Jan 8. 2023
  Database connection closing during SessionRequestFilter.

Release 8.83.4  
Date: Dec 30 2022
  Handle performance issue involving cases of insufficient criteria in maps.
  Map, image placement and debug info.
Release 8.83.3	
  Fix two includes to make absolute in taxonPage-body.jsp.
  Modify DBUtil.getStatement() to throw SQLException in case of null connection.
Release 8.83.2
  PageTracking turned off.

Release 8.83.1
  Fix the Group form. Database access was changed to prepared statements. Now it works.

Release 8.83
  Includes working locally on overview-body.jsp.
  Forward taxonomicpage to taxonomicPage.
  Send message to dev emails if tooBusy check > 100.

Release 8.82
  API enhancements. New parameters and updated documentation for TaxaImages method.

Release 8.81.1
  locality and collection parsing removed from isWithinCountryBounds().
Release 8.81
  Handle apostrophes in locality codes.

Release 8.80
  Connection testing instead of data source testing.
  Remove last of caching code.
  Less frequent server checks.
  Set1 testing/handling.
  Closed connection logging  
Release 8.78
  Refactor of dBUtil server activity tools.

Release 8.77.6
  Emails to admin enacted for sever events.

Release 8.77.5
  DBStatus extension to acknowledge multiple connection pools.

Release 8.77.4
  Bug fix for specimen download tool.

Release 8.77.3
  UpdateTaxonSetSources method added to scheduled tasks and runCountCrawl.
Release 8.77.2
  Specimen line number fetch tool fix.

Release 8.77.1
  Alternative testing url. Emailer test code.
  Specimen dump for curators. All allowed.
Release 8.77
  database loading modified to support view permissions.
  Add text to citation info: include photographer attribution.
  Remove extraneous SpecimenUploadSupport.
Release 8.76.6
  Test for SQLIntegrityConstraintViolationException before saveSpecimen to avoid
    exceptionHandling and logging.
  Code (inactive) for removing handled SQLIntegrityConstraintViolationExceptions
    from worldants upload.  
  Document dev configuration directories.

Release 8.76.5
  Logging change for info in dev environment (for specimen upload).
  Fix the detail directory locally, and document.

Release 8.76.4
  User login information enhancement. 
  System security tightened.
  UpdateLoginCountries updated on save.

Release 8.77
  Specimen code list file uploaded will return a tab separated specimen details file.

Release 8.76.3
  Refactor of getTargetMinusParam.
  getAntwebSpecimenCodes() ambiguity removed for museums.
Release 8.76.2
  Species and Subspecies browserParams to include subfamily to avoid ambiguity for indet.
  getDate() to getTimestamp() changes.

Release 8.76.1
  Logging/debugging changes.

Release 8.76    Jun 2, 2022
  Scientific_name of darwin_core_3 and api3_1_specimen to have the genus with initCap.

Release 8.75.7
  Concurrent HashMap to handle concurrency issue in DBUtil.getConnection().
    Make connectionMap and ConnectionRequestMap a ConurrentHashMap to avoid error.
  Session-config tracking-mode cookie  
Release 8.75.6
  Fix for BrowseAction browser parameters (/?? issue resolved).
  Field guide changes for better header links.  
  BrowseAction rank inference work.
  Parameter management method mods.
Release 8.75.5
  Improve the inferRank() method to reduce traffic and logging.
  Make orderby request parameters unique in target for Status Display drop down.
  View selector adjustment.

Release 8.75.4
Date: May 17, 2022
  Fix the login update logic for administrators.

Release 8.75.3
  Testing of makeDirTree().
  Create log/details directory.
  Logging mods.	

Release 8.75.2
  Fix for updateSpecimenCounts().
  Infer country if adm1 is unique.

Release 8.75.1
  Add Source and Local links to worldants section of curate page. Update documentation.
  Remove redundant validateWorldants call.
Release 8.75
  TaxonDb getTaxon() logging fixed.
  ProjTaxonDb.verifyProjTaxon() to make remediations.

Release 8.74
  Creation of Session Properties utility page.
  Reset session properties on advanced search page and home page.

Release 8.73
  Roll back change to support Bay Area Ants to support Geolocales.
  New fix for Bay Area ants.
  California added to Bay Area searches.
  Dynamic map changes to support Bay Area Maps.
  Taxon.toString() will return a null if the rank is null.

Release 8.72.5
  Use StatusSet.ALL as the default for Geolocale overviews.

Release 8.72.4
  Create isSubfamily(),... utility methods in Taxon.
  Turn off MapMgr.

Release 8.72.3
  Project Taxon Child Count Crawl link added to Project overview page.
  Logic to discover disowned parent genera in species lists.
  Minor species list and count work.

Release 8.71.2
  Fix Bay Area Ants subfamily count.

Release 8.72.1
  Resolve merge conflicts

Release 8.72
  Cleanup the species list proxy records.

Release 8.71
  Project Crawl changes
Release 8.70.2
  Fix SQL parameter of isLegalLogin().
  Homonym without authorDate adjustment.

Release 8.70.2
  Fix SQL parameter of isLegalLogin().
  Homonym without authorDate adjustment.
  Curator page links modified.
  Fix to group link in admin section of taxonPage.
  Add bioregionMap, introducedMap and defaultSpecimens to taxon population.

Release 8.70.1
  specimenPostProcess and specimenPostProcessGlobal.
  Enhanced error messages for specimen upload.
  Homonym work

Release 8.70
  Replace Utility.getInputFileHome() with AntwebProps.getWorkingDir()
  add backup_dir_file to the upload table;
  Removal of some deprecated admin functions.
  Homonym report and Event report enhancement.
  SpecimenUploader refinement.

Release 8.69.2
  Add execTime to statistics records.
  Quiet the logging for dynamic maps.
  Look into login issue. Redundant records.

Release 8.69.1
  Create a UtilDataAction.worldantsCount action.
  Add to scheduled action.  

Release 8.69
  Fix for the serverStatus page that can display incorrectly.
  Look into the getGenusFromName() ambiguous for holcoponera.
  SQLException thrown from SpeciesListToolAction.doAdvancedSearch()	
  Fix browse requests with orderBy that would confuse rank.  

Release 8.68.8
  Throw SQLException from AdvancedSearchAction and SearchAction.
  BrowseAction logging changed.
Release 8.68.7
  Fix minor map display issues.
  Remove slideShow struts action.
  Fix for compounding sort and order by parameters on browse pages.
Release 8.68.6
  No map found error message changed to be more precise.
  Handle case of specimen not found in BigMapAction.

Release 8.68.5
  In Overview Mgr, change getAdm1 to getAnyAdm1.

Release 8.68.4 
Date: Dec 31, 2021
  Exception handling and logging in BrowseAction, OverviewMgr, TaxonDb, and Taxon hierarchy.
  Added Geolocale.isLive() documentation.
  imagePage.jsp prettyName use refined and expanded.

Release 8.68.3
  Fix the Current Statistics More>>> Page.
  Exception handling for when overviews are not foumd.

Release 8.68.2
  Exception handling refinement in specimen upload and search facility.
  New profileQuery system.
  manager class reload tuning.

Release 8.68.1
  Modifications for stage.
  Redundant worldants validation removed.
  Upload reports are context specific (Worldants vs specimen).
  Worldants errors logged (max of 20).

Release 8.68
  Exception handling refinement in Scheduled tasks and species list upload.
  Dual log file utilization.
  Dev exempted tasks always logged.

Release 8.67: 
Note: Release rolled back. No errors found.
  Refactor of Taxon object & database facilities with performance enhancements.

Release 8.66.1
  Security patch for log4j.

Release 8.66
  Refactor of Taxon, Specimen and Homonym to enhance database usage.

Release 8.65.1
  Fix for caste queen, subcaste ergatoid, on the images page.

Release 8.65
Oct 13, 2021
  Maintenance release.
    Logging modifications.
    Performance optimizations.
    Configuration changes.

Release 8.64.2
  Database and login enhancements

Release 8.64.1
  Create index specimen(country, adm1).

Release 8.64
  Some optimizations to managers to improve upload and maintenance performance
  Add separate detailed logging for uploads

Release 8.63.3
  Performance work.
  All database columns converted to utf8.

Release 8.63.2
  Create user modifications
Release 8.63.1
  Resolve the non-ant subfamily issue for brachytrupes.

Release 8.63
  serverStatus display
  geolocaleTaxaPresent flagging. 
  Specimen XML logging change.
  Image upload error handling refinements.

Release 8.62
  Fix css column display for Show Specimen Taxa feature.
  Regional data upload refinements.
Release 8.61
  dissallow bot access of

Release 8.60
  Added subregion to the list of overviews to skipGetUnpickedDefault. 
  Restrict linking of higher overview taxonomic pages with images from nav includes to curators.

Release 8.59
  Fix doubled requests.
  loading="lazy" added to taxonChildImageSet.jsp   
  Extend PageTracker. Show codes. Show isThisPage.   
  Refine logging on dev.
Release 8.58.1
Jun 7, 2021
  Image upload and specimen data upload not to be run concurrently.

Release 8.58
Jun 7, 2021
  Sort the Page Tracker.
  Create a Page Tracker action.

Release 8.57
  Add condition for file not found to
  Add more data to the searches log.
  Fix serverStatus-body bug.
  Extend devAdmin documentation. Locations info.
  Remove unneeded logged data from logs in devMode.
  Create AntwebDebug utility class.
  Fix the missing image if only a dorsal image exists.

Release 8.56.2
  Adm1 support for Nuble.

Release 8.56.1
  Adm1 support for Cordoba.

Release 8.56
  Added recalculate for AFRC.
  Minor logging changes.
  Diagnose, proposed Fix for the missing derivative image issue.

Release 8.55.3
  Admin "Login as" feature allows exceptions.
  Updates to documentation.

Release 8.55.2
  Image Uploader allows underscores in the image id.
Release  8.55.1
  Plazi Data compiler warning mitigated.
Release 8.55
  Fix of View: drop down on taxonomic pages of images.
  Fix added to toDo.txt - Orig File Data, for admins.
  Log more info for convert warning.
  devSleep method. 
  AntwebStackTrace methods.

Release 8.54.9
  Minor logging change.

Release 8.54.8
  Post-initalize changes.

Release 8.54.7
  Taxonomic Page number for images returned.

Release 8.54.6
  Generate dynamic content at application startup.
  PostInitialize test functionality.

Release 8.54.5
  Fix for Taxonomic Page
Release 8.54.4
  Taxonomic page expensive queries averted.

Release 8.54.3
  Log the target if a non-performant query happens on a taxonomic page.

Release 8.54.2
  Handle TaxaAction where Adm1 is not found. Performance improvement.

Release 8.54.1
  Remove web/bak from source tree
  Prune the live web directory.
Release 8.54
  Add homepage content to source tree.

Release 8.53.2
  Anc modfications.

Release 8.53.1
  Deployment of staff page changed.

Release 8.53
  Sensitive log files put to /data.

Release 8.52
  Log Mgr enhancements
Release 8.51
  Valid species count listed on overview pages.

Release 8.50
  Add valid species to Overview summary pages (project, geolocale, bioregion, museum).
  Fix Antarctica title. 
  GeolocaleDb connection handling mods.

Release 8.49.1
  Group name used for View Specimen Files instead of "specimen[id]"
  Old species lists removed.

Release 8.49
  Retooled "View specimen file" feature.
  worldants removed from web/upload.

Release 8.48.5
  Fix for the slow page.

Release 8.48.4
  CurateB support for speed diagnostics.

Release 8.48.3
  serverStatusPage.jsp fix.
  Gracefully handle genus without species
    On a page like:  
  If rank is not specified on command line present "Children" instead of null.
  Handle SQLException in Species, Genus and Subfamily regularly. Log exception and throw.
  Finish resolving Bug Fix for type status set of tables (the root problem).
  Change logging in TaxaPage.getChildren() to log expensive requests.

Release 8.48.2
  remove ancFileBak files.

Release 8.48.1
  Move BadActor logic into BadActorMgr.
  AppendLog changes.

Release 8.48
  Extend the cpuCheck to log system and process stats in cpuCheck.log

Release 8.47.4
  Allow "border" but disallow other "order" parameters.
  Allow "Kameelsleep" but disallow other "sleep" parameters.

Release 8.47.3
  Refinement to server status page and supporting logic. 
  Allow sleeping parameter but not sleep parameter.

Release 8.47.1
  Re-install appCheck.php.
  Order the UserAgent list.
  Add dbConnectionPool to serverStatus page.  

Release 8.47
  Top feature built into Server Status for Java and Mysql. Recorded in log at shutdown.
Release 8.46.1
  Locality code and name usage changed to support data.

Release 8.46
  Bad actor detection and logging.
  HasIllegalStr refactor.

Release 8.45.3
Date: Dec 1
  Debug project name in SpeciesListAction.
  Handle QueryManager condition.
Release 8.45.2
Date: Nov 17
  Improved getWorkingDir() logic and logging.

Release 8.45.1
Date: Nov 17
  Database code changed in regenerateAllAntweb().
  Log messages added for DBUtil.getStatement().
  Install Zip on server. Document.
  Add cronjobs to source tree and document.

Release 8.45
Date: Nov 16
  Fix db-daily and db-monthly database backup scripts.
Release 8.44
Date: Nov 11
  Modified install.txt, and other documentation.
  Database backup scripts modified (to not use /mnt directory).
Release 8.43
Date: Nov 5
  Remove icon.jsp.
  Tighten security.
Release 8.42
Date: Oct 14, 2020
  Scheduler security

Release 8.41
  Type Status Manager.

Release 8.40.2
  Error handling in GroupAction.

Release 8.40.1
  GeolocaleTaxonFix results written to file, removed from antweb.log.

Release 8.40
  Add common name for Colobopsis saundersi.
  Move distribution logic from taxonPage into distribution.jsp.
  Change the fetchWorldantsUrl.

Release 8.39.1
Date: Jun 25
  Maintenance release.

Release 8.39
Date: Jun 17
  SpeciesListUpload logging changes. Better support for debugTaxonName.

Release 8.38.1
Date: Jun 17
  Problem resolved with table type setting in
  Advanced Search with status fixed.

Release 8.38
Date: Jun 17
  Obsolete Classification handling for Antcat.

Release 8.37
Date: Jun 15
  Use guaranteed unique connection name in LoginAction and TaxaPageAction.

Release 8.36
  Handle login failure with concise message.
  Minor changes to script. Require release num.
Release 8.35
  Remove 5 unused jar files.
  Remove PDF files from source tree.
  Create the script.

Release 8.34
Date: Jun 12
  Adjustment to specimen date parsing. Support more formats.
    Run procedure to update image collected dates in specimen data.
  Fix the procedure (given new source tree root).

Release 8.33
Date: May 23
  Fix taxarank in the API
Release 8.32
Date: May 23
  Subgenera selector modified to have Sort and Select.

Release 8.31
Date: May 11
  Date determine, and collected start and end date checking and logging in upload report.
  Refinements to the date discernment routine.
Release 8.30.1
Date: May 11
  Procedure to clean date data.
  Advanced search adjustment on display data.

Release 8.30
Date: May 11
  Fix date advanced searches.
  Date collected range added to the Specimen Habitat Summary of the taxon page.
  Remove transition: date_collected.
  Fix the date deprecations that required testing.
  Refactoring of Date management.
Release 8.29.3
Date: May 7
  Reload GeolocaleMgr part way through scheduled tasks.

Release 8.29.2
Date: May 7
  Fix display of Bioregion endemic on taxonomic page.
  Adjust invocation and logging of valid/fossil check.

Release 8.29.1
Date: May 6
  valid and fossil list check updated.
  Reload mechanism triggered at the end of the scheduler.
  Refine the admin options for the various overview pages.

Release 8.29
Date: May 6
  Add statusSet criteria to more count methods.
  Refactor UtilData procedure management and count crawls.
  Separate children crawls from image crawls. 
  Optimize scheduler (116 min on server to 89 min on dev.)
  Create A.logi mechanism to log only once for repetitive messages.
  Change to how UtilData reloads manager classes. Now done by url parameter.
Release 8.28.4
Date: May 4
  Add admin only all link for count crawls on overview page.
  Fix the missing endemic and introduced flags on taxonomic page.
  Adjust museum and bioregion specimen counts

Release 8.28.4
Date: May 3
  Add statusClause to getCountChildrenQuery (for geolocale, museum, project, bioregion)
  Create Count Crawl testing framework.
    Link into overview species count for geolocales, for admin.
  Extend on-screen documentation for administrators on overview page.
  Add subtaxon total to bottom of taxonReports for admin.

Release 8.28.3
Date: May 3
  Advanced search by other country or island optimization.
  overview-body link to specimen resultRank.
  Adjust security check for dev and stage.
  Fix validAdm1 bug.

Release 8.28.2
Date: May 2
  New island mechanism handled in advanced search.
  Maps works for islands now. 
  Island creation mechanisms added to Geolocale Mgr and SpecimenUploadParse. 

Release 8.28.1
Date: May 2
  Add island access methods to specimen and to specimen page.
  Modify locality and collection with island awareness.
  Javascript forwarding to  

Release 8.28
Date: May 1, 2020
  Island work
  Display link to Hawaii under United States Georegion menu.
  GeolocaleTaxon species count update method.
Release 8.27
Date: Apr 26
  Add index to specimen report.
  Sort subcaste by caste+subcaste
  cleanDisk script to automate removal of old log files.
Release 8.27
Date: April 24
  Advanced Search sort order feature.
  Insecure page request forwards to the secure version.
  Slow down the startup to make sure is supported for specimen.
  Species page specimen sort feature.

Release 8.26
Date: April 23
  Server up images on taxon pages with secure links.

Release 8.25.3
Date: April 22
  Handled malformed rank in search request.

Release 8.25.2
Date: April 21
  Advanced Search and Specimen Report refactoring.
    Advanced search sorting not truncated in cases of null caste. 
    Better debugging.
    Better error handling in case of stale session. 
    UI clean up of Specimen Report.

Release 8.25.1
Date: Apr 14
  Add srfExceptions.jsp to the LogMgr for moving.
  LoginDb mod.
  Thread change in AntwebMgr. Use of fetch instead. 
  Refinement of postInitialize methods. 
  Fix %20and%20 requests.

Release 8.25
Date: Apr 14
  Update to mysql-connector-java-5.1.48-bin.jar
  Provide antweb configuration error messages with recommended fixes.
  Major refactor to accomodate new database reserved words rank and groups. 
    Database table groups renamed to ant_group.
    Column Taxon.rank renamed Taxon.taxarank.
    Column Homonym.rank renamed Homonym.taxarank.
    Column Team.rank renamed Team.teamrank.
  Formicidae subfamily list fixed in
  Performance optimization. Populate artist and curator details outside of startup process.
Release 8.24
Date: Apr 5, 2020
  Refactor the Java query system to make it flexible, extendable.
    Include query, potentially subquery, desc, title, errors (if applicable).
  Refinement to getRecentCASPinnedPonerinaeQueryReport()

Release 8.23.1
Date: Apr 4, 2020
  Handle single quote in specimen upload file.
  Extend size of collectedby specimen field. 
  Escape SQL insertion in AntwebUpload.
  Return specimen upload exceptions to the browser.

Release 8.23
Date: Apr 4, 2020
  RecentCASPinnedPonerinae report.
Release 8.22.1
Date: Mar 30, 2020
  Check for slideshow image existence prior to display.
  Replace File exists procedure with new Java based version.

Release 8.22
Date: Mar 30, 2020
  Red dot indicate server activity visible to all users next to login link so that
    developers do not need to log in to know if the server is active with a process.
    (Could be removed if distracting for users).
  Create Check.notBot method and add to QueryAction, EndemicAction and IntroducedAction.
  Restrict the display of Species List with Range Data report to species level taxonomic pages.
  Check.requestAttribute for jsp condition handling. Logs with proper response to UI.
  Remove errant } from taxononomic hierarchy.
  Trim logging.

Release 8.21
  Date: Mar 26, 2020  Advanced search by taxonomic name as (for example): ("myrmicinaepheidole megatron", "amblyoponinaemystrium mysticum") 
Release 8.20
  Bioregion introduced functionality.
Release 8.19.1
  Deployment to fix bug with the bioregion species list summary report. Include morphos.
Release 8.19
  Bioregion endemics calculated and displayed.

Release 8.18.1
  Admin can now delete images of other curators.

Release 8.18
Date: Mar 24
  AntwebProps refactored and extended to support

Release 8.17.3
  GenericSearchResults finalize removed.

Release 8.17.3
Date: Mar 21
  Bug fix. Twice removed synonyms will not create geolocale_taxa records.
  System property files overhauled.

Release 8.17.2
Date: Mar 21
  Adjust the calcAdm1Endemism query.

Release 8.17.1
Date: Mar 20
  Report naming convention of "Antweb[coreName]yy-MM-dd.txt" utilized for Species List with Range report.
  Extraneous new line removed.
  New report: SpeciesListRangeSummary.
  Fix the titles for Query reports that have parameters.

Release 8.17
Date: Mar 19
  File download supported for Query Manager.
  File download enabled for Species List with Range Data Report.
  Consolidate on one web.xml for all platforms.

Release 8.16.2
Date: Mar 18
    Mysql initcap function for Query Manager.

Release 8.16.1
Date: Mar 18
  Shift code base to use /usr/local/antweb (instead of /data/antweb/ or tomcat/webapps/antweb)
  Species List with Range Data report refinements. (countries ordered with space after comma).

Release 8.16
Date: Mar 18
  Endemic values will percolate up from adm1 and countries to subregions and regions.
  Species List with Range Data report will now report on regions, subregions, countries or adm1s.
  Linked in to taxonomic species page for countries and adm1 (for curators) and subregions and regions (for admin, with performance warning).
  Query Manager extended to allow queries with parameters.
  Web Queries will now report seconds if minutes are less than 3.
Release 8.15.1
Date: Mar 17
  Further refinements of build process.
  Removal of new deprecations (Use valueOf instead of constructors).

Release 8.15
Date: Mar 17
  Modified build process.
  Species list with Range Data Report.

Release 8.14.4
  Got the CK Editor working on the new system.

Release 8.14.3
Date: Mar 2
  Field guide UI fixes. Order removed and Back link fixed.

Release 8.14.2
Date: Mar 1
  Disk free warning set to 7G.
  Server adjustments.
  Fix the effective logging when an admin re-runs a curators upload.

Release 8.14.1
Date: Feb 26
  Image page session fix
  Citing Antweb copy changed.
  Subgenera drop down list made available for all on the image and browse taxon pages.
  Bolded Citation added prior to citation.

Release 8.14
Date: Feb 25
  Clean up object finalization.
  Session and request modifications.
  Citing Antweb page made dynamic. Put in include file.
  View selector fixed.
  Sort by added to the subgenera select list. Context sensitive list.
  Subgenus added to specimen page titles.  

Release 8.13
Date: Feb 25
  Subgenera filter drop down list for appropriate genera on browse and image pages.

Release 8.12.8
Date: Feb 24
  Cite text made dynamic.

Release 8.12.7
Date: Feb 24
  API dburl implemented in pure Java.

Release 9.12.6
Date: Feb 24
  Subgenera UI in dev

Release 8.12.5
Date: Feb 23
  Add subgenera sort option to images page.

Release 8.12.4
Date: Feb 21
  Login from the home page or the login page leads to the home page.
  Upload Services down for Maintenance message will persist over server restart.
  Remove request.getRealPath() deprecation.
  Develop deleteOldSpecimenUploadTaxa()
  Delete homonyms without corresponding taxon records. Automate in Worldants upload.
  API environment work.
Release 8.12.3
Date: Feb 21 Morning.
  Fix datecollectedstart, datecollectedend.
  Replace getRealPath deprecated calls.
  Begin work on procedure to remove specimen taxa related to deprecated specimen.  

Release 8.12.2
  Allow line number link for all of worldant statuses, not just valid.

Release 8.12.1
Date: Feb 19
  Worldants line number links to showLog in the admin section of the taxon page (for valid ants).

Release 8.12
Date: Feb 18
  Ability to sort by subgenus on the page. Add &orderBy=subgenera to the url.
    MapComparison, comparison and field guide support.

Release 8.11.5
  Invoke 5th step of scheduler.
  Curate page documentation.

Release 8.11.4
Date: Feb 17
  Convert 4 mysql tables from myIsam to InnoDb for performance reasons.
  Make specimen details generated at deplay time instead of construction.
    Pretty display page linked to from the specimen page.
  Separate Run Count Crawls from specimen upload.
  JVM memory modifications.

Release 8.11.3
Date: Feb 17
  Remove extranouse (hidden) files from the source tree.
  Enable .txt download in new server config and web/bak/taxonSets/ access.
  Fix the 35 deprecation warnings.
  Database tuning.
  Separate Run Count Crawls from the upload. Make a separate link.
  Take down specimen upload for testing.
  IntelliJ support.

Release 8.11.2
Date: Feb 16
  Turn off ONLY_FULL_GROUP_BY in /etc/my.cnf to enable recent images query.

Release 8.11.1
Date: Feb 15
  Modify codebase to make self-referential http requests.
  Scheduler changes
  Server configuration

Release 8.11
Date: Feb 14
  First Github release.
  Implementation on new server hardware with all stack software brought current.

Release 8.10.3
Date: Feb 7
  Support Taxon type change.
  API changes. Document admin up feature. Augment links.
  distinctTaxa print query handled correctly.
  Geolocale Species Stats link modified. 
  Bioregion API without parameters link corrected. 

Release 8.10.2
Date: Feb 4
  New Image Upload Facility respects the Down For Maintenance mechanism. script modified for new production environment.

Release 8.10.1
Date: Feb 3
  Allow recent desc edit generation through http get.
  Login and Group management refinement.

Release 8.10
Date: Feb 1
  About page modifications.
  Reload the Group Manager after group creation. Reload Login Manager after login creation.
  Bolton New Genera Catalog upload harness (Java).
  Bolton New Genera Catalog parsing (Python).  
  Sort Institution and Project Access on the Viewing Login page.
  Add Curator list drop down menu to group page for admin login.
  Prune source tree. Complete replacement of "manage" with "view" for consistency.  
  Group and login admin pages UI refinement.
  Fix minor display issue with the login box.
  Move "Reload Manager" links to "Technical Functions" on the curate page.
Release 8.9.1
Date: Jan 13
  Add activate-1.1.jar and xercesImpl-2.6.2-jaxb-1.0.6.jar to support new configuration.
  Replace "jsp:include file=" with FileUtil.getContent() so as to gracefully handle missing content.
  Remove home page generation. Clean source tree. 
Release 8.9
Date: Jan 7
  Extend the copyright system to dynamically handle new years.
  Fix the upright.png link icon on the image upload report.

Release 8.8.4
Date: Dec 20
  Handle gracefully issue with periods in parameters.
  Add more prominent Worldants upload report link for administrators on curate page.

Release 8.8.3
Date: Dec 9
  Wordants log changes. 
  Refactor for code reuse.
  Simplified testing.

Release 8.8.2
Date: Dec 6
  UtilData accessGroup modification.

Release 8.8.1
Date: Dec 3
  Adjustment to header icon.

Release 8.8
Date: Dec 2
  New Antweb header logo.
  New favicon. script changes.
Release 8.7.5
Date: Nov 20, 2019
  Worldants fix for curators with no projects.

Release 8.7.4
Date: Nov 18, 2019
  Log file logic completed.
  Update scheduler logging.
  Renamed into SpecimenUploader and SpeciesListUploader to gain consistency.
  Pre upload stats included on worldants upload report.
  Add operation to the worldants_upload table.

Release 8.7.2
Date: Nov 15, 2019
  Map link will appear for images.

Release 8.7.1
Date: Nov 14, 2019
  Fix a specimen upload bug.

Release 8.7
Date: Nov 11
  Refactoring of upload process. 
    UploadDetails and OperationDetails for all UtilActions and UploadActions.
  UtilData methods can specify startup requirements to accelerate testing.
  appendLog calls are all done through the LogMgr now.

Release 8.6.6
Date: Nov 3
  Various fixes to the worldants upload report when direct upload.
    Fix the title of when for all genera.
    Add a project manager check to
    Fix the Total Imaged Species count in the Current stats of the upload log report.
    Fix report link when production.

Release 8.6.5
Date: Nov 2
  Fix the link in the upload report to the uploaded file.

Release 8.6.4
Date: Nov 1
  Worldants direct upload fixes.
  Install documentations
  Slight modification (link to tif and specimen) on image upload report.
Release 8.6.3
Date: Oct 21
  Image Upload re-enabled.
  Link added to big picture page so that you can go back to the upload report from it
    (if it was uploaded with the new system).    
Release 8.6.2
Date: Oct 21
  Image upload admin only.
  Bug fix.

Release 8.6.1
Date: Oct 18
  Create java based ImageUtils for image verification.
  Finish image refactoring.

Release 8.6
Date: Oct 18
  Redefine uid to id in license, copyright, image and artist.
  Drop columns image_path, resolution, desc_title, width and height from image.
  Modification to ChooseComparisonAction.createSpecimenImage()
  Original tifs renamed to be uppercase.
  Image Uploader disallows lowercased files.
  Specimen Image logic refactoring.
Release 8.5.8
Date: Oct 
  Reload individual manager objects.

Release 8.5.7
Date: Oct 11
  Artist page bug fix.
  Museum names temporarily with English characters.

Release 8.5.6
Date: Oct 10
  Museum title changes.

Release 8.5.5
Date: Oct 8
  Field guide concurrency exception handling.
  Create two queries out of projTaxaWithoutTaxon. With and without homonym.
  Add Admin Alert for Worldants update failure.
  Delete proj_taxon worldants records for homonyms without corresponding taxon records.

Release 8.5.4
Date: Sep 23
  Artists page changes. 
    Do not show artists if there are no images associated (and not curator).
    Create artist feature protected (curator only).

Release 8.5.3
Date: Sep 19
  Consistency of headings for overviews.

Release 8.5.2
Date: Sep 19
  Remove developer (Mark) from the curator list.
  Improve performance of curators page (down to 29ms).

Release 8.5.1
Date: Sep 19
  Fix Utf8 artist names.

Release 8.5
Date: Sep 19
  Add Artists (Photographers), Museums and Curators to home page.

Release 8.4.8
Date: Sep 19
  Modify message for Overview not found. Minor refactoring. Modify logging.
  Remove hardcoded email addresses.

Release 8.4.7
Date: Sep 16
  Handle case of fail to find overview with error message and terminated execution.

Release 8.4.6
Date: Sep 7
  Add logging of new DBUtil.getOldConnectionList() to isServerBusy() method.

Release 8.4.5
Date: Sep 4
  DB connection tracking. Log overdue resources at server shutdown.

Release 8.4.4
Date: Aug 31
  Fossils are excluded from bioregion lists.

Release 8.4.3
  Deprecate some old functionality.
  New icon removed from image upload link on curate page.
  Adjust the administrator links.

Release 8.4.2
  Logging of query batteries enabled.
  Not all status loaded into Allantwebants from worldants.
  AntwebMgr partial reload facility (mostly to speed up testing).

Release 8.4.1
  Logging debug release
Release 8.4
  New Query Manager
  Query Battery facility
  PT count debugging

Release 8.3.9
  Clean logs by returning a deprecated note page for requests.
  Map condition handled.

Release 8.3.8
  Download Specimen Data refactored. Use link instead of message.

Release 8.3.7
  Long Con Pool used for image uploader.

Release 8.3.6
  Improved error handling in Image Uploader.
  Display map link on browse page.
  Date with time zone added to footer for debugging purposes.    

Release 8.3.5
  Map cache note added above map.
  Map cache note will only be shown if the cache is older than 60 seconds.

Release 8.3.4
  New mechanism for map refresh.

Release 8.3.3
Date: Jul 17
  Subspecies not supported for taxonomic page. Use species.
  Create method of for curators to refresh the map cache.
  Handle missing taxonName in worldants upload with a message in the log file.

Release 8.3.2
  Mechanisms in place to log and capture any unclosed connections.

Release 8.3.1
  Login related fix for worldants.jsp
  Raise overactive user_agent limit. Remove nondescript overactive agents.
  Give log in hint in case of map omitted due to user_agent.
  Change to resolve a dev environment issue. is now in CVS.

Release 8.3
  Ventral functionality (beta).
Release 8.2.20
Date: Jun 24
  Fix link for subspecies taxonPage for bioregionHtml.
  Debugging added for proj_taxa counts.
  Mobile UI tweak.

Release 8.2.19
Date: Jun 14
  Scheduler reloads Antweb Manager (again).
  Server status page enhancements.

Release 8.2.18
Date: Jun 14
  Map Manager. Reuse subfamily and genera maps when not using geolocaleFocus.

Release 8.2.17
Date: Jun 14
  Map diagnostics

Release 8.2.16
Date: Jun 14 created. simplified. Same for countries, subregions, regions.

Release 8.2.15
Date: Jun 13
  Map omitted for images pages.
Release 8.2.14
Date: Jun 13
  ResultSet modifications.

Release 8.2.13
Date: Jun 13
  Do not refresh the Manager objects during the Scheduler.
  Clean up the accessLog.txt.
  Debugging info added.

Release 8.2.12
Date: Jun 11
  Google Earth functionality deprecated.
Release 8.2.11
Date: Jun 11
  PageTracker display modifications.
  Make species list upload and download only available to developers.
Release 8.2.10
Date: Jun 10
  More precise parameter handling in SearchAction.
  Minor GroupAction exception handling.  
  PageTracker adjustments for thread safety.

Release 8.2.9
Date: Jun 7
  Recent Image bug fix.
Release 8.2.8
Date: Jun 2
  Handle PageTracker ConcurrentModificationException
  Fix Display Name in for group without abbrev (use adminLogin name).

Release 8.2.7
Date: Jun 1
  Infer country if omitted from specimen upload if unique for adm1.
  Work on login special characters.

Release 8.2.6
Date: Jun 1
  Reboot script implemented.

Release 8.2.5
Date: May 31
  Some bug fixes.
Release 8.2.4
Date: May 26
  Email login re-enabled.   

Release 8.2.3
Date: May 26
  Artist page work.
  Login related search fix.
  Fixed a map loop counter to allow up to the full 5000.
    Added (maximum) to subtitle in appropriate cases.
Release 8.2.2
Date: May 25
  Prevent deletion of an artist if some image attribution remains for that artist.
  Artist form so that name can be changed by admin or owning curator.
Release 8.2.1
Date: May 23
    UTF8 debugging.
    Ancillary page cleanup.
    Login changes.
Release 8.2
Date: May 23
  Artist pages completion.
  Reformatting of some Manager pages.
  Heavy refactor of Login and Group. Implemented accross codebase.
  Check class utilized across codebase.
  Remaining dataSources (about 60) fetched by current code standards.
  Anc File work.
    Fix template keystroke.
    Format preserved.
    Backed up in source tree.

Release 8.1.5
Date: May 17
  Fix/refactor of World Ants Collection pages. No direct jsp access.    

Release 8.1.4
Date: May 16
  Image upload count and images uploaded count added to curator page.
  Curator image upload report reformatted.
  Duplicated image upload flagged and linked in report.
  Fix specimen upload to correct subfamily for non-valid subfamilies.
    Remove errors from integrity report: geolocaleTaxaWithoutTaxon
Release 8.1.3
Date: May 16
  Bug fix for developers.
  Bug fix in Recent Images query.

Release 8.1.2
Date: May 11 created.
  Scheduled tasks rescheduled to 5am PST.
  Admin Alert about Project_taxa suppressed.

Release 8.1.1
Date: May 9
  Page Tracker page created.

Release 8.1
Date: May 8
  Refactored Admin Alert system.

Release 8.0.6
Date: May 8
  Initial Artist work.
  Tracking of worldants uploads.

Release 8.0.5
Date: May 3
  Extended detection and error reporting in image upload process.
  PNG support in image uploader.
  Fix "null" error message.

Release 8.0.4
Date: May 1
  Enhanced detection and error reporting in image upload process.

Release 8.0.3
Date: Apr 30
  Change the order of the recent images on home page.
  Live site warning.
  Specimen data check in image upload procedure.

Release 8.0.2
Date: Apr 29
  Exception handling in image upload process.
  set in upload process to govern and notify curators of server activity.
  Upload completion flag for each upload.
  Re-uploaded flag for images to indicate that there are copies in the backup directory.

Release 8.0.1
Date: Apr 29
  Image Upload only for admins during testing phase.
  File attributes displayed on big-picture page.
  UI changes.
  Search link on the image upload report.
  Recent image list on homepage increased to 5.
  Modified dates and links to derivative images in the admin section of big picture page.
Release 8.0
Date: Apr 29
  New Image Uploader.
  * db changes 2019-04-22.sql
  All images changed to owner antweb:antweb.

Release 7.87
Date: Apr 12
  New Curator and Curators page work. (Admin only)
    Counts for description edits, image uploads, images uploaded.
  New Image Uploader functionality in jsp/java (Developer only).

Release 7.86.2
Date: Apr 5
  Correlate unknown artist images with correct artist.
  Fix the staff page and Participate page. Problem with page generation.
  Minor fixes to technology page (formatting) and Citing and User Guide (header).

Release 7.86.1
Date: Apr 4
  Data procedure to recover artist names from exif data.
  Exif data added to picture page under Admin section.
Release 7.86
Date: Apr 3
  Link changes on specimen report and specimen page admin section.
  Artists page sorted and column changes.

Release 7.85
Date: Apr 1
  Artist and Artists pages.
  Works to further integrate linking between pages. created.
  Statistics added to for specimen uploaders.

Release 7.84.2
Date: Mar 31
  Refinements to mobile mode.

Release 7.84.1
Date: Mar 28
  Refinements to mobile mode.

Release 7.84
Date: Mar 28
  Display (on dev and stage) search options on separate line when mobile.

Release 7.83.4
Date: Mar 21
  Species count added to collection page.

Release 7.83.3
Date: Mar 20
  Map work to prevent bot requests. Documentation.

Release 7.83.2
Date: Mar 13
  Database connection reviewed and adjusted for closure.
  Diagnostics added.
Release 7.83.1
Date: Mar 12
  "See global set" option added for subspecies. 
  Fix global counts for subspecies.

Release 7.83
Date: Mar 11
  Page Tracker extensions.
  Add warning in case of truncated upload file.
  Museum page note and link modifications.

Release 7.82.3
Date: Mar 5
  Tool tip and note documenting the counts on the taxon report pages.
  Bug fix for family pages.
  specimens and image count shown on overview page.

Release 7.82.2
Date: Mar 5
  Hidden work to enable higher taxa global values.
  Taxon report header and statuses display copy changes.
  Image stats added to statistics page.
  Bug fixes.

Release 7.82.1
Date: Mar 3 to dev
  Sorting of Taxon Report to support new global counts.
Release 7.82
Date: Mar 3
  Local and global specimen counts for Bioregion and Museum
  Improved PageTracker handling.

Release 7.81
Date: Mar 2
  Server is initializing message for Taxa Page action. 
  Overview specific initialization.
  PageTracker mechanism. 
    Developer UI display.
    Logging in case of a purge.  

Release 7.80.2
Date: Mar 1
  Created HttpUtil.hasIllegalChars() method and use to foil bot attacks.
Release 7.80.1
Date: Mar 1
  Query: validNonfossilSpeciesWithMuseumsOwnedByLocatedAt
  Antcat valid species file upload report refinements.

Release 7.80
Date: Feb 25
  Antcat valid species file upload report.

Release 7.79.4
Date: Feb 23
  Defence against bots when database server busy.
Release 7.79.3
Date: Feb 22
  Identify The Knowledge AI as a bot.
Release 7.79.2
Date: Feb 22
  Museum added to advanced search for all users.
  Map Title modification ("Unique Mappable").
  Couple of database connections explicitly closed (GroupAction and CuratorAction).
  Logging changes.

Release 7.79.1
Date: Feb 18
  Resolve museum map issue.
  DataCleanup procedure modified for taxon sets.  
Release 7.79
Date: Feb 18
  Disallowed characters in web requests.
  Remove query size limits for museum map creation.
  Logging changes.

Release 7.78.3
Date: Feb 16
  Handle (allow) umlauts in special character check.
Release 7.78.2
Date: Feb 16
  Handle empty values in for number, shot or code.
  Create A.loopCount utility method to aid debugging.
Release 7.78.1
Date: Feb 15
  Prevent insertion of taxa with special character check.
  Prevent UI creation of geolocale with special character check.
Release 7.78
Date: Feb 14
  Museum added to search page (admin only).
  Maps added to museum overview pages.
  Scheduled GenObjectMaps just for museums currently.
  Db backup issue resolved.

Release 7.77.7
Date: Feb 9
  Two new integrity queries added the proj_taxon cleanup method.

Release 7.77.6
Date: Feb 9
  Logging changes 
    Handle search exceptions
    specimen page for adm1 without country.
  Add genObjectMaps back into scheduler.  
Release 7.77.5
Date: Feb 7
  UptimeAction fail on purpose mechanism for appCheck testing.
  Scheduler timer sensitive to server messages.  

Release 7.77.4
Date: Feb 6
  Remove genObjectMaps from scheduler.
  Add version to app startup log messages.
  Empty the admin_alerts table (retain relevant messages).
  Refactor to Taxon.type and Specimen.typeStatus.

Release 7.77.3
Date: Feb 4
  Crawl for typed will exclude morphotaxa from computation.
  Remove maps for bots for specimen, taxon and overview pages.
  Add links to type lists on museum over pages.

Release 7.77.2
Date: Feb 1
  Minor changes to appCheck.php

Release 7.77.1
Date: Jan 31
  Changes to support 7.77.
    Ordering of Managers to populate to minimize impact.
    Robustness of reliant classes.

Release 7.77
Date: Jan 31
  Managers are reloaded in a thread to increase start up time.
  Long database connection time extended.

Release 7.76.2
Date: Jan 29
  Fix museum calculation bug.

Release 7.76.1
Date: Jan 29
  Statistics made public.

Release 7.76
Date: Jan 28
  Museum data driven by database.
  Museum Manager administrative form.

Release 7.75
Date: Jan 23
  First version of Stats Page.

Release 7.74
Date: Jan 23
  Fix alternative place names for Mexico.
  Create query: validNonfossilSpeciesWithMuseums
  Fix bioregion=null bug preventing Antcat from generating bioregion_taxa.

Release 7.73.2
Date: Jan 21
  validNonfossilSpeciesWithBioregions query.

Release 7.73.1
Date: Jan 21
  Fix issue with dissappearing bioregion_taxon records from the antcat upload.
  validNonfossilTaxaWithBioregions query modified.

Release 7.73
Date: Jan 18
  validNonfossilTaxaWithBioregions query created.

Release 7.72.3
Date: Jan 17
  Object map generation added to scheduler

Release 7.72.2
Date: Jan 17
  Status selector added to image page.

Release 7.72.1
Date: Jan 16
  Remove old subfamilies from slideshow.

Release 7.72
Date: Jan 16
  Handle case where overview is null. Set as Antwebants Project.
  Open Graph info changes for requests.

Release 7.71
Date Dec 29
  Delete this image enabled to curators of the image on the bigPicture page.

Release 7.70
Date Dec 27
  Automate the deletion of conflicted default images. Added to scheduler.
  Handle the error that can happen from a stale session in
  Refactor deleteImagesAction to make database functionality available elsewhere.
  Delete image feature from Big Picture page available to admins.

Release 7.69.1
Date: Dec 27
  Replace stack trace with appropriate message: BigPicture not found.

Release 7.69
Date: Dec 26
  Delete Taxon Property feature added to Curate page.

Release 7.68
Date: Dec 24
  Open Graph changes.

Release 7.67
Date: Dec 22
  Manage to get images for taxa that do not have a head shot.
  Change admin statistics page headers to be more precise. Use abbreviations. Change order.

Release 7.66
Date: Dec 19
  Admin Statistics extension for museum, bioregion and geolocale.

Release 7.65.1
Date: Dec 14
  Do not add Antcat fossil data to geolocale_taxa or bioregion_taxa lists.

Release 7.65
Date: Dec 13
  geolocaleFocus feature for taxon page maps with adm1 or country specified. 
    Link on page.
  Minor bug fixes with session overview and title display on page.

Release 7.64
Date: Dec 12
  Add Dracula ant to common names: amblyoponinaeadetomyrma.
  Fix the Homonym description display.
  Create the Site Warning mechanism.
  Modify maps.

Release 7.63.1
Date: Dec 10
  Add admin alert for low project taxa count.
  Add favicon for upload reports and statistics page.

Release 7.63
Date: Dec 9
  Add museum taxa and bioregion taxa to the statistics records.

Release 7.62.2
Date: Dec 9
  Change bioregion taxon taxon set population logic to exclude ambiguous bioregion geolocales.

Release 7.62.1
Date: Dec 7
  Changes to the Distribution section of the taxon page.
  "Some Antweb services will be down" message system in the page header.

Release 7.62
Date: Dec 6
  Taxon Set summary text on taxonomic pages.
  Fix geolocale_taxon synonym insertion. Use current_valid_name.  
    Add clean up procedure to species list upload.
  Fix the taxon page Distribution section. Add biogeographic region section.
    Change the native section.

Release 7.61.2
Date: Nov 29.
  Fix the upload file line numbers on specimen pages (that were off by 1).
  Add convenience link to the Adm1 Manager pages.

Release: 7.61.1
Date: Nov 15
  Taxon set dispute curator id's recovered.
  Disputes checked prior to worldants upload antcat geolocale taxa insertions.
  Capture curatorID upon insertion of geolocale or project dispute.

Release: 7.61
Date: Nov 15
  if the taxon_name in the taxon name search includes casent, blf, jtl or lacm, treat it as a specimen code.
  Fix for the checkForUpdates scheduled task.
  Creation of admin queries for geolocale and project taxon disputes.
  Second cron job installed for memory clearing.

Release 7.60.5
Date: Nov 12
  Fix the Taxon Name field on the Specimen Report.

Release 7.60.4
Date: Nov 11
  Improved means of handling large pages. If over 2000 records on the Specimen Report,
    via either or advanced search, 2000 displayed with link to the full set.

Release 7.60.3
Date: Nov 11
  Finish implementation for lifeStage, medium and specimennotes sorting.
  Handle page limits with integrity for specimen and taxon list pages.
Release 7.60.2
Date: Nov 10
  SpecimenReport Work.
    Missing specimen are because the report showed a maximum of 2000 specimen. Raised to 5,000.
    All struts tags replaced with jsp code. SortBy replace with sortedBy.
    Lifestage, medium and specimennotes are now available sort options.
    Discover sorting was not working because server configuration required. Applied to live server.
  Fix the allantweb sources to reflect specimen source over antcat.

Release 7.60.1
Date: Nov 8
  Error handling for bigPicture and allNav.jsp
  Debugging code added to find empty source taxon sets.
  Query Manager changes. Dev and AntCat curate query sets.
  Delete taxa without worlants or specimen source (that 

Release 7.60
Date: Nov 8
  Create cronjob to launch file which logs sql commands to web accessible taxon set backup files.
  Remove taxa of source specimen with no specimen following specimen upload if of status
    'unrecognized' or 'indetermined'.
  Fix the sorting of I/E column on Taxon Report.
  Set fossil ants to default to valid (with fossils).
  Set allantwebants to show all instead of valids.
  A "See all" link to toggle statusSet if no taxa but children exist (for non-valid children).
    Test here:
  Removed canonical link from layout.jsp.
  Remove ImagePickResults java and jsp.
  Refactor Project handling (finish removing in favor of Overview).       
Release 7.59
Date: Oct 31
  New bioregion, Museum and Project Set headers. Deployed as admin only.
  New Curate Antcat report.
  Integrity reports now only appear if with results. Whole set runs 
  use "species" instead of "name" in php generated recentImages list.
  Use ([subfamily]) instead of (indet) from genus in specimen upload.
  Remove indetermined taxa without specimen following specimen upload.
  Clean up of geolocaleTaxaWithoutTaxonDetail
    Remove the curator, speciesList and speciesListTool sourced records.
  A couple of database cleanup commands executed.

Release 7.58
Date: Oct 31
  Fix Drop down indicator in header javascript display issue.
  Make UI changes public.

Release 7.57.1
Date: Oct 30
  Adjustment of geolocale taxa header notes.
  Adjustment of taxon report headers. 
    Remove columns when they do not apply (for subfamilies and genera).
  Automate the removal of dispute records from the geolocale_taxon and proj_taxon generation methods.

Release 7.57
  Add local=true option to species pages to see only local specimen.
  Add specimenLocalCounts to the count crawl.
  Display (for admin) the specimenLocalCount next to the specimenCount on the browse
    and taxonomic pages.
  TaxonReport work. Change display.
  Refactor taxonomicPage and browse to share the taxonReport code.
  Link to species list added next to header on Species List Tool.
  geolocaleSpeciesNote added to Geolocale taxa pages. 
Release 7.56
Date: Oct 26  
  Functionality to build geolocale_taxa and proj_taxa from ground.
  Bug fixes. Testing.
Release 7.55.1
Date: Oct 24.
  Add new statistics to admin stats page. Proper headers, comma formatting.
  Resolve removeMorphosWithoutSpecimen() bug.
  Create alert triggered during that checks for Cal morphos.    
  Valid capitalized genera in advanced search drop down box.
  Fix the Edit Species List drop down to contain proper parent.
  Code cleanup.

Release 7.55
Date: Oct 24.
  Discover conflicted files. Image verification work.
  Work to return morphos.
  Bug fix: get valid geolocale from geolocale entered with Antcat for the geolocale_taxa.
  Add to statistics columns: geolocale_taxa, geolocale_taxa_introduced and geolocale_taxa_endemic.

Release 7.54
Date: Oct 19 verifyImages() functionality.
  Go to: Image Dir added to specimenImages page.

Release 7.53
Date: Oct 16, 2018
  Open Graph tags so that Facebook knows how to present pages nicely for sharing.
    Specimen, taxon, favs, index and bigPicture modified, and defaults for most pages.
  Build mechanism so that AntwebMgr knows that server statistics in real time. 
    Included in Open Graph titles.
Release 7.52.2
Date: Oct 12, 2018 
  Fix: Status selector added to specimen page in case default carries over from other taxa pages.

Release 7.52.1
Date: Oct 11, 2018.
  Put the taxon set current valid name updating routine into the set of scheduled processes.
  Optimize the BioregionTaxon population to half it's execution time.
    Eliminate cases where a geolocale_taxon can be inserted for a nonexistant taxon.
    Worldants upload modification. Testing of current valid name taxa to verify existence.
  Create Artist object. Display in admin info of bigPicture page.
  Query enhancements. Title mentions name (and not Curious Query).
    CuriousQuery is now the default action allowing for simplified url).
    UTF8 display.
    New imageData query.
    Optimization to allow very large result set (StringBuffer refactoring).
  Download All report added to Recent Image Search page.
  * deleted unrecognized taxa without specimen. Last of the diacritic taxon names removed.

Release 7.52
Date: Oct 8.
  Create geolocale_taxon new source priority mechanism.
  Modify AntwebUpload.enactExceptions to allow insertion of country and bioregion.
  Fossil project taxa source set to Antcat where appropriate.
  TaxonSet class modified to further support recursive actions (to support integrity).
  Altered algorithms for global projects.

Release 7.51.4
  API mod.
Release 7.51.3
Date: Oct 2
  Fix issue with worldants file involving quotations in data.

Release 7.51.2
Date: Sep 29
  Improved logic sensing when column headers need to be displayed (for genera & subfamily).
  Bug fixes.

Release 7.51.1
Date: Sep 28
  Ordering of taxonReport by Status, Typed or Native.
  Underlining of ordered column header.
  "Show Specimen Taxa" made sticky on taxonomic page.
  Sort by Show Specimen Taxa enabled.
  Icons for icon column headers.
Release 7.51
Date: Sep 28, 2018
  Modify upload report message for morpho genera.
  Change logging of search parameters.
  Add curator links (admin only) to taxonomic pages.
  Add project links to curator page (in dev).
  Uppercase Login names for getDisplayName(), and various names and higher taxa values on jsp pages.
  Sorting enabled in browse pages and taxonomic pages.

Release 7.50
Date: Sep 26
  Curations added to the Curator page (in development).
  Possible resolution of the Worldants stats issue.
Release 7.49.1
Date: Sep 25
  Check for Morpho genera before faulting for no valid subfamily during specimen upload.
  DB modfication to record project record modification.

Release 7.49
Date: Sep 24
  Changes to Taxon Sets. 
    Altered calculation of geolocale taxa. 
    Altered geolocale_taxon source to be specified as proxy records.
  Remove curator check from Add header.
  Fix bug throwing off some of the bioregion_taxon lists.
  Nav changes. Bolding. Georegion instead of Current View.
  Fix the places search box ui issue on Firefox. Move Search link.
  Add sorting features to taxon name and source on the taxonomic pages.
  Scheduler/UtilDataAction refactor. Enable execution on stage.
  Fix taxonReport css for specimens column.
  Create basic admin-only mechanism to display curator info.  

Release 7.48
Date: Sep 13
  Taxonomic page children lists for geolocales of georank greater than country.

Release 7.47.2
Date: Sep 13
  Fix italic tag in author date on taxon report.
  Add rollback in case of error with worldants upload.

Release 7.47.1
Date: Sep 13
  Fix taxon page link to group.
  Remove source header for taxon reports for Museums.
  Remove html () from taxon author dates.

Release 7.47
  Add source to BioregionTaxon db, objects and ui.
    Add Literature records.
    Overhaul/refactor of Taxon Set source.
  Add heading to the TaxonReport.
  Add classname to A.log method to simplify debugging.
  Add flag to United States in Georegion menu (and other multi word locations).

Release 7.46
Date: Sep 10
  Specimen upload changes.
	1. if species name blank = change to (indet)
	2. if genus name blank = change to (subfamily) name
	3. if subfamily blank, then change to (formicidae)  
  Parsed and Processed exposed in production upload report.
  Add access_group to insertGenus method.
  Carriage return management functionality refactored.
    Algorithm changed to compare with a master length instead of neighboring records.
    Displayed line numbers are carriage return sensitive.
  BuildLine refactored to return error message.
  Uploader, LineNumMgr and UploadHelper objects created.
  Specimen upload system heavily refactored.
  Store broken specimen upload lines in a new database table: upload_lines.   
  Include the advanced search query itself as a comment in the results page html source.

Release 7.45
Date: Sep 6
  Fix group name advanced search. 
    Group map generation working. 
    Link revealed for admin to generate maps from group page.
  Subfamily and Genus drop down menus on the advanced search page for admins.
  Advanced search results actually defaults to sort by Specimen Name (as it appears).

Release 7.44
Date: Sep 6
  Drop the is_upload_specimens and is_upload_images from the groups table (not used). page work.  
    Add admin login link
    Admin section for generating a map. page work. 
    Ordering bug fixed. 
    Ordered column highlighted.
    Totals/max/min implemented.
    Links to last upload report.
    Subfamily and Genus counts corrected.
  Automatically regenerate group map after specimen upload.

Release 7.43.1
Date: Sep 5
  Bug fix related to upload id.
  Parsing bug fix for specimen upload where species and subspecies are in single field.
  Login links added to group page for admin.

Release 7.43
Date: Sep 5
  Upload Report statistics changed. 
    Counts of red flags. 
    Build and Process line counts (admin only).
  Specimen upload changes.
	(1). if species name blank = change to (indet)
	(2). if genus name blank = change to (subfamily) name
	(3). if subfamily blank, then change to (Formicidae) [in this case the genus would also be (Formicidae)
	For species
  	  if there is a ? at the end of  species name, have it removed
	  if there is only "sp." for species name,  change to (indet)
  New upload report tests:	
	preferredSubfamilyForGenusReplaced and nonAntTaxa
  Add link on upload report to the uploading group.
  Fix heading on map page when coming from specimen the specimen page.    

Release 7.42.3
Date: Aug 24
  More title related fixes.
  Single quote escape the login request by name.
Release 7.42.3
Date: Aug 23
  Bug fixes and diagnostics to maps.
  Fix broken title and header of

Release 7.42.2
Date: Aug 21
  Track and display on the number of displayed maps.
Release 7.42.1
Date: Aug 20
  StatusSetStr used in BrowseAction to avoid a broken statusSet selector.

Release 7.42
Date: Aug 18
  Release of maps on pages. Addition of Group link.
  Refactor login pages. 
    move manageLogin jsps to viewLogin for consistency.
    Add "None" option to Project Access and Country Access.
    Add delete option.
    Formatting and display changes.
  Fix on upload report of search link.
Release 7.41
Date: Aug 17 page version 1 live.
  * db changes. Add upload_count and first_specimen_upload to groups table.
  Run the process to update groups;

Release 7.40.1
Date: Aug 16
  Null upload date bug fixed on page (for id = 10).
  Curator list added to admin page.
  First version of page created.

Release 7.40
Date: Aug 15
  Map added to object_map for groups.
  Map visible on pages (for admin).
  * run db

Release 7.39.1
Date: Aug 9
  Changes to sufficient criteria. Add property to advancedSearchForm and searchParameters.
  Add locality map link for groups page.
  Check in new jar file as binary.
Release 7.39
Date: Aug 9
  Work to group page. Add computed statistics, upload data and curator list.
  invalidBioregionForGenus specimen allowed with red flag durting upload.
  * DB changes.  
Release 7.38.1
Date: Aug 6
  Place names can initCap multiple words (like costa rica) in place name search.

Release 7.38
Date: Aug 6
  Add server details to
  Upgrade stage to Java 8.
Release 7.37.5
Date: Aug 4
  "Florida" used in the Place Name Search will lead to Florida, United States.
    If any other Place Names are erroneous they can be fixed. Please report.
  Added test in bigPicture-body.jsp to avoid NPE.
  Added genObjectMaps link on curate page in dev section.
  Index.jsp explicitly added to source tree.
  Cleaned old jsps out of root web directory.
  Changed formatting of specimen page. Bold the headers.
  Changed formatting of taxon page. Bold the headers.

Release 7.37.4
Date: Aug 2
  Place name search works in lowercase (if a single word) and can use single adm1 name like "ohio"
    Don't necessarily need to select from the options.
  Modify the subtitle of geolocale maps to include locality.
  Modify display of mappable and mapped.  
Release 7.37.2
Date: Aug 1
  Map title logic refactored. 
  Subtitle detailing.
  Titles of specimen map pages reworked to be consistent with Overview.
    Add specimen to session in to avoid existing errors.
  Remove googleMapFunctionInclude.jsp. Rely on googleMapInlude.jsp.
  Move all maps jsp files into the web/maps directory. Adjust code.
  Map limit increased to 8000.
  Place Name selector change. If you type a location and hit return it will properly
    capitalize so that you land on the right page.
Release 7.37.2
Date: Aug 1
  Map subtitles made public
Release 7.37.1
Date: July 31
  Fix the advanced search link on the upload report to have sufficient critieria.
  Modify titles. Count localities for taxon searches. Remove taxon name from distinct locality sets.
    Remove search limit for taxon maps.
    (Attempt) removal of search limit for geolocale maps.

Release 7.37
Date: July 31
  Fixed back links on search page.
  Fix navigation breadcrumb trail.
  Correct specimen counts (avoiding the 7500 map limit) on

Release 7.36.4
Date: July 30
  Modifications to search titles. Now, all enabled including db stored values.

Release 7.36.3
Date: July 28
  Bug fix: criteria added to Show All Specimens of and
  Work to clarify maps... some titles, subtitles and admin info.
  locality and collection changes.
  Added to the Bioregion, Museum, and GeolocaleTaxon list generation the SpecimenDb.getFlagCriteria()
Release 7.36.2
Date: Juy 25
  flagInclude.jsp to display flags on specimen and taxon pages.
  Change to Map logic for display of taxa in geolocales.

Release 7.36.1
Date: Juy 25
  Minor fixes.
  Fix the breadcrumb trail on taxonomic pages.
  structure of
  Create testMessage distinct from message.
  Add (red flag) to upload report.

Release 7.36
Date: Jul 24
  * Fields flag and issue created
  Collection and locality codes generated or updated from data.
  Data flagging system.
    Lat/lon errors for country and adm1 creates red flag.
    Red flagged specimen inavailable via search (and mapping).
    Display flag on specimen page.
  Changes to the insufficient criteria check of advanced searches.

Release 7.35.1
Date: Jul 23
  Change taxa page column headings from "Specimens" to "Species" or "Genera" as appropriate.
  Make equals Formicidae the default on the advanced search page.

Release 7.35
Date: Jul 20
  Add the Output option to advanced search.
  Add titles to some maps.
    dynamicMap title cleanup.
  Clean up log lines (use A.log) instead of long command. Global replace.
  Add Family to the search page.

Release 7.34.5
Date: Jul 16
  Fix Compare Images search feature in regards to result rank.

Release 7.34.4
Date: Jul 8
  Fix of map generation related to new insufficient criteria check.
  Subfamily and genus search group by options made public.
    Subfamily search will be specific to formicidae.    
Release 7.34.3
Date: Jul 7
  Fixes to specimen upload process to handle error conditions.

Release 7.34.2
Date: Jul 6
  Locality group by working on advanced search page.
  Refactoring of the specimenReport.jsp page.
  Fix handling of advanced search with no criteria.
Release 7.34.1
Date: Jul 6
  Object map generator working for geolocales.
  Dramatically optimized the formicidae page by hardcoding the chosen image.
  Localities can be selected as a "Group by" option on the advanced search page by admins.
    Maps will be displayed as such on the subsequent pages.
  Adm1Missing message will be sensitive to live and valid values during specimen upload.
  Work to have localities mapped from advanced search (incomplete).

Release 7.34
  1st version of Geolocale maps.
    Display specimens or localities.

Release 7.33.1
Date: Jun 27
  Show All Species | Show All Specimens added for localities that have a name and no code.

Release 7.33
Date: Jun 27, 2018
  Significant refactoring and documentation of google mapping code.
  Maps of multiple localities invoked by search results > 1000.
  Bug fix: On collection and locality enlarged map pages text is visible.
  Bug fix: Localities with single quotes in the name are now accessible.
  Diacritic (special character) enhancements.
  Refactoring of Locality. Support code= as well as name=.
    Localities can be requested by name now.
  Refactoring of Collection.

Release 7.32
Date: Jun 23
  Some locality information added to the Collection page.
Release 7.31
Date: Jun 20
  API changes to logging.
  API exception handling.
  Add request to api metadata. testing solution
Release 7.30
Date: Jun 13
  Enhancements (&status and logic) to Unimaged Geolocale Taxa API
  Api version 3.1 taken out of beta.

Release 7.29
Date: Jun 13
  Unimaged Geolocale Taxa API

Release 7.28
Date: Jun 11
  Initial search result mapping work (unexposed functionality):
    Locality mapping.
    Map all if none chosen.
  isFirstTime() and associated utility methods.
  slow.log added to deletion list.
  Do not skip fossil upload if invalid bioregion.

Release 7.27.6
Date: Jun 5
  Move AdmninUpdates to AdminAlerts. Correct misnaming.
  Create diskfull check. Integrate with AdminAlerts.

Release 7.27.5
Date: Jun 2
  API added to engine creation ", pool_recycle=280".

Release 7.27.4
Date: Jun 1
  AdminTasks implemented as cron job. Scheduled task removed.
Release 7.27.3
Date: May 31
  Adm2 added to specimenReport.jsp in case of advanced search.

Release 7.27.2
  Debugging of /

Release 7.27.2
Date: May 23
  IsoCode issue resolved in GeolocaleMgr for Adm1.

Release 7.27.1
Date: May 20
  Use Runtime.exec() instead of launchProcess() to get admin tasks working.

Release 7.27
Date: May 18
  Database loading solution for api server.
    Cron job. File copied to shared disk at end of scheduler process.

Release 7.26.1
Date: May 18
  Diagnostics and logging changes.

Release 7.26
Date: May 16
  Scheduler launch redesign. Invocation by Java thread. 8:05 pm.
  Administrative tasks (log file cleanup, database backup) launched by scheduler.

Release 7.25
Date: May 2
  Genera level support for subcaste images (public beta).
Release 7.24
Date: May 2
  System created to support "Common names"

Release 7.23.2
Date: May 2
  Order by the subcastes on the images page.

Release 7.23.1
Date: May 1
  Antweb.css versioning.

Release 7.23
Date:May 1
  Specimen report for a species ( will return in descending order when sorted by images.
    And a bug fixed.
  Image Count added to admin info on specimen overview page.
  Caste selector on page now supports subcaste.	 
Release 7.22
Date: Apr 27
  Change database fields (caste, antweb_caste, antweb_subcaste)
    to (life_stage, caste, subcaste) and related access code.
  Create nullCastes query.
  Add warning to specimen upload report for no life stage (caste notes).
  Created documentation.

Release 7.21
Date: Apr 26
  Add region and subregion to specimen table during specimen upload.
  Utilize region and subregion in specimen api.
    Add to apiv3_1_specimen view.
    Queryable in specimen api. Utilized by geolocaleName criteria.
  More exception handling changes.    
  Python autocommit enabled to prevent db locking.

Release 7.20
Date: Apr 26
  Api changes.
    Add adm1 criteria to specimen api.
    Exception handling modifications.
    GeolocaleName criteria of specimen api will limit appropriately according to country or adm1 (for country or adm1).  

Release 7.19.1
Date: Apr 26
  DNA Extraction notes search

Release 7.19
Date: Apr 26
  Search enabled on subcaste and life stage.
Release 7.18.3
Date: Apr 24
  Minor caste and subcaste identification changes.  

Release 7.18.2
Date: Apr 24
  Add &zeroDateTimeBehavior=convertToNull to jdbcUrl to resolve error in GeolocaleTaxon.init()
  Caste and subcaste identification changes.  
Release 7.18.1
Date: Apr 19
  Add getSearchCriteria to overview objects to support image search links on genus page.
  Add brood to caste other.
  StackTrace added to GeolocaleTaxon.init(). Stacktrace inconsistencies removed.
Release 7.18
Date: Apr 18
  Image Search Tool on Images page for genera.
  Caste and subcaste added to and
  Caste selector modifications.
  Specimen upload modifications to support caste and subcaste.
  Removal of old is_male, is_queen and is_worker database fields. Replaced with caste.
  Search modifications to support caste.
  Image pick modificatons to support caste.
Release 7.17.1
Date: Apr 18
  Fix the caste bug affecting specimen upload.

Release 7.17
Date: Apr 17
  geolocaleName= in the Specimen API

Release 7.16.4
Date: Apr 17
  Bug fix for missing taxonomic and images pages.
  Refactor the Caste code to be more efficient and effective.

Release 7.16.3
Date: Apr 16
  Caste changes including subcaste made in db, UI and API.
  Values of taxon ranks of genus and above are now capitalized in the API.

Release 7.16.2
Date: Apr 13
  Make the GeolocaleMgr.isIsland() method populate at start up honoring the db settings.
  Work to support old urls like:
  Modify copy on advanced search page to be Country/Island:

Release 7.16.1
Date: Apr 12
  Maintenance release to support 7.16

Release 7.16
Date: Apr 11
  Changes to Hawaii. Now treated as an island.
  API changes.
    Georank working in Geolocale API. 
    Date collected fixed in specimen API (no longer a / separated concatenation of start and end). 
    Add image count to specimen api. Add hasImage to criteria.  

Release 7.15
Date: Apr 7
  v3.1 beta changes
    Significant interface changes for consistency.
    Ndjson support for all api.
    Specimen extensions.
    Boolean input parameters are always true or false, never 0 or 1.
    Exception handling modified.
    Extensive code refactoring.
Release 7.14
Date: Apr 2
  API V3.1 deployed. 
    New Specimen API.

Release 7.13.1
Date: Mar 27
  Add to nightly scheduled tasks. Log to /data/antweb/web/log/imageCheck.

Release 7.13
Date: Mar 23
  Add validSubfamily and validGenus criteria to the Specimen API.
  Create script for images verification.
  UtilAction zonageek test.

Release 7.12.1
Date: Mar 19
  Add family criteria to the specimen api.
  Add fossil criteria to the specimen api.
  Add status criteria to the specimen api.

Release 7.12
Date: Mar 19
  "metaData" tag used consistently in api.
  Use count instead of imageCount in images api.
  Change from "urls:" tag to "urls".
  * delete from image where image_of_id not in (select code from specimen) and image_path is null;
  Add caste to specimen api.
  * Delete uploaded records from changed group. (from specimen where upload_id = 75). 
  Replicated database to api server.
Release 7.11.5
Date: Mar 10
  Minor exception handling changes in API

Release 7.11.4
Date: Feb 25
  Fix broken link on for Current View.
  API enhancements. 
    Bioregion/Taxa API.
    Limit and offset added to Geolocale/Taxa API.
  Fix of

Release 7.11.3
Date: Feb 24
  Edit Species List from taxonomic page to allow for login adm1.

Release 7.11.2
Date: Feb 24
  Add Login Manager links to Group Manager pages.
  Only countries will show in species page distribution lists.
  Distribution heading modified. Will show if on no lists.
  Add fields to Login  Manager.

Release 7.11.1
Date: Feb 21
  Modify geolocale data to include higher geolocale data (region, subregion and country).
  Add bioregion, subregion and country to geolocales taxa API.

Release 7.11
Date Feb 20
  API addition of GeolocaleTaxon requests.
Release 7.10.5
Date: Feb 13
  RecentImageSearch changes.

Release 7.10.4
Date: Feb 7
  API changes. Mostly just documentation.
  bigPicture body refactoring to remove struts and handle stacktrace.

Release 7.10.3
Date: Jan 31
  Implementation of upload ID. 
    Database modification. Upload data modification. 
    Creation of and UploadMgr.
  Minor specimen changes to admin section. (Upload record and upload report).

Release 7.10.2
Date: Jan 31
  Specimen-body changes to upload links.
Release 7.10.1
Date: Jan 28
  SearchListAction changes (Download data link of search).
    optimization. Display.
Release 7.10
Date: Jan 27
  Add back in the calcEndemic to upload action.
    Log the execution duration.  
  Reinstate geolocale_taxon indexes.
Release 7.9.15
Date: Jan 27
  DBUtil and DBServerStatus modifications.
  Modify logging for SessionRequestFilter. Include case number.
  Handle EndemicAction request with invalid geolocale ID.
  Handle a possible indexOutOfBounds exception in
  Fix recent image search.

Release 7.9.14
Date: Jan 25
  Add a flag (*) on the specimen page to indicate invalid adm1.
  Modify the adm1 lists to only display from valid countries.

Release 7.9.13
Date: Jan 24
  Do not display images of subspecies on species image page.

Release 7.9.12
Date: Jan 24
  Upload report modifications. 
    Remove excessive bolding. 
    Make Set lists with commas (Adm1Missing). Change copy.
  Logging change in UloadAction.
  Specimen found outside of their native bioregion are not uploaded.

Release 7.9.11
Date: Jan 24
  Removed invalid adm1 in case where there is not a valid_name to refer to
    from the page and download list.

Release 7.9.10
Date: Jan 24
  Specimen upload bug fixed.

Release 7.9.9
Date: Jan 23
  Bug fix on participate page.
  api changes. New view.
  Computation changes. Support Recalculate geolocale.
  Add upload report code not found message.
  Accepted Adm1s report.
  Admin unlimited search results.
  Prevent upload of specimen if genus is invalid.

Release 7.9.8
Date: Jan 22
  Minor bug fixes.

Release 7.9.7
Date: Jan 22
  Locality overview bug fix for country page.
  Fossil criteria only added in case of table. created on antweb-api to ensure uptime.

Release 7.9.6
Date: Jan 21
  Downloadable tab-delimited adm1/country mapping file. 
  Bug fix on taxonChildImages.jsp
Release 7.9.5
Date: Jan 20
  Homonym typo fixed.
  Countries that have Adm will be listed on upload report if adm1 is missing.

Release 7.9.4
Date: Jan 19
  Change how we handle indet genera.

Release 7.9.3
Date: Jan 19
  Add Taxa API.
  During specimen upload, recognize subfamily in parenthesis as valid if valid.
  Bug fix with geoSpecimen API

Release 7.9.2
Date: Jan 17
  Move data objects into separate files in home package.
  Recent images moved back to images in API.
  Search action change to be more forgiving.

Release 7.9.1
Date: Jan 13
  New Taxa Images API created. Documented: here

Release 7.9
Date: Jan 11
  API V3 is the new headline api. Declared beta (to indicate not fixed).
  /image -> recentImages and /taxa -> distinctTaxa. correctly leads to

Release 7.8.3
Date: Jan 10
  Avoid having to catch SearchAction exception.
  Link fix on antweb api documentation page.
  Creation of Case# mechanism.

Release 7.8.2

Release 7.8.1
Date: Jan 2.
  Geolocale API created.

Release 7.8
Date: Jan 1.
  API changes to support museum, ownedby, locatedat, collectedby.

Release 7.7.4
Date: Dec 25
  Taxon search box will set the project to be World Ants or All Ants depending on the ant.
Release 7.7.3
Date: Dec 24
  Fix for the valid test.

Release 7.7.2
Date: Dec 22.
  Settle on api uri.

Release 7.7.1
Date: Dec 21
  Taxon search box always set the query to allantwebants instead of worldants.

Release 7.7
Date: Dec 20.
  Species group removed from Full Name of both species and subspecies. Affects title.
  Antweb API V3 deployed to api server ( 
    API documentation modifications.

Release 7.6.1
Date: Dec 17
  Fix a bug in Recent Image Search
Release 7.6
Date: Dec 17
  AntwebUtil.count() debugging feature.
  Advanced search, in case of country and adm1, can receive null as an input parameter, 
    and return results with null values.  
  Missing country and adm1 counts in the upload report are now hyperlinked
    to the advanced search.

Release 7.5
Date: Dec 9
  Add verbatim dates (as entered) to date determined on specimen page.
  Display verbatim dates if logged in (instead of admin only).
  Bug fixed on the species browse page.
  Bug fixed for specimen upload.

Release 7.4.4
Date: Dec 5
  Upload ID searchable. 
    links added to specimen page admin section and upload reports.
  Date collected changes. Allow for formats. Retain original input string.
  Date determined changes

Date: Dec 5
  DateCollectedStart logic changes.
  * db changes
    alter table specimen add column upload_id int;
    update specimen set datecollectedstartstr = datecollectedstart;
    update specimen set datecollectedendstr = datecollectedend;

Release 7.4.3
Date: Dec 5.
  Login Manager bug fix.

Release 7.4.2
Date: Nov 30.
  Refactoring of SearchItem and ResultItem.
  AntwebUtil date functions moved to DateUtil.
  Date Collected bug fix.

Release 7.4.1
Date: Nov 28
  Release to fix a UI bug in pageToolLinks.jsp involving rank variable.
Release 7.4.1
Date: Nov 27
  Scheduler modified to include introducedCalc.
  Header to link to new API in dev environment.

Release 7.4
Date: Nov 10, 2017
  Initial release of Api v3 in Python. Nothing visible.

Release 7.3.7
  Darwin_core_2 view modified. dateCollected and biogeographicregion added.

Release 7.3.6
  Ability to see cpu load in application.
  Email alert sent to developer in case of excessive cpu load.
Release 7.3.5
Date: Oct 25
  Status set selector potentially complete.
  Log file cleanup.

Release 7.3.4
Date: Oct 25
  Upload problem resolved. Possibly resolving cpu issue.
  Log cleanup work.

Release 7.3.3
Date: Oct 25
  Admin Alert in case of disk low.
  GeolocaleMgr modification. 
    Geolocale Mgr will display all AND search list will not be duplicated.
  Status set selector to include Valid (With Fossils)
  Formatter.formatMB for startup and memory display.
  Closed results set issue debugging (CPU busy).

Release 7.3.2
Date: Oct 18
  Query Manager changes.
  New query: geolocaleTaxaWithoutTaxon   
  * db changes, see 2017-10-18.sql
Release 7.3.1
Date: Oct 17
  Remove "(Not a Valid Ant)" from taxonomic hierarchy if not an ant species.
  Refactoring of Specimen Upload to allow logic to include multiple data items.
    Logic changed for various fields.
  Remove non-ants from the No valid Subfamily For Genus upload report list.

Release 7.3
Date: Oct 16
  Integrity query modifications.
  Desc Edit Orphan Manager changes - selection box for possible valid names.
  Taxon and Dummy Taxon refactoring. Object instantiation db methods.

Release 7.2.12
Date: Oct 11
  Genera without subfamilies will be reported during specimen upload
  Add (formicidae) subfamily.
  Fix for GeolocaleMgr
  Fix AntwebUpload saveTaxon()

Release 7.2.11
Date: Oct 10
  Cleanup of orphanDescEdits.jsp. Use jsp tags instead of struts.
    Title added.
    Specimen orphans listed before taxon orphans. Separate headings.
    # delete from description_edit where taxon_name not in (select distinct taxon_name from taxon) and code is null and title = "plaziData";
  Specimen upload
    Add record count to upload report.
    Allow specimenCode to not be the first column of the specimen upload file.
    Museum codes added in one place: source code,
    Infer the subfamily from the genus.
Release 7.2.10
Date: Oct 5
  Error message to indicate that page was not finished loading (map of advanced search).
  Remove deprecated defaultSpecimenPanel.jsp
  Removed *(indet) records from Papua New Guinea via Species List Tool.
  Integrity query badParentTaxonName addressed by checking validity of parent taxon.
Release 7.2.9
Date: Oct 3
  Fix taxonomic history bug in worldants upload.

Release 7.2.8
Date: Sep
  calcEndemic added to specimen upload and scheduler.
  Red dot title is informative so as not to need to visit curate page for details.

Release 7.2.7
Date: Sep 26
  Red Dot added to Academy Header (next to the Curate link) if there is a "server message".
  Bad rank error message created in specimen upload (see group:2 upload).  
  Rollback message created. Handle case of deleted first character of upload file.

Release 7.2.6
Date: Sep 26
  Homonyms and junion homonym changes to worldants.

Release 7.2.5
Date: Sep 24
  LoginMgr created.
  Login name displayed on Species List History page for each revision.

Release 7.2.4
Date: Sep 24
  Created field of proj_taxon and geolocale_taxon set to create instead of modify date.
  Optimization of Scheduled tasks. Remove redundant updateGeolocaleCounts. 

Release 7.2.3
Date: Sep 22.
  statusSet=valid browse bug fixed.
  Worldants load of non-valid statuses prevented if current_valid same as taxon name.  
  Endemic computation testing. Country and adm1 logic adjusted
  Literature adjustments.
  Link added to introduce list on overview page for Adm1/

Release 7.2.2
Date: Sep 21
  Testing/fix of endemic calculation
  Testing/fix of literature loading.

Release 7.2.1
Date: Sep 20, 2017
  Introduced check changed in taxaOutsideOfNativeBioregion report.
Release 7.2
Date: Sep 19, 2017
  taxaOutsideOfNativeBioregion report created.  
  Fossil dagger added to specimen pages.
  Fossil specimen will not report genus not native on specimen page.

Release 7.1.5
Date: Sep 19, 2017
  Admin log function.
  DeleteMorphosWithoutSpecimen query modification.
  On Curate page, worldants file link added to "Fetch".

Release 7.1.4
Date: Sep 18
  Don't automatically crawl following worldants loading 
    (because it is run by the Scheduler which will also perform crawls).
  Minor refactoring of crawl code.
  * delete from project_taxon the project_names that don't exist any longer.
  Installation changes. Lots removed from source tree.
  makeDirTree() in two places to minimize installation.
  Fix the worldants uploaded taxon line numbers.
  Fix recentImages query. Ordering items not in distinct list not allowed.
Release 7.1.3
Date: Sep 12, 2017
  Fix ProjTaxonDb.updateItem() tableName.
  Minor changes.
  Installation note modifications.
  Don't update specimen taxa source field during upload.
  * Ported data.

Release 7.1.2
Date: Sep 12, 2017
  Installation adjustments. Log if missing ApplicationProperties. Documentation.
  Minor bug fixes.
    Do not display current valid name if it is equals to the taxon name.
    getDefaultSpecimenForTaxon quote escaping.
    Report "Specimen code not found" when parameters not included for

Release 7.1.1
Date: Sep 11, 2017
  Search country list has unique entries.

Release 7.1
Date: Sep 9, 2017
  Introduced and endemic calculated for adm1 as well as country.
  Geolocale Mgr create country function.
    São Tomé & Principe manually created.
    Geolocales without parents will be successfully loaded into the GeolocaleMgr.
  Get the generateGeolocaleTaxaFromSpecimens process down to 3.6 minutes.
  Modification of literature upload process. 
    * Reload. New file. Bug fix.
  * test: /
  * Check on worldants execution.
    / and in scheduler.
  * View the detail query here:
      Maybe remove records prior to 2017 and plug the whole during uploads.
  * Test specimen upload from Univ. of Texas 
  Change of allantwebants. Restricts to the ProjTaxon.getCountables() set.
  Refactor of TaxonSetDb. Creation of EditableTaxonSetDb.
  Recursive creation for Taxa and TaxonSets.
  Heavy refactoring of the data processes, scheduling, crawls.
Release 7.0.3
Date:Jul 24.
  New icon added to caste selector
Release 7.0.2
Date: Jul 21
  Introduced curious query enhancements.
  Favorites page modifications. Taxon name displayed instead of specimen code.

Release 7.0.1
Date:Jul 20
Release 7.0
Date: Jul 20
  Allow distribution list query to include is_use_children.
  Remove morphotaxa without specimen during generateGeolocaleTaxaFromSpecimen process.
  Caste deployed for all users. 
  Non-imaged list for all users.

Release 6.97.2
Date: Jul 20
  Modified procedure without extra morphos.

Release 6.97.1
Date Jul 19
  Efficiency and functional changes to geolocaleTaxaFromInvalidGeolocale process.

Release 6.97
Date Jul 19
  Only can Edit Species List of valid lists.
  Collection date start and end added to collection page.
  Specimen Images are ordered first by caste.
  New geolocale query:

Release 6.96
Date: Jul 15
  Ant Literature data loaded     
    Refactoring, testing, deployment, execution.

Release 6.95.1
Date: Jul 14
  Bug fix in TaxaDb.getGenus() affecting specimen upload and taxon name redirect.

Release 6.95
Date: Jul 13
  Reload geolocale_taxon specimens
  Remove display map check on taxon pages.
    Make sure there is a map:
  Show specimen taxa, tool tips and yellow ant icon on taxonomic page.
  * Deployment procedure
    update geolocale_taxon set source = null where source in ('adm1Specimen', 'hasAdm1Specimen', 'hasCountrySpecimen');
Release 6.94.8
Date: Jul 13
  Remove the casteViewDisplay.jsp from showBrowse-body.jsp (specimens page).

Release 6.94.7
Date: Jul 12
  Display valid or live children on overview pages depending on login.

Release 6.94.6
Date: Jul 12
  See Also list for species will only show valid subspecies.
  Bug fix for server. SSLProtocolException: handshake alert:  unrecognized_name.
  Limit non-imaged Species to 50. Use etcetera...
  Should show image for unrecognized taxa. Taxon.getSpeciesNameSet():1503
  Will not use caste for BrowseAction pages other than No image here because of overview:
Release 6.94.5
Date: Jul 11
  No functional changes.

Release 6.94.4
Date: Jul 11
  Modifications and refactoring to default image selection.

Release 6.94.3
Date: Jul 11
  Map link added to images tab.
  Caste option available on Specimens page.

Release 6.94.2
Date: Jul 11
  Caste selector on the specimen report.
  Valid Extant as the default status (replacing Valid Non Fossil).

Release 6.94.1
Date: Jul 3
  updateGeolocaleTaxonSourceNullWithSpecimens update method.
    Modification to change speciesListTool source to specimen in appropriate cases.

Release 6.94
Date: Jul 3
  (formicidae) recognized as ant.
  updateGeolocaleTaxonSourceNullWithSpecimens update method.
    Modification to display as specimen.

Release 6.93.3
Date: Jun 29
  Default fixes.
  GeolocaleTaxon processSpecimen()

Release 6.93.2
Date: Jun 28
  Improved green e icon. Darker, bigger.
  Increase result set size in getUnpickedDefault() to 100 to support Eburopone.

Release 6.93.1
Date: Jun 28
  Image Picking fixes.
    Ordering of ImagePickDb.getDefaultSpecimen(String caste, String taxonNameClause).
    For subfamily picks, do not use % before subfamily name (for instance in front of Ponerinae).
    Only get defaultSpecimen for species and subfamily (not genera).
Release: 6.93
Date: Jun 28
  Add "Default Pic for:" to Admin info on specimen page and "Default Pics" on taxon page.
  Default debugging code.
  Change species set string iterations to 100 (perhaps to resolve issue).
  Fossil invalid genus bioregion check changed.

Release 6.92.1
Date: Jun 27
  Image pick for subfamilies
Release 6.92
Date: Jun 26
  Deployment of new subfamily default image logic. Test:
  Performance improvement on page. Don't need to calculate maps.
  Fix of the map on a page called with "/specimen/" instead of will forward to (not yet).
  link modifications to use domainApp.

Release 6.91
Release Jun 22
  Default image select strategy for genera implemented

Release 6.90
Release Jun 21
  Unimaged Taxa displayed (for admin) for both browse and taxonomic pages.
  Run casteCalc across all specimen.
  Run GeolocaleTaxon image count crawl.
  Default image selection code slightly modified (order by species, code).
Release 6.89.1
Date: Jun 21
  Specimen level groups will respect the caste.
  New strategy for genus level default images (testing).

Release 6.89
Date: Jun 20
  Caste working for Browse functions (admin only, initial release).
  Server initialization depends on property loading. 
    Faster startup and requests will wait instead of failing.

Release 6.88.1
Date: Jun 20
  GroupDb fetch of groups with specimen sped up.
    * to do: update groups with upload_specimen count or we will have to manually maintain.
  Compute status and caste types during specimen upload for performance reasons.
  Minor default oriented fixes.

Release: 6.88
Date: Jun 20
  Replace ', ' with '; ' as delimiter for unrecognizedCaste messages.
  Nightly task launch window increased to 8:07pm - 8:10pm.
  specimenPostProcess link to contain allow param.
  Work to get genus defaults displaying.
  Fix of updateSpecimenStatus().

Release 6.87.3
Date: Jun 19
  SessionRequestFilter Exception handling.
  Default image display working for species.  
  Removed caste documentation link on upload report.

Release 6.87.2
Date: Jun 19
  1s and soldier identified as workers.
  Specimen upload post process modifications
  Execution time in minutes added to curious queries.
  Unrecognized caste message in the upload report

Release 6.87.1
Date: Jun 19
  New solution for mobile. Simplified screen.
  imagePage-body.jsp fix.
Release 6.87
Date: Jun 17
  Default images work.
    1st run the calcCaste on all groups.
    * 6.74/2016-06-03.sql
  Hovering over Type will display the type.
  Iphones will not display header. Test.
  Debugging automation of calcCaste after specimen upload.
  Running compute processes are identified on the Curate page.

Release 6.86
Date: Jun 16.
  iPad fix - place name search field sized down from 25 to 22.  //not exactly.
  Refactor SearchParameters and AdvancedSearchForm.
  Rewrite logic of Taxon.selectCodeByCaste(rset, caste) 

Release 6.85.1
Date: Jun 15.
  Various bug fixes.
  Male: Worker: Queen: added to admin section of specimen page.
  Group list on search page minimized and alphabetized.
  ResultItem and SearchItem refactored.
  Data produced by visible for search items

Release 6.85
Date: Jun 15
  Group added to advanced search.

Release 6.84.1
Date: Jun 11
  2000 new species limit for curators on images page.    
  Fix of usrAdm admin tool.
  Caste changes.
    Ignore after the comma.
    Run calcCaste() for access group after upload in separate thread.
  Beginning work on nonImagedTaxa display on Taxonomic Images page.  
  Fix bug preventing use of default image on Browse Images page.
Release 6.84
Date: Jun 10, 2017
  Overview page images to support caste selector. Admin Only

Release 6.83
Date: Jun 10
  Live places only in the Place Name Search.
Release 6.82
Date: Jun 10
  Caste search feature.
Release 6.81
Date: Jun 10
  Admin Notes field added to edit geolocale page
  Minor UI formatting issue in menu resolved for project pages.
  "Antweb Curator Tools" link changed to "Curate".
  Taxonomic source labels encouraged not to wrap.

Release 6.80
Date: Jun 9
  Favorites improvements.
  UI improvements.
  db taxon cleanup.
Release 6.79
Date: Jun 9
  Place Name Search box
  Antweb specimens bug on taxonomic pages.

Release 6.78.1
Date: Jun 8
  Fix http -> https in process.php (Image Upload).

Release 6.78.1
Date: Jun 8
  Fix for Taxon Name Search on insecure page. Access-Control-Allow-Origin.
  Other fix. Javascript will reload insecure pages with https.

Release 6.78
Date: Jun 7
  Bug fix related to useCentroid and maps

Release 6.77
Date: Jun 7
  Security tightened

Release 6.76.3
Date: Jun 7
  Debug Taxon Name Search added to menu bar.

Release 6.76.2
Date: Jun 7
  Taxon Name Search added to menu bar.

Release 6.76.1
Date: Jun 7
  Autofill search box enhancements. can now handle pretty taxon names.
    for example: flavocassis

Release 6.76
Date: Jun 6
  Autofill search box deployed for admins on the search page.

Release 6.75
Date: Jun 6
  Autofill search box development. No live functionality.
  Bug fix on specimenReport.jsp
Release 6.74
Date: Jun 5
  Data provided by fix in specimenReport.jsp
  Work on Introduced. Totals now on geolocale overview pages.
  TaxonPage will now display the Native Bioregions (if a genus) or the 
    Introduced Species Native Bioregions (if an introduced species) at the bottom of the 
    admin Info section.
  Endemic and Introduced counts are now display on the overview page.fac

Release 6.73
Date: Jun 2
  SessionRequestFilter always set the response to ignore the X-XSS-Protection property.
  Correctly named query: indeterminedAndQuestionableMorphoTaxa
  )(scoliinae) mg1 formatting issue resolved in specimen upload report.

Release 6.72
Date: Jun 2
  Test Email feature.
Release 6.71
Date: Jun 2
  Morphos will be checked for "In formicidae" specimen upload check. (formicidae) will not.
  Query created: introducedAndQuestionableMorphoTaxa
  Taxon.isMorpho methods modified to exclude "(indet)".

Release 6.70
Date: Jun 1
  Fix order display in taxonomic hierarchy.
  Fix count of specimen upload report for sets.

Release 6.69
Date: Jun 1
  Introduced list page. See asterix link on overview page for introduced: (admin only).
  Green "e" added to taxonomic page. See
  Upload report parenthesis copy fix. Counts adjusted for sets.

Release 6.68
Date: Jun 1
  StatusesDisplay.jsp will be visible on the showBrowse page even if no specimen are.
Release 6.67
Date: May 31
  Introduced flag modification.
  G fetch out of scheduler.
Release 6.66
Date: May 31
  Bug fixes and logging clarification supporting the cpu pinning error.
    Comment out Emailer invocation.
  Creation of LogMgr (out of AntwebUtil.appendLog methods and AntwebSystem methods).
  Creation of badRequest log file.
Release 6.65
Date: May 24
  Populate introduced from specimen data.

Release 6.64
Date: May 23
  Endemic page. Drop the subfamily. Order by genus.
  Upload Report 
    counts corrected
    Morpho genera not to contain '('.  Removed details due to performance. Could be re-added in a different way.
    Introduced list to have count.
    Extra Carriage Return warning enhanced. Link to
  Upload Currently In Process - indicate which login is uploading.
  Add valid adm1 links to public country page.
  Species List Tool. Admin edited species lists (for instance Western) to show up in the drop down list.
  Show Log improvements to retain invisible characters.

Release 6.63
Date: May 23
  Morpho Genera Test added to upload report.

Release 6.62
Date: May 22
  Store backup up logs by year (to avert performance issue down the road)
  Specimen link to upload file record enabled.

Release 6.62
Date: May 22
  Changes to Orphaned Alternates.
    Query changed to exclude those with parents like '%(formicidae)%'
  Add new Indomalaya/Australasia image.
  Add links to the specimen up load report to Geonames and to
  Removed deprecated code and tables for...

Release 6.61
Date: May 21.
  Orphan Description Edit Transfer changes.
    Included taxonName field as an option.
    Drop down field value sets minimized.
    Manage deletions of (No Specimen) instances. For instance, jtl007.

Release 6.60
Date: May 19
  Upload report passed test checking.
  SubmitGroup used on upload report, not just for submission.
  Upload Report detail files Mechanism.
  Upload detail files created for 
    OutOfBounds (country and adm1) 
    Duplicate Entries.  

Release 6.59
Date: May 18
  Remove specimen data option added to curate page.

Release 6.58
Date: May 17
  Red dot added to Introduced Map Mgr to indicate where none are selected. With totals.
  Record the backup file name with the specimen so that we can link to the source.
    Display in Admin Info on specimen page as "Upload File".
  Introduced Map Mgr bug fix. Introduced taxa with no known native region will be flagged with an i.
    Refreshing the Introduced Map Mgr will resolve the issue.
Release 6.57.1
Date: May 17.
  Orphan Genera fixes.
  Add count and emails to the lastSpecimenUpload query.
  Specimen line persistence turned off.
Release 6.57
Date: May 16.
  Line field added to specimen table and UI. Slow to upload.
  Create "Last Upload List" with reload functionality on Curate Page under Administrator Functions (incomplete).

Release 6.56.2
Date: May 13
  Indomalaya/Australia map updated

Release 6.56.1
Date: May 11
  Fossil and Introduced removed from the Project menu.
  Specimen Information header added to Species List Tool search page.
  Add from Species List option removed from Species List Tool reference list.
  Image modifications on /
Release 6.56
Date: May 11
  * Create the web/log/detail directory
  Major Species List Tool refactoring.
    Bugs resolved. Features restored.
    Enhanced functionality of 
    Taxonomic pages with adm1 of countries that are not isUseChildren() will not link to Species List Tool
  Adm1 list on search page will be unique.
  Adm1 bioregion will not be used in SpecimenUpload if there is an alternate bioregion.
    See: / set as Palearctic.
  InvalidGenusBioregion will only check for valid genera.
  Add images to the top of
  Genera Orphan Manager to address new kind of orphans. http://localhost/antweb/

Release 6.55.1
Date: May 5
  Add updateTaxonSetTaxonNames to scheduler for nightly execution.
  Add / link to upload report when appropriate.
  Refactor the Upload Report.
    Show passed tests (on dev or stage).
  Fix the Bioregion determination during Specimen Upload.
Release 6.55
Date: May 3 2017
  Functionality to move invalid taxon names to the current valid names.
    To be run twice. Some taxa are set to current valid names that are themselves invalid with currently valid names.
    The last four of the "Various Queries" on /    
      notValidBioregionTaxonNames, notValidMuseumTaxonNames, notValidGeolocaleTaxonNames, notValidProjectTaxonNames  Admin Alert mods.
  Login Manager changes. Add Introduced back into the list. Order the county list alphabetically.
  New Queries
    also, the last four of the "Various Queries" on /

Release 6.54.1
Date: Apr 25
  Anc Page formatting issue resolved.
  New Query Manager page.
  Blocked Species Lists are now unblocked.

Release 6.54
Date: Apr 25
  Complete data model cleanup and supporting code changes. 
    Replace biogeographicregion in specimen with bioregion.
    Remove biogeographicregion and geolocale_id from project table.
    Remove all geolocale related projects from project table and login_project table.
  Query extention.
    projectListMorphotaxa and geolocaleListMorphotaxa added to integrity queries. 
    Hyperlinked taxonNames. 
    Delete option.
  Species List Tool overhaul.
    Adm1 support.
    Reference Taxa List label persistence.
  Fix speciesListMorphoTaxa query to only return species or subspecies.
Release 6.53.2
  Bug fixes.

Release 6.53
Date: Apr 20
  New Queries.
  Bug fixes.

Release 6.52
Date: Apr 18
  Bioregion Country List Report.

Release 6.51.1
Date: Apr 18.
  UI tweaks to the Country Adm1 List Report.
Release 6.51
Date: Apr 18
  Country Adm1 list Report.

Release 6.50
  Image Upload modifications to support browser evolution.

Release 6.49
  Beginning work on Bioregion List Report and Country Adm1 List Report.
  Country Adm1 first pass live (for admin).

Release 6.48
Date: Apr 13
  Add not valid warning in red to taxon title for not valid, not homonym, not EXCLUDED_FROM_FORMICIDAE.
  Update status description page copy.
  Fix to the Image Upload tool.

Release 6.47.4
Date: Apr 10
  Fix manageLogin page.

Release 6.47.3
Date: Apr 4
  All curators can see the Introduced List.

Release 6.47.2
Date: Apr 4
  Fix Bioregion Manager submission.
  Remove Antarctica from the georegionMenu list.

Release 6.47.1
Date: Mar 30
  Allow use of Morphos in determining Native Bioregion
Release 6.47
Date: Mar 28th.
  Introduced flagging for all groups.
  Omit morphos from checking for native genus - just in the upload process for now.
  Antarctica_region created.
  For now, only on the specimen page, we are displaying "Possibly introduced".
Release 6.46
Date: Mar 27.
  On login page, if a different page was requested, after login we are directed there.
  Add Antarctica as Bioregion to codebase.
  Refactor TaxonProps.
  Begin refactor of specimen biogeographicregion to bioregion for consistency.
  Debug the specimen upload, Introduced logic.
Release 6.45
Date Mar 26.
  UI changes from specimen and locality pages.
  Change to how Introduced and Native Bioregions are figured. Refactoring. Bug fixes.
  Specimen, description pages show introduced data now.
  Link to introduced report.	
  IntroducedSpecimen report linked into upload report. Refactored.
  Introduced indicators made live.

Release 6.44.1
Date: Mar 25th
  Fix for Edit Geolocale page bug.
  Introduced specimen upload logic
Release 6.44
Date: Mar 24
  Alternate Bioregion drop down on Edit Geolocale page.
  Introduced Species will not be counted during specimen upload along with the
    outside of the Genus native region check.
Release 6.4
Date: Mar 22.
  Introduced Map Manager Tool
  Memory management development. Mods to
  Significant Profiler changes (to aid with performance related debugging).
  Antweb Release number added to the upload report.
  Specimen will be flagged as introduced (turned off on live site pending data verification).
    Introduced / Native will be display on the specimen page under Distribution Status heading.
    / (pending data)
  Native bioregions displayed on taxon page for genera.
    / (admin only).
  Introduced flagged (with 'i' icon) on the taxonomic pages for a given geolocale.
    / (pending data).
  Species page. Introduced bioregion list will be displayed under distribution. (admin only).
  Introduced i indicator added to the specimen report.
    / (pending data).

  Debugged the parent=North America bug.
Release 6.42
  Genera without specimen added to Bioregion Map Mgr.

Release 6.42
Date: Mar 17
  Advanced Search to contain bioregion and museum data.
  Bioregion Native Distribution Tool changes. Totals and sortable.

Release 6.41
Date: Mar 15.
  Bioregion Distribution Tool will exclude fossils.
  Edit Geolocale Page saves will set region for countries according to parent.
  Valid non fossil status option on taxonomic pages.
  Georank type can be empty on edit geolocale page.
Release 6.40.1
Date: Mar 14
  Bug fix release
Release 6.40
Date: Mar 14
  Bioregion Genus Mappings 
    Persist beyond Worldants reload.
    Data populated from specimen data
    Upload file mods.
  Bounding Box fix.
Release 6.39.1
Date: Mar 14
  Create side-headings in Bioregion Distribution Tool.
  Order by subamily - genus.

Release 6.39
Date: Mar 13.
  Genera Distribution Tool v1.
  Significant change to Geolocale Mgr to support efficient reload.
  Current Valid Name link fixed. See:
  Adm2 added to specimen page.
  Create Adm1 bug fix in Adm1 Mgr.
  Bug fix to the api fetch scheduler.
  Formatting of Locality page. Include microhabitat.
  Species List Tool Changes.
    Format long Adm1 names with '...'
    Disallow non-unique names (for now).    
    Narrow Adm1 list to those of countries flagged as live.

Release 6.38
Date: Feb 28
  GeorankType for Adm1. Default is Province. Can be overridden on Edit Geolocale Page.

Release 6.37
Date: Feb 28
  Show All Specimens | Show All Species feature for locality, country and adm1.

Release 6.36.3
Date: Feb 27
  Modified a Fetch

Release 6.36.2
Date: Feb 27.
  ApplicationResources.Properties modified for manageLogin-body buttons.
  Search download debug logging.

Release 6.36
Date: Feb 25th
  Adm1 regions are set to be equal to the parents if null.

Release 6.35
Date: Feb 25th.
  Method to update all adm1 bioregions to be that of parent. (only works if country is valid).
  Non live valid country query added to geolocale page. 
  Links to country and adm1 added to specimen page.  ex: /  
  Suggested a link added to edit geolocale page for countries.
  Minor changes to how a Adm1 data is fetched.  
  Changes to logging. Creation of a Adm1Adm2Data.html

Release 6.34
Date: Feb 24
  Clean up of Edit Geolocale page. 
    Map should work.
    Load a function.
Release 6.33
Date: Feb 24
  Modification of a fetch.
Release 6.32
Date: Feb 20
  Relevant Queries added for Login, Groups and Geolocales.
Release 6.31
  Can change name on Geolocale Edit page.
  Fast option on Geolocale Edit page.
Release 6.30
Date: Feb 19, 2017
  Solution to display Other as option in Valid Name drop down.
  Make apostrophe swaps in specimen upload for legal apostrophe.
  Create Geolocale functionality on Geolocale Mgr page supports utf8.
  Fix of a adm1 fetch to select administrative_division_level_1.
Release 6.29.1
Date: Feb 17
  Names encoded in Geolocale subclasses getThisPageTarget() to enable direct access.
  Fixed link in Adm1 Manager
  Integrity query added for single quotes.

Release 6.29
Date: Feb 17.
  Bioregion added to Admin section of geolocale pages.
  a mods.
  Double quote issue with specimen upload.
  Escape quotes on upload report to correctly link to adm1 with apostrophes.
  Alternative Names listed on overview page (for instance: Crete).
  Valid Name link on overview page (for instance: Kríti).
  Minor upload report changes to formatting.
Release 6.28
Date: Feb 14.
  Adm1 Mgr error handled.
  Single quote issue in specimen upload resolved.

Release 6.27
Date: Feb 13.
  Recognize as valid Saint-Paul and Saint-Denis. Parent changed to Reunion.
  Add hard return to upload log deferred messages.
  Get rid of non-utf8 option when file found to fail validation.
  Add a link to Edit Geolocale page.

Release 6.26
Date: Feb 12, 2017.
  Modify formatting of upload report to wrap the errors. Remove the 
    Bug fix: remove duplicated header information.

Release 6.25
  Minor bug fixes
Release 6.24
  Date: Feb 10
  a bounding box and centroid functionality.

Release 6.23
  Can run Geonet Centroid fetch on individual countries.

Release 6.22
  Geonet adm1 centroids added.
  Centroid check mark added to Geolocale Mgr.

Release 6.21
Date: Feb 6 2016
  Bug fix. Link on to specimen page. 
  Re-architect centroid to be it's own field. Deprecated separate latitude/longitude fields. to migrate old lat/lon to new centroid field. 
    Correct backwards ones in the process..
  Caching turned off.
  * 2017-01-16.sql create centroid, centroid_fixed field.
Release 6.20
  Set upload file to UTF8.
Release 6.19.2
Date: Jan 30
  Compare images bug in cases where there were no images for a taxon.
Release 6.19.1
Date: Jan 15
  Search to include Medium.

Release 6.19
Date: Jan 15
  Search to include Specimen Notes.

Release 6.18.1
Date: Jan 19
  Access_login added to taxon_prop table.  
  Caching changes.

Release 6.18
Date: Jan 18.
  Counts crawls. 
    Extend document in CountDb. Adjust UI for intuitiveness.
    Modify the worldants upload process to set parent_taxon_name by taxonName.
  Fix the Geolocale Mgr valid children counts.
  Direct access check for gyandromorph.jsp
  Debugging logging (db connection in cache system).
  Formatting of taxon page in the admin section.
    Format (comma separate) the geolocales. Bold the relevant one.
    Add the name next to the Taxon Set geolocale Id.
Release 6.17.1
Date: Jan 16
  Centroid Fixed bug fix.
  Long_request not being used. Cease attempting to delete.
Release 6.17
Date: Jan 16
  Modify data architecture for default_specimen.

Release 6.16
Date: Jan 16 formatted geocode_bounding_box accepted in the EditGeolocale form fixed field.
  useBoundingBox fix when empty string, and display in GeolocaleMgr.

Release 6.15.1
Date: Jan 16
  Bug fix to GeolocaleMgr affecting adm1 lookup loading.

Release 6.15
Date: Jan 12
  Image comparison page flow changes to always lead with all shots, when logged in.

Release 6.14.1
Date: Jan 12
  Minor changes to UI of search and compare results.

Release 6.14
Date: Jan 12
  Startup performance issue resolved.
  Search comparision changes.
  adminAlerts change. Watch for missing default_specimen.

Date: Jan 02, 2017
  Improve logging (clean up logs in various ways).
  Reconfigure live server logging.

Release 6.13.7
  Remove invalid adm1 from geolocale from specimen that no longer exist.
  Make exceptions for adm1 check for Cauca and Galapagos.

Release 6.13.6
  Fix RemoveFlickrData for adm1 on page.
  Fix collection-body adm1 link. (Url encode and add country).
  GeolocaleMgr changes.
Release 6.13.5
  Geonet names massaged.
  Adm1 Manager functionally complete.

Release 6.13.4
  Block insertion of specimen with invalid lat/lon values.
  Persist admin alerts in the database.
  Geonet geolocale support.
  Split UtilAction into UtilDataAction.

Release 6.13.3
Date: Dec 11, 2016
  Invalid longitude/latitude blocked during specimen upload.
  Adm1 validNames honored and utilized during specimen upload.

Release 6.13.2
  Bug fixes and enhancements
  Geolocale Mgr order to collate by utf8.
  Performance improvements.

Release 6.13.1
  Bug fixes and enhancements
Release 6.13
Date: Dec 9, 2016
  Adm1 support.
  Geonames API integration.
  Flickr API integration.
  Out of bounds checking for adm1 and country. Display on specimen page.
  Full UTF8 support. Modifications in tomcat, mysql configuration and in code.
  Geolocale Manager deep changes. Drill down navigation. Overview page modification.
  Make index geolocale_idx unique on live site
  Removal of old MSSQLescapeQuotes() method.
  Edit Geolocale moved to Admin section of Country and Adm1 page (from next to the map).

Release 6.12.9
Date: Nov 17?
  Fix for Orphan Mgr. Ungoverned in admin interface.
  Add link to Flickr from
  Improve linkage among GeolocaleMgr pages.
  Login Manager and Group Manager links.
  Add Flickr API url to editGeolocale page (to help with debugging).
  Create alternative parent name mechanism in
  Bounding box added to Admin Info section of Adm page.

Release 6.12.8
Date: Nov 15
  Add flag icon to country page tests for icon existence.
  UC Davis to use adm1 test during specimen upload.

Release 6.12.7
Date: Nov 15.
  * Alter indexing of geolocale table.
  Alteration of adm1 design. Key contains country.
  Map modifications for consistency.

Release 6.12.6
Date: Nov 14.
  For non-distinct adm1 names, verify the country field for fetched locale data.
  Fix the adm1 contents editor.

Release 6.12.5
Date: Nov 12
  Google Maps work.
    Remove extraneous files.
    Set the zoom level for collection, locality and specimen maps.
    Set the bounds for country, adm maps.
    Document the google map logic.
  prevent error reporting (just for now) on adm1s with names = "Northern", "Central"

Release 6.12.4
Date: Nov 11
  Specimen Upload Report modifications.
    Counts included for each heading.
    Non-Formicidae list moved to the end of the report (and mechanism to move others to the end).
  Fix of the bioregion page.

Release 6.12.3
Date: Nov 11
  Flag icons added to countries in georegion menu.
  Valid clause added to antwebUniqueFossilTaxa query. 
  Specimen upload error counts added to report.	  
  Upload tests.
    Adm1 bounds checked only if country bounds check passed.
    Ignore if adm1 bounds empty.
  css icon link fixes.    
  Specimen Upload adm1 bounds check only for CAS uploads.  
  Adm1 maps fixed.
Release 6.12.2
Date: Nov 10
  Fetch all adm1 flickr bounds regardless of validity.
  Names not in Family Formicidae section of specimen upload log file
  GeoregionMenu link to country in cases where there are adm1.

Release 6.12.1
Date: Nov 9
  Fix bug affecting self-saving logins.

Release 6.12
Date: Nov 9
  Fetch country lat, lon and bounds. Use to verify specimen data uploads.
  Fetch adm1 lat, lon, and bounds used to verify specimen data uploads.
  Fossil list test implemented and deployed to stage.
  Admin alert will handle fossil list test as well
    Test upload specimen file.  Look for Invalid Column (SaxException).
    UTF8-BOM fix (in xml parsing of features).

Date: Oct 31
  activeSession flag modification in search process.
Date: Oct 28
  Modification to TaxonSets toString method to augment admin info with created on taxon page.
  GetComparision governor moved inside of BrowseAction try/catch block.

Date: Oct 28
  Species List History optimization.
  Fix "Add from species list" feature of Species List Tool.

Release 6.11.5
Date: Oct 28, 2016
  Work on specimen upload to validate coordinates (not active on live site).
  Modify database tables for taxon_set, log and detail default values for created field.
  Species List Tool modification to allow incertae sedis.
  Resolve a bug in Species List Tool affecting accuracy of higher order taxa in the species list.
  Add Edit Species List to project taxonomic pages in case of admin.
Release 6.11.4
Date: Oct 22
  HttpUtil.getUrl() specifies utf8 for fetches.
  Fix map's simultaneous issue.

Release 6.11.3
Date: Oct 18
  Advanced Search now includes Microhabitat

Release 6.11.2
Date: Oct 16
  Spam attack and database connection issue addressed.
  Database connection pool modifications.
Release 6.11.1
Date: Oct 16
  Modification to unique valid taxa report. Hyperlinks and fossils excluded.

Release 6.11
Date: Oct 16.
  Geolocale using utf8 collation.
  GelocaleMgr and editGeolocale page modifications.
  Updated species list notification
  Cross db unique valid taxa report.
    Link to new report added to the valid upload data file report. 
  Maps for country changed to scale 3. Interim change on route to bounding box.

Release 6.10.11
Date: Oct 3
  Logging added to Worldants scheduled reload
  Worldants reload scheduled.
Release 6.10.10
Date: Oct 3, 2016
  UI changes to support Hawaii presenting in Polynesia.
  Save the georank from the EditGeolocale form.
  OrphanDb.deleteOrphanFromSource() method now has a 100 limit governor. 
    Automated after specimen upload for given access_group.
  Valid Species Upload function documentation updated. System tested. "Valid" Case flexible.

Date: Sep 28
  Country page displays unambiguously for non-valid countries.

Release 6.10.8
Date: Sep 28
  Collection.getFromDatabase to use escapeQuotes() method.
  Change the getStatement() mechanism.

Release 6.10.7
Date: Sep 27.
  Worldants fetch and reload added to scheduler.

Release 6.10.6
Date: Sep 20, 2016
  Subfamily list dynamically generated at property reload time.
    Now including Apomyrminae.

Release 6.10.5
Date: Sept 19, 2016.
  Species List Tool has the Added log notes and confirmation message. link fixed.
  TaxonReport display fix of "No Specimens".

Release 6.10.4
Date: Sep 12.
  Polished page for endemics.

Release 6.10.4
Date: Sep 12.
  Endemic support (computation and rough display) for Adm1 in addition to country.
  Regions and subregions set to live.  See: 6.10/2016-09-12.sql
  Modification to geolocale taxon computation.

Release 6.10.3
Date: Sep 12.
  Endemic development. New computation process and display query available to administrators.

Release 6.10.2
Date: Sep 12.
  2016-09-12.sql db changes.
  Bug fix involving geolocale_taxa.  

Release 6.10.1
Date: Sep 11.
  Endemic work
  Enable testing of reload worldants for dev environment.
    Allow reload of worldants if db is empty.
  Redirection of http to https in web.xml

Release 6.10.0
Date: Sep 7
  Simple means implemented so that admins can see which species are introduced from the overview page.
  Fix single quote related bug in GeolocaleDb.getChildrenWithTaxon(). mechanism created. Functionality moved from Allows for queries during computations.
  Geolocales that are invalid or not live will be reported as such on the overview-body.jsp page.

Release 6.9.9
Date: Sep 4
  Introduced/Endemic adjustments.
  Database changes: /6.7/2016-05-28.sql
  Valid rank check in TaxaPageAction
  Add isEndemic to GeolocaleTaxon and taxonPage-body.jsp admin section.

Release 6.9.8
  Image upload modifications. Rules page to document file names for curators.
Release 6.9.6
Date: Aug 12
  Big Picture high res image link alterations.
  Handle request that come in with multiple ? with an error message.
Release 6.9.5
Date: Aug 9
  Forward project=[country]ants requests to the desired url with country=[country]
    SEO page move headers set.
  Old proj_taxa data retired.
  Minor bug fix for geolocale children lists to contain only live geolocales.

Release 6.9.4
Date: Aug 4, 2016
  extentAndCoords query
  Minor revisions.
  Adjust the generateImages list.  100x faster.
  Diagnose and document the sql_mode ONLY_FULL_GROUP_BY.

Release 6.9.3
Date: Jul 27
  Fix of the Enlarge Map link
  LocalityAction puts locality in the request instead of the session.
Release 6.9.2
Date: Jul 25, 2016.
  Change View modifications.
  Collected dates added to collection page.
  Country Access selector added to Manage Logins page.
  Bug fix in TaxonChildImageSet.jsp
  Heavy refactoring of taxonReport.jsp
  Full computations to launch following 8pm reboot.
Release 6.9.1
Date: July 24 2016.
  Privacy and Terms of Use links point to a fixed location.
  Refinements to release 6.9.

Release 6.9
Date: Jul 22.
  Significant database changes.
    Drop old country table
    Create geolocale_taxon_log
    * 6.7/2016-05-28.sql
  Refactoring: Decoupling project/geolocale in Login and Species List Tool.  
    Species List Tool now operates on both proj_taxon and geolocale_taxon.
  Current View and Cite removed from un-relevant pages.
  Search results download enabled.  
  New default image selection mechanism and functionality.      
  Curator file encoding selector added for specimen files.

  *Deployment instructions
    Make sure all project-geolocale live data is freshly pushed.
    Standard deployment      
        To push all project locality info to Geolocale.
      Run full computation        
    To finish Execute (deferment OK):
      update project set is_live = 0 where geolocale_id is not null;
      delete from proj_taxon where project_name not in (select project_name from project); - no rush?
      Move Favorite Image Data to Taxon
    Deprecate: Populate Geolocale functionality.  Search in code base for depProjGeo      
Release 6.8.1
Date: May 31.  2:20
  Download species list option added to curate page.  
    Using an app request instead of a file request.  
    Admin only pending testing.

Release 6.8
Date: May 31
  Fix of domainApp in desc edit forms.
  Handle null taxon in Species List Tool.

Release 6.7
Date: May 29
  Fix for Georgia taxonomic data.
  2 statistics fixes.  Exclude non-ants.
  Begin port of project data to geolocale.

Release 6.6.16
  Convenience method, for instance: /  >  /
    In case you don't know the georank.

Release 6.6.15
Date: May 24
  Populate all functionality.  Scheduler work and optimization.

Release 6.6.14
Date: May 22.
  Specific Geolocale recomputation feature for admin.
  Taxon overview page nav link changes.
  Update Terms and Conditions file
Release 6.6.13
Date: May 18.
  Populate All function.  Consolidate all crawls, computations and populations into one
    method that manages database connections for extended run.  To be scheduled.

Release 6.6.12
Date: May 17
  Fix for proj_taxon allantwebants computation

Release 6.6.11
Date: May 17
  Image counts in taxon report. 
  Proj_taxon creation during taxon.init()

Release 6.6.10
Date: May 16.
  Microhabitat adjustments.
Release 6.6.9
Date: May 15.
  Microhabitat support on species page.
Release 6.6.8
Date: May 14, 2016
  Map work.  Enabled (old project method) on taxon pages and overview pages.
  Located At added to specimen report and advanced search.

Release 6.6.7
Date: May 13
  Minor bug fix release

Release 6.6.7
Date: May 13 to stage.
  Change View near completion. Everywhere context sensitive.
  Specimen page linking of museum.
  Geolocale overview page to list hyperlinked child geolocales to aid with navigation.
  Privacy Rights corrected to Privacy Policy
  Bioregion testing reinstated.

Release 6.6.5
Date: May 12
  Change View indicator extension.
  Caching changes to support overviews.

Release 6.6.4
Date: May 12 2016 (to dev)
  Changes for Josh.

Release 6.6.3
Date: May 11, 2016
  Fix of images page display view selector fix.
  Your California Privacy Rights published.
Release 6.6.2
Date: May 10
  Partial solution for geolocale menu.
  Back to AllAntweb link provided for some pages (specimen, bigPicture).
  Fixes on some pages (comparison pages, bigPicture).
  Alt_bioregion implementation with data checks.
Release 6.6.1
Date: May 10
  Fix of species images page and specimenImage display

Release 6.6
Date: May 9.
  Browsing of taxa honors the overviews
  New Change View Options.
  New copyright notice and linked in PDF files.
  Refactoring to remove project and utilize overview.
  Bioregion and museum added to sort by options of specimenReport.
  Bioregion and museum added to collection page and locality page.
  * Regenerate museum data.

Release 6.5.2 - 4.
Date: May 1
  More fix of unmatched div tags.

Release 6.5.2
Date: May 1
  Fix specimen and bigMap display issue.

Release 6.5.1
Date: May 1
  Fix bolding of geolocale overview pages.
  Fix image uploading on overview and taxa pages.

Release 6.5
Date: May 1
  Object_edit values mapped over to geolocale.
  Overview display changes

Release 6.4.6
Date: Apr 30
  Add Biogeographic Region to specimen page admin section.
  Manage Login page now shows projects under Project Access.

Release 6.4.5
Date: Apr 29
  Public use of geolocale name for country, adm1, region and subregion.
  Curator accessible link to show non-ant specimen in Antweb:
  Fix of Locality page and collection page.  Add Country and Adm1 hyperlinks.
  Overview admin section.  Alternative links that use id.
Release 6.4.4
Date: Apr 28
  Maintenance sign on taxonomic page for Geolocale.
  Partial use of geolocale name instead of id support.
  New Curious Query:
Release 6.4.3
Date: Apr 27
  Specimen count commented out from overview page pending refinement.
  Logic to offer image page changed for overviews.
  Specimens made plural.

Release 6.4.2
Date: Apr 26
  Work on upload special characters.  Fix Csosz.
  Fix specimen upload for subspecies.
   * Check Phil's upload: /
   * Check Worldants upload: /

Release 6.4.1
Date: Apr 25.
  Potential bug fix for mis-cached taxa page.
    Cleaned up taxaPage.jsp
    Change sessionOverview logic (rely on session).
  * delete cache

Release 6.4
Date: Apr 23
  Overview pages: Geolocale (subregion and region), Bioregion in addition to Museum and Project.
    Change Overview Page List links to Taxa (or context sensitive taxa rank).  
    Data driven Stats for all overview pages.
    Redesign of siteNav to reflect overviews (including project).
  Reworked image selection.
  Standardized bioregions.
  Context-sensitive headers.  (Ex. Genus Taxonomic page will show "List" as "Species".
    Create Headerable interface.  Implemented for all overviews.
    Links lead to overview page.
  LoginId on manageLogins page half-measure.
  Add Bioregion to GeolocaleMgr.displayGeoregions curate page.
  Further Reworked image selection.  
  AntwebMgr changes.  Adm1 functional improvement.
  Create homonym chart_color column (bug fix).
  Taxon Report refactoring
  Mechanism (turned on in dev and for Phil Ward) to specify upload file encoding.
  Show up to 50 shots (up from 15) on bigPicture page.  
  Archiving of web logs at startup.  Available here:
  Major refactoring of project management
  All default favorite_images for genera and subfamilies archived (set to wasDefault).

* Uploading 20160419-17:27:48-specimen16.txt as psward
    Check locality of http://localhost/antweb/ for Rio with a diacritic

* last good release backed up on dev as bak/rel/antweb6.4.1  
Release 6.3.3
Date: Mar 16.
  Set Museum Calculation as as a curator invoked function (to shorted upload time).

Release 6.3.2
Date: Mar 15, 2016
  Add Museum Overview link to curator links, on the curate page.
  Remove spaces from specimen codes during upload process.
  Museum page access enabled for curators
Release 6.3.1
Date: Mar 14
  Multiple chart on page support.  
  Museum menu spacing fix.

Release 6.3
Date: Mar 12
  Chart color column added to museum.
  Chart color columns added to taxon.
  Bug fix for specimen2 upload.  Force MacRoman. use for group:2.

Release 6.2.3
Date: Mar 8
  Museum functionality extended, initial rev complete.
  D3JS pie charts implemented for museums.
  Bug fixes:
    hasMoved condition for solomonisladants.
    Taxon page ( image counts
    Chart subfamily names uppercased.

Release 6.2.2
Date: Feb 17, 2016
  Project page editing functionality deployed.
  Use codes to identify museums.
    Add to specimen table (instead of name).
    Use to identify on museum page, and invoke from menu.
  Order by code.  
  Set the Museum title to be code, location.  Or code, last name.
  Add imagedSpecimenCount, genusCount and speciesCount to museum.  Display.
  Map solomonislandants to solomonislandsants
  Add two new integrity queries.

Release 6.2.1
Date: Feb 17, 2016
  Reload Antweb Properties moved to the Curator Links (from Geolocale Mgr).
  Admin Alert home page notice.  Query runs at AntwebMgr.populate().
  Museum work.  Title. Active. Delete prior to insert.  Auto-repopulate AntwebMgr.
  * Run 2016-01-07.sql to create museum tables and update data after Museum Population.
  Museum specimen record consolidation procedure.

Release 6.2
Date: (only to stage)
  Taxon Set functionality (to support Museums and georegions).
  Bug fix that underreported species count (missed subspecies).

Release 6.1.6
  UploadFile.isValidUTF8() method.

Release 6.1.6
Date: Dec 31, 2015.
  Load specimen file as UTF-8 for Economo.

Release 6.1.5
Date: Dec 30, 2015.
  Project save fix.
  Use of Project.getTitleLookup(projectName) de-emphasized.
Release 6.1.4
Date: Dec 30, 2015.
  Refix the secure Recent Images links.
  UI changes included to allow for expand/contract as well as linking of menu items.
  Project refactoring.  (Removal of projectInfo).
  Upload log report specifies UTF-8 to avoid misreporting adm1s.

Release 6.1.3
Date: Dec 16
  ProjectMgr.hasMoved() added to specimen images.
  List link removed from in case of specimen.  Images link corrected.

Release 6.1.2
Date: Dec 10, 2015
  Minor bug fixes

Release 6.1.1
Date: Dec 10, 2015
  Description edit features for museum and bioregion pages.
  UI fix for skipping header.
  Work to support project display keys.
  Canonical link tag in meta information for search engines (for display keys).
  Home page lists use secure https.

Release 6.0.13

Release 6.0.12
Date: Nov 19
  Bot list expanded to include more.
  SpecimenImage concurrent modification fix.

Release 6.0.12
Date: Nov 14, 2015
  Comparison concurrentModification prevention.
  Specify includes to fix collection report.
  Dev work on Museums and Bioregions
Release 6.0.11
Date: Nov 12
  Specimen Report fix.
  Project tweaks to fix the new object handling
  Handle project not found and neotropicalifornia bug.

Release 6.0.10
Date: Nov 11
  Create object_edit table.  Explore integration with project.
  Upload error from image counts.
  Fix specimen report concurrent modification exception

Release 6.0.9
Date: Nov 6
  Curator Notes changed to Overview
  Concurrent Modification fixes in showBrowse-body.jsp
  Fix Field guide maps for bioregions.
  Project -> projectObj changes in taxon hierarchy and related classes.

Release 6.0.8
Date: Nov 5.
  Changes for Google "mobile friendly".  Robots.txt changes. file moved.
  Referenced images included in source tree.
Release 6.0.7
Date : Nov 3
  Source precidence given to specimen.
  Taxonomic page headings modified.

Release 6.0.6
Release 6.0.5
  Login.init() bug fix.
  hasMoved added to bigPicture.
  TaxonCountDb exception handling change.
  Ability to turn off upload.  30 min downtime precedes server reboot.

Release 6.0.4
Date: Oct 18.
  Distribution links moved and changed.
  Bioregion pages redirected inexpensively.
  Integrity query added to detect project of invalid geolocale.

Release 6.0.3
  Distribution added to taxon page.
  Georegion menu leads to page with images.
  Non-ants removed from taxonomic pages.
  Distribution added to taxon page.

Release 6.0.2
  Addition of more Queries for more of the Manager pages.  Query Manager efficiencies.
  Login Project changes so that admins are not explicitly listed but have access to all.
  Finishing data changes to country and project.
  Reordering of menus

Release 6.0.1
Date: Oct 16
  Georegion menu deployed.

Release 6.0
  Adm1 functionality implemented.
  US States functioning with geolocales and specimen data.

Release 5.38.8
  Quadrinomials not added to species lists.  Integrity query added to verify.
  Update proj_taxon where source is null to be speciesListUpload.
  Add proj_taxon source indicator to title of status icons.

Release 5.38.7
Date: Oct 13.
  * alter table project add column display_key varchar(64);
  ProjectName displayKey mechanism.
  Fix problem with allantwebants and morphos.

Release 5.38.6
  Add t to taxonomicPage to indicate that the proj_taxon was entered through the Species List Tool.,, all handled expired projectNames by forwarding to correct. fix

Release 5.38.5
  Add specimen is_introduced flag.  Display on specimen page.  Add Query to display.
    Automate in the country region upload.
  Add morphospecies criteria to the proj_taxon upload methods.
  Add t to indicate proj_taxon submitted through the Species List Tool.
Release 5.38.4
  Name redirection support for projects that have moved.
  Display Bioregion Hierarchy   
  Project delete capacity on Edit Project page.
  Edit Geolocale link added to Project page.
  Remove Project Preview code.
  Country Documentation changes.  Upload enabled.  Admin only.  Copy.

Release 5.38.3
  Reactivated Species List Tool.
Release 5.38.2
Date: Oct 7
  Update the region in the Geolocale Edit Form dependent upon the subregion.
  Integrity query to display low proj_taxon count.
  Project data download now always uses the dynamic
  Geolocale hierarchy will only display valid geolocales.
  Modification of antwiki and specimen data load to proj_taxon.

Release 5.38.1
  Fix the specimen upload file log location.
  Fix the link to the specimen upload file log.
  Fix the country check in specimen upload
Release 5.38
  Old genera removed from the slideshow.
  Species List Tool freshened when accessed externally.
  Geolocale changes
  Queries to get other countries related to projects and into proj_taxon.
  The DisputeMgr system to reconcile country names during specimen import.
  DescEdit report bug fixed. See:
  Country functionality available for admins.
  Reunion and Europa Islands yellow ant indicators indicating.
  Europa Island, Barrow Island, Solomon Islands and Galapagos Islands projects renamed.
  ProjectMgr changes.  

Release 5.37
Date: Sep 17
  CountryDoc page formatted.
  Species List Download feature driven off of live data.  Active for dev and admins.
  Regional Taxon List upload report.  Manage current valid names.  Handle genera submissions with (indet).
  Rename calants, madants, czechants, saudiants, uaeants into [projectName]ants.  
  Index hint on taxonomic page.  NOT activated.  See:  Taxon:1382

Release 5.36.3
  Species List Tool History updates to support red x's.

Release 5.36.2
  Geolocale/project table integration
  Terminate use of file.  Now, database driven.
  Near removal of
  Terminate generation of project pages.  Now, database driven.
  AntwebMgr.populate() to orchestrate app start member population.
  Invalid Bioregions in specimen integrity query.
  Extensive Menu modification.
  Geolocale data manipulation.
  Country taxon data loaded.
  Replace 1x1.gif with AntWeb.png
  Fix bug in Species List Geosearch that was causing an NPE.
  Add displaySubfamily to Species List History reference lists.

Release 5.36.1
Date: Aug 24
  Modification of statistics.  Remove total taxa and alter copy.
  Fix of specimen status
    Addition of an admin integrity query.  
  Implementation of geolocale.  
    Georegion menu start.  
    Mgr and Edit page for geolocales.
Release 5.36
  New implementation for Country Lookup, un_region, un_subregion tables (hidden).
  Country Manager admin interface.

Release 5.35.12
Date: Aug 16
  Emailer class.

Release 5.35.11
Date: Aug 16
  Compare results for specimen to show specimen level detail.
Release 5.35.10
Date: Aug 15
  In Species List Tool 
    Yellow ant indicators for projects that are adm1. (California).
    UI cleanup of the Species List Tool Geosearch page.
      Modification of session objects in refresh() method.
    Resolve issue with non-ant subfamilies
Release 5.35.9
Date: Aug 11
  Fixed diacritic issue with worldants upload.

Release 5.35.8
Date: Aug 8
  Species List Tool ant indicators made list and country specific.

Release 5.35.7
Date: Aug 3
  StatusSetDisplay uses default which comes from advancedSearchForm.  Sticky.
    Drop down used for all users.
  Replace all drop downs with select boxes.  Reorder.
  Move status indicator in front of taxonName on the specimen report.
  Uppercase the status selector list items.
Release 5.35.6
Date: Aug 2.
  Species List Antcat Names reference list.

Release 5.35.5
Date: Aug 2.
  Fix Species level image comparison.
  Duplicate Entries moved to the end of the upload report.
  Slight species List Tool refList modification.
  More adjustment of source parameter.  
  Group Id added to taxon in cases of speciesListUpload.  Refactoring.
  Add status indicator to advanced search results page for when grouped by Taxa (species).
  Compare Images and field guide uses genus as well in advanced search group by species comparisons.  

Release 5.35.4
Date: Aug 1.
  Fix of inserted status of morphotaxa from species list.

Release 5.35.3
Date: Aug 1.
  Source modification in SpeciesListUpload to be just the project name.

Release 5.35.2
  Add a drill down query for Integrity Check: generaInMultipleSubfamiliesDetail 
  Bioregion, country and adm1 made sticky on advanced search page.
  Species List Tool geographic search modification.  Sticky properties.  
    "Add from geographic search" selected after link through from taxonomic pages.
  Order alphabetically the Compare Results.
    Speed up the group by species comparison (a lot).

Release 5.35.1
  UsesCurrentValidNames for species list uploads working
  Search changes.
    Form will retain values during a session.
    Advanced Search fix for equals (elevation, dateCollectedStart and Created).
    Specimen created field indexed.
    DateCollectedOn display error fixed.
  Specimen created field added to search results, specimenReport and record ordering.
  Refactoring of Queries mechanism.  
  AntwebUpload refactoring of source functionality.  Retain worldants source.
  Homonym mirroring taxon created during upload.
  Sorting of upload results log file keys and values.
  Synonym test and valid test for administrators.

Release: 5.35
Date:Jul 22, 2015
  Remove Not Current Valid from statusDisplayPage.jsp.
  Delete malagasyants from proj_taxon
  Fix extra copying of upload file.
  Fix subfamily and genera ProjTaxon in the Species List Tool
  Delete the old speciesListUpload taxa with no access group and an *ants.txt source.

Release: 5.34.7
Date: Jul 21, 2015
  Taxa names that are a single letter are now identified as morpho taxa.
  isQuadrinomial flag implemented in Taxon.
  Create a new upload report section for quadrinomials.  Upload allowed.
  Refinement of the statusDisplayPage.jsp.
  Refinement of usesCurrentValidName.
  Three new integrity queries created to catch status/current valid name abnormalities.

Release 5.34.6
  * 5.34.4/2015-07-14.sql
  "Species List Tool" changed to "Edit Species List".  Automatic geo search included.
  Disallow Download of data on curator page in cases where the species list is mappable.
  Diagnostics added to track down species list tool errors.
  If genus not in subfamily error during upload, check for homonyms.
  First rev of the Move To Valid tool.  UI complete.  Action incomplete.
  Allow for multiple thisStatus.jsp inclusions on a page.
  Add access_group to taxon and populate during specimen upload.
  Delete addMissingGenus taxa that belong to specimen file uploader at specimen file upload time.
  "Subfamily / Genus combinations..." heading in upload report changed to "Taxon subfamily / ..."
  IsOffline modifications to allow explicit and simplify operation.  Honor isOffline() in the SearchBox.

Release 5.34.5
  serverStatus import of data dir.
  Criteria for species list tool on taxonomic change refined (check curators project set).
    Available to curators if species list is mappable.
  "Species List Tool" changed to "Edit Species List".
  Appropriate Geo search automatically added to "Edit Species List" results.
  Show Specimen activated for taxonomicPage.
  Remove Parent Taxon Name from specimen page.

Release 5.34.4
Date: Jun 29.
  Bug fix in Recognized invalid species logic of upload process. Genus is correctly of the current valid taxon.

Release 5.34.3
Date: Jun 26
  Copy change on upload report.
  New section for homonyms on the upload report.
  Specimen upload reactivated
  Modification of Extent functionality to fix a calants field guide error message.
  statusDisplayPage links will open a new tab.

Release 5.34.2
Date: Jun 25.
  Rollback to non-current valid name utilizing specimen upload.
  Status Set Selector refactoring.

Release 5.34.1
Date: Jun 25.
  StatusSet.getCriteria can specify table such as specimen.  Advanced search bug resolved.
  Status Set selector supports min and max list sizes.  Min (Valid, ALL) is default, unless worldants.
  Current Valid Name fixes. 
  Share code for imagesViewDisplay.jsp

Release 5.34
Date: Jun 24, 2015
  * 2015-06-09.sql
  Remove "No Specimens" from Formicidae page.
  Complete list in Status.usesCurrentValidName()
  Major changes to specimen upload to support auto-update with current valid name.
  Functioning of current valid name changing.  Only use if specifying a different taxon.
  Remove current valid name from see also, as it has it's own section now.
  Developer warning not to post data to the live site.
  Add line_num to specimen table for input file location.
  Add statusSet selector to
  Enable partial status list for non-logged in users.
  Change the "Browse images by:" to "View:" on
  Update the statusDisplayPage.  Add descriptions.
  Do not erroneously return a homonym.  See: http://localhost/antweb//  
  Add originalTaxonName and lineNum to Specimen and display.
  Slightly modify the shortStackTrace functioning to include more lines.
  UN_Country extension of functionality.
  Taxonomic page link option criteria modified.  (In process).  Only link to specimen if project is a country or adm1.
Release 5.33.1
Date: Jun 12.
  Handle single quote in taxon names in TaxaPageAction.
  Valid is default statusSet for worldants.
  Hyperlink the specimen from taxa on the taxonomic page.
  Modified labels   Species List Tool | Show Specimen Taxa.
  Yellow ant indicator for taxonomic pages indicate that taxa comes from specimen record(s).  
  Do not display edit options on worldants or allants.
Release 5.33
Date: Jun 12
  Support two new taxa statuses from Antcat.  Unavailable misspelling and unavailable uncategorized.
  Display the original combination for the new statuses.
  Link statuses to statusDisplayPage.jsp

Release 5.32
Date: Jun 10
  Import of UN country data.  
  Display of UN country data.  See:
  * 2015-06-09.sql
  Taxonomic page Edit link that leads into the Species List Tool with geo search (for admin only).
  Taxonomic page can display specimen derived taxa (for admin only).
  Status drop down header links to descriptive page of statuses.

Release 5.31.2
Date: Jun 9.
  Resolve getComparison issue presumably introduced by release 5.31
  New Curious queries section of curator links on curate page.
  New Curious queries.  imageCountByOwner, specimenCountByOwner, descriptionEditCountByOwner
  Add domainApp specification to browse page, taxonomic-page and taxonReport.
  Add long stack trace to logs in case of concurrentModificationException.    

Release 5.31.1
Date: Jun 3.
  Bug fix in ProjTaxonDb.removeTaxon()

Release 5.31
Date: Jun 2
  Dynamic rendering of bioregions, countries and administrative divisions.
    Integrated into search and the species list tool.
    Administrative division table populated at specimen file upload time.
  New action for advanced search page.
  Advanced Search ResultItem getTaxonName() method to include subspecies to 
    add subspecies support to the Species List Tool.

Release 5.30.2
Date: Jun 2
  Author date escaped to allow for:
  IsStaticCall test in taxonTitle to prevent errors from manifesting elsewhere later.
  Add isStaticCall to showBrowse.jps, curate.jsp, curate-body.jsp, ...
  Remove the old Plazi Data from admin taxa pages.
  Handle an NPE in the curate page.

Release 5.30.1
Date: Jun 1
  Return Basic Search to the menuBar
  Add BigMap, Collection and Locality checks of invalidRequest to foil hacks.
  Add isStaticCall check to advancedSearchResults.jsp to avoid improper access.

Release 5.30
Date: Jun 1
  Event tracking system for administrators

Release 5.29.3
Date: May 31, 2015
  Problem with getComparison resolved.

Release 5.29.2
Date: May 31, 2015
  Taxon Page Video feature.  Admin only.
  Editor instructions for Page Video and Page Images.

Release 5.29.1
Date: May 29
  Upload a custom video to

Release 5.29
Date: May 27
  Image Upload modifications to allow uploading after https changes.

Release 5.28.1
Date: May 26
  Manage the abbreviation of groups in the Manage Groups pages.
  Use institution abbreviation on the non-valid specimen page.
  Make links on report lead to live site.

Release 5.28
Date: May 25, 2015
  Make Browse in menuBar lead to the Formicidae taxonomic page.
  HttpUtil.isOnline() method.  Remote dev re-enabled.
  Non-valid Taxa Species List formicidae only.
  Non-valid Taxa Specimen List made unique and formicidae only.
    Hyperlinks to taxon page
  * remove antcollect.jsp
Release 5.27.4
Date: May 22, 2015
  Basic search works with https.  New search user experience on search page.

Release 5.27.4
Date:May 22
  Create common/statusDisplayPage.jsp to display status types
  Create two queries.  See Curator Page - Technical Functions.
    Not Valid Taxa From Species List
    Not Valid Taxa From Specimen List
  Fetch worldants list specified as

Release 5.27.3
Date: May 21, 2015
  Add support for status type obsolete combination

Release 5.27.2
Date: May 21, 2015
  Fix Compare Images

Release 5.27.1
Date: May 20, 2015
  Fix scroll issue on antcollect.jsp
  Change to activate https on live server.
  Disable sending SNI records with System.setProperty ("jsse.enableSNIExtension", "false");

Release 5.27
Date: May 18, 2015.
  Change internal links to use https
  Create  Currently deployed as link in header.jsp.
  Remove the MA content.  Browser.jsp.
  Remove bulk of remaining hardcoded references to
  Create protocol parameter

Release 5.26.2
Date: May 14, 2015
  Remove the "New Antweb" content.
  Add Treatment Citation to plazi data.  
  Add toString to Collection to aid in the logs.

Release 5.26.1
Date: May 11, 2015
  Create AntwebException.
  Do not allow uploads in a case that 

Release 5.26
Date: May 11, 2015
  Handle NPE in Locality.
  Fetch and Reload Worldants feature.
  +/- 10% worldants check.  

Release 5.25.3
Date: Apr 16
  Fix data download link for projects where title differs from root.
  Better formatting for unrecognized columns in specimen upload report.
  BigPicture data validation.
  Logging changes.
Release 5.25.2
Date: Apr 15
  Update for live site deployment (for connection recycling).

Release 5.25.1
Date: Apr 8
  Make urls within plazi data absolute
  Parse two kinds of plazi pages.
  Modify connection handling to support very long run time.
  Add in Plazi formatting for

Release 5.25
Date: Apr 8
  Initial (new) data grab from Plazi.
  Display on taxon page for admins only.

Release 5.24.1
Date: Apr 2, 2015
  Ant icon added to ants from geographical search in the Species List Tool
  HOL id added to homonym page

Release 5.24
Date: Apr 1, 2015
    * taxon table hol_id created.  
    "hol_id" column supported in antcat upload file.
    Taxon object support
    Taxon page display
  getStatsFromDb() related bug fix relating to status.
  TaxonomicBrowserParams() to Family object
  Taxonomic hierarchy changes to avoid specify project always, without duplicates.
    Explicitly state family to avoid new session issue.    
Release 5.23.4
Date: Apr 1, 2015
  Cleaned up logs.  

Release 5.23.3
Date: Mar 31, 2015
  Changes to specimen upload.  Report on unrecognized columns.  
  Do not use alternative subfamily if not found in Antweb.

Release 5.23.2
Date: Mar 28, 2015
  Only curators with projects will be allowed to pick images

Release 5.23.1
Date: Mar 28, 2015
  Make all curators able pick images

Release 5.23
Date: Mar 27, 2015
  Fix project name update in SaveLoginAction process.

Release 5.22
Date: Mar 5, 2015
  SpeciesListAction (download) createSpeciesListLink and getAllAntwebAnts add in subspecies criteria
    for mappable species lists.
  imgDomainApp changed to domainApp for has_type_status_icon in isTyped.
  Project.getAndCriteria() specify taxon.
  * Species lists reloaded.

Release 5.21.1
Date: Feb 9
  Minor fix.  Handle description requests with empty query string to avoid log error.

Release 5.21
Date: Jan 30
  Edit Species List Tool made available to curators with mappable species lists.
  Refactor search
    Denormalize status into specimen table.
    Remove taxon table from specimen related searches.
    Refactor advanced search query.  
    Refactor recent images query.
    Make SearchItem and ResultItem strongly typed
  Add SearchException mechanism
    Error messages now possible with search results.  Insufficient criteria in search.
  ProjectResources removed and replaced with Project objects.
    Curator page drop down lists automatically update with project modifications.
  Yellow ant icons retained in case of geographic search

Release 5.20.4
Date: Jan 30
  Two bug fixes in Species List Tool

Release 5.20.3
Date: Jan 29
  Remove the new user clues.
Release 5.20.2
Date: Jan 28
  Fix of specimen data download

Release 5.20.1
Date: Jan 26
  Current Valid Name heading on the taxon page.
  Modifications to Queries utility
  New InvalidCurrentValid query

Release 5.20
Date: Jan 25, 2015
  * ~/dev/calAcademy/antweb/db/upgrade/5.19/2014-12-21.sql
  Species list tool geo search.
  Species List History tool  
  Standard error message text changed.
  Species List tool release candidate
  Functionality to allow large specimen search limits in select cases.  
Release 5.19.6
Date: Jan 13
  Fix taxonName direct access message.

Release 5.19.5
Date:Jan 12
  Change upload log.  Include antcatId when available.  
  Log line and details for bad quotations case.
  Note that line numbers are approximate
  Create "Curator Links" section on curate page with homonym report, direct access links.

Release 5.19.4
Date: Jan 10.
  Change Species List Mapping Tool to Species List Tool
  * Create proj_taxon_log table
  Admin check changed to curator check on homonyms report.
  Homonym related upload fix.
Release 5.19.3
Date: Dec 25
  Handle (trap and log diagnoses data) of potential logging error that distorts file.
  Protect some jsp (list, listUploads, homonyms) from direct access.

Release 5.19.2
Date: Dec 25
  Debug release

Release 5.19.1
Date: Dec 24
  Recent Desc Edit report updates for Specimen Notes

Release 5.19
Date: Dec 23
  Specimen Notes implementation
  * db/upgrade/5.19/2014-12-21.sql
Release 5.18.8
Date: Dec 10
  Resolve issue with species image page showing blacks.
  Resolve issue with Browser By for ants without an "*1" image.
  Code cleanup in taxonChildImageSet.jsp
  Change web/specimenImages-body.jsp logic to show up to 25 images of a single type

Release 5.18.7
Date: Dec 4, 2014
  Google Earth exception handled for poorly formed request.
  Modify hacks.log output
  Only do non-quickload operations if login is of a non-default group
Release 5.18.6
Date: Nov 28, 2014
  Single quotes fields in specieListUploaded will prevent upload.
    Integrity query added.  Bad data disposed.
  Add Persistent Identifier to specimen page  
  Manage Logins:
    SaveLogin check. Name can not be an already used email address. sped up considerably.
  Ancillary file cancellations no longer recorded in upload logs    .
  All allowed projects are included in upload file to folder action.

Release 5.18.5
Date: Nov 25
  Enhancements to
    Performance enhancements shared with other ranks
    Code cleanup.
    All ranks support the project parameter
    SpecimenList caching fixes.
    Curator only protection at the server level
  Robots.txt updated
  New view for API.  Darwin_core_3
Release 5.18.4
Date: Nov 25
  Functionality to generate all specimen list

Release 5.18.3
Date: Nov 23
  Add Specimen list options to the Species List Mapping tool
  Database management code in ProjectDB

Release 5.18.2
Date: Nov 23
  Changes to Homonym makeUrl logic
  Database management code in TaxonDb.
  Prevent problem with caching certain statusSets.

Release 5.18.1
Date: Nov 22
  Ant specimen count to Species List Mapping tool
  Allow taxonName parameter for and
  Add ant icons
  Create * db/upgrade/5.18/2014-10-22.sql
  Minor tweak to AntwebProps.getProject();

Release 5.17.7
Date: Nov 20, 2014
  Added subspecies to Species List Manager
  Added totals at bottom of list

Release 5.17.6
Date: Nov 16, 2014
  Changes made to SpecesListMapping tool.  
    Updated to not fail due to new handling of subspecies, validity.
    DBUtil database handling implemented
    Master taxa list UI design changed.
    Header and documentation added.
    Add All option to subfamily list.  Add space.  Uppercase.

Release 5.17.5
Date: Nov 12, 2014
  Change a curate-body.jsp log message
  Test deployment for new server configuration

Release 5.17.4
Date: Nov 7,2014
  Make species list name pretty in archived file drop down.
  Reveal archive file downloading to curators

Release 5.17.3
Date: Nov 7, 2014
  Create functionality to retrieve old upload files.

Release 5.17.2
Date: Oct 29
  Create HttpUtil white list function
  Modify ancillary pages to check query parameters against white list.

Release 5.17.1
Date: Oct 28
  Modify page generation procedure to invoke the isStaticPage check.
  Modify isStaticPage check 
  Create for convenience HttpUtil.isStaticCallCheck(request, out)
  Make impossible direct jsp access of index or speciesList pages (with queryString)
    for security's sake.
* regenerate and test pages, and direct jsp calls

Release 5.16.13
Date: Oct 23
  Replace homepage with static temporarily.  Dynamic page replaced.
  Remove statistics from curate page.  Reintroduced.
  Map NPE resolved.

Release 5.16.12
Date: Oct 18
  Fix of maps to not fail if the locality name contains an '

Release 5.16.11
Date: Oct 18
  Change taxon status display variable handling
  Don't cache page if results contain ServletException

Release 5.16.10
Date: Oct 17
  StatusSet defaults to COMPLETE in TaxaPageAction (StatusSet constructor for null value).
  StatusSet indicator visible to all users
  Show status next to title for all status types (not just valid or homonym)

Release 5.16.9
Date: Oct 17
  Bug in UploadFile fixed that broke species overview pages
Release 5.16.8
Date: Oct 15
  Fix Compare Images NPE

Release 5.16.7
Date: Oct 12
  TaxaList modified to return both species and subspecies when species requested

Release 5.16.6
Date: Oct 9
  isServerBusy curator upload block

Release 5.16.5
Date: Oct 7
  DBUtil.rollback created.
  SpeciesList backup strategy changed.
    Always log to web/speciesList/[projectName]/[projectName]ants_speciesList.txt  
    Make a timestamped copy in web/upload/ 
    Keep one copy of the latest in web/workingdir for backup purposes.

Release 5.16.4
Date: Oct 1, 2014 request that contain rank=specimen will be handled.  
  Gracefully handle java.lang.InterruptedException.
  DBUtil.rollback created.
  Add back in the AntwebUpload.saveTaxon() optimization  
Release 5.16.3  
  Debug command removed.	

Release 5.16.2
  Add tribe to the Admin Information section of the taxon and homonym page.
  Change Duplicated Record logic to avoid insertion of duplicate's taxonomic info.

Release 5.16.1
  Add line numbers to Duplicated Records section of species upload report
  Diagnose and fix line number inaccuracies due to empty lines from AntCat.
Release 5.16
  Add a check for specimen upload dates in the future for Date Collected Start, Date Collected End, and Date Determined.
  Add line number of species upload to taxon and homonym for debugging purposes
  Bug fix.  Do insert a taxon even if a homonym of same name has been previously inserted.
  Access by antcatID request fixed for homonyms in case of subgenus.
  Minimal necessary handling of subgenus.  

Release 5.15.8
  Remove the subgenus and species group from AntCat links on all pages
Release 5.15.7
  Fix non-ant headers in taxonomic hierarchy
Release 5.15.6
  Full bolton list of species allowed if without images
  Unimaged count shown instead of full count on Unimaged Bolton Ants page

Release 5.15.5
  Menubar of login page modified.

Release 5.15.4
  Remove comment above  in ./web/layouts/layout.jsp
Release 5.15.3
  Run Count Crawls on reload all species lists.
  login page menubar errors avoided.  Pending proper fix from UI dev.
  Handle a descriptionAction homonym not found error.
Release 5.15.2
  Status icons displayed for all users on taxonomic pages.
  Default status set is "Complete" for taxonomic pages.

Release 5.15.1
  Fix to Create User feature
  Homonym report
  Creation of AntwebProperties to avoid platform specific duplicates in AppProperties
    Property management code refactoring
  Spelling issue fixed on homonym page
  Description homonym authordate considered on taxonomic history section
  Valid check mark put next to synonym

Release 5.15.
  * db/upgrade/5.15/2014-08-19.sql
  Create Homonym handling.  Upload and user interface.
  Prominently display the author/date on the taxon page.
  Add /web to robots.txt to reduce bot activity.
  Always display Collection Information section, even if empty.

Release 5.14.1
Date: Aug 19
  Minor login screen change for no login required Browse.
  AntwebProps.isDevAdmin() function and extraneous dev text removed from Fav Img Orphan Manager

Release 5.14
Date: Aug 16
  New (non-curatorial) web user login creation.  
  Field guides, Download of txt or kml, map and image comparison now restricted to logged in users.

Release 5.13.6
Date: Aug 9
  Description edit orphan manager fix to properly display names of first set (no associated taxon)
  Report message to fav images orphan manager

Release 5.13.5
Date: Aug 8
  Allow Unimaged Bolton Ants in Odd Reports to circumvent performance governor.  Fix for page.
  Remove the "ants only" criteria from advanced search.
  Only create links for family, subfamily and genus in taxonomic hierarchy if formicidae.
  Favorite Images Orphan Manager tool given a move feature.  Only released on stage.

Release 5.13.4
Date: Aug 7
  Collection page fix

Release 5.13.3
Date: Aug 5
  Also Databased as Synonym: added to taxon page
  Szu-Chings database backup script changes
Release 5.13.2
Date: Jul 30
  Turn on https
  Modify to support apache upgrade
  taxonPage.jsp to handle project= option

Release 5.13.1
Date: Jul 27
  Fix head/profile/dorsal links on taxon pages.

Release 5.13
Date: Jul 24
  Changes in App layer to and UI to support secure https
  Extensive code changes to move HTTP related functionality out of into
  Minor work to prevent cross site scripting
  Changes to have file uploads recorded in the upload logs (incomplete)
  Governor put on taxonomicPage for images of species in case of allantwebants or worldants.
  Database connection limit lowered to 3000 sec (longest requests are below 2000 sec.

Release 5.12.7							
Date: Jul 22
  See Also includes current valid names for synonyms of all rank types
  Michele's advanced search page will default to Complete

Release 5.12.6
Date: Jul 15
  Prevent upload of potentially malicious file types.
  Preventions to protect Ancillary files

Release 5.12.5
Date: Jul 14
  Locality page fix.  Collections in a locality that do not have a collection name will be displayed.  
  Fix of mapComparison page
  Diagnostic added for comparison jsp issue with rank.
  Field guide and browse block on urls that have "?null" in the url and were taxing the system.
  Tightening of the field guide input parameter validation.  Default project correctly.
  Add carriage return to heading on
  Significant modification to getTarget and getQuery functionality
Release 5.12.4
Date Jul 8
  Orphan Alternate Manager tool

Release 5.12.3
Date: Jul 6
  Make the integrity report clearly readable in columns with optional headers
  * Remove duplicates and add a unique key on favorite_images
  Move taxon and supporting data (favorite_images, description_edits, favorite_images) for taxa that have moved (using Antweb alternate names).
Release 5.12.2
Date: Jul 6
  Species List correction for proj_taxon in case of subspecies
  Creative Commons license updated

Release 5.12.1
Date: Jul 2
  Elevation moved from Specimen Information to Geographical Distribution on advanced search page.`
  Extended rollout of Query Stats mechanism
  Governor on mapComparison and getComparison  

Release 5.12
Date: Jul 1
  Specimen upload optimized.  Approximately 3 times faster.
  Duplicate species list entries logged
  Record and display action in statistics
Release 5.11.9
Date: Jun 30
  Taxon.getFullUrl functionality to include higher taxonomic info for orphan manager changes to be unambiguous
  Integrity Check to drill deeper into specimen1 orphan species

Release 5.11.8
Date: Jun 28, 2014.  6:30pm
  Modify species upload process to handle cases of bad carriage returns
  Add new Integrity Query to detect sources with unadvised parents

Release 5.11.7
Date: Jun 28, 11am
  Specimen subfamily changed in upload in case of Antweb alternative
  SpeciesListUpload to use separate isValidSubfamily method()
  Upload log modified to list uploaded and alternative subfamilies, and not species.

Release 5.11.6
Date: Jun 27
  Optimize the isValidSubfamily DB call
  Modified strategy with subfamily/genus check to use Antweb alternative
  Create QueryStats mechanism
  Fix the upload log formatting
  And new Integrity Check  
Release 5.11.5
Date: Jun 25
  CacheMgr work.
  Web directory check for
  Fix imageUpload thumbnail issue
  Temporarily remove the subfamily/genus check.  Create a new error message for the upload log
  TestException creation
Release 5.11.4
Date: Jun 13
  Directory Fishing attacks blocked

Release 5.11.3
Date: Jun 13
  Add subspecies in compare results images.  MultiTaxaOneView.jsp
  Fix missing subspecies in multiTaxaComparison-body.jsp
Release 5.11.2
Date: Jun 22
  Change siteNave Change View hyperlinks to use increasing specificity
  SpecimenAction message for "not in database" augmented with link to allantweb instance
  Database process output modification
  Minor changes to db daily and monthly backup log messages	
  Add uptime to technical links
  Changes to link to other projects in siteNav Change View

Release 5.11.1
Date: Jun 20
  Fix taxon edit comments url
  Handle exceptions caused by automated attacks
  Configure CKeditor

Release 5.11
Date: Jun 12
  Reboot script modified to delete extraneous log files
    Write the db snapshots to nfs.

Release 5.10.7
Date: May 20
   added to 
  db/upgrade/5.8/2014-04-07.sql.  Statistics execTime
  Upload in Process note added to curate page is such cases.

Release 5.10.6
Date: May 19
  Move MySqlProcessList to  
  Fix comparison jsp in earlier deployment
  Modify shortStackTrace to output another line to simplify debugging

Release 5.10.5
Date: May 19
  Map Locality databases fix (was overlooked).
  Iterator changes in comparison-body.jsp to perhaps address concurrentModificationException.
  Fix BigPicture header name in case of specimen of a subspecies
  Add show process list to appCheck.php
  CompareResults specimen ordering incompleted with notes.
Release 5.10.4
Date: May 12
  User Admin last login list
  Database Server Status functionality pulled out of Server Status

Release 5.10.3
Date: May 12
  DB fixes of search classes and others.  All public facing sql statements and results closed.

Release 5.10.2
Date: May 7
  DB fixes of Home classes.
Release 5.10.1
Date: May 6
  DB Fix of field guides, GoogleEarth, Subspecies, Project, RecentImageSearch
Release 5.10
Date: May 6
  Database handling refactoring to close open statements and resultSets.
    Taxon and Map classes addressed.

Release 5.9.5
Date: Mar 5, 2014
  Handle a setChildrendLocalized() exception 
  A subfamily.setChildren() bug fixed in case of no project
  Some database connection debugging.  
  Fix locality bug when criteria contains country
  Link menu to the API v2

Release 5.9.4
Date: Mar 4, 2014
  UI changes to status
  Add Typed to status set list

Release 5.9.3
Date: Apr 29, 2014
  Taxon Display Name
    Add to admin section of taxon page.
    Replace taxon name for display taxon name in upload report Subfamily / Genus combinations.
    Uppercase subfamily on upload report for Invalid Subfamily
    Uppercase subfamily and genus on upload report for Invalid Subfamily For Genus  
    Admin Info data on taxon page capitalized properly
  Map setPoints() query optimized.  
  Admin Updates feature added to curate page
Release 5.9.2
Date: Apr 22, 2014
  Specimen See Also functionality
  Parenthesis added to advanced search
  cfxx and nrxx see also functionality added

Release 5.9.1
Date: Apr 22, 2014
  See Also made live with display taxon names
  Display Taxon Names used in upload reports, See Also and Orphan Manager
  Status Set minor mods.

Release 5.9
Date: Apr 16, 2013
  New tab for Image Picker link on taxon page
  See Also functionality
  A new curious query
  Database connection count in footer.  
Release 5.8.3
Date: Apr 15
  Get rid of deprecated google earth jsp files
  Modify log statements
  Remove donate from menu pending new method

Release 5.8.2
Date: Apr 11, 2014
  Changes to
  Remove the Welcome popup window
  Make Bolton option disappear from bigPicture pages
  Fix default in BrowseAction.  Always use defaults.  
  Re-factor setImages Taxon method.
  Add Image Pick links to taxonomicPageImages

Release 5.8.1
Date: Apr 7, 2014
  Species + Ssp. added to statistics
  Add valid species imaged to admin statistics
  * db/upgrade/5.8/2014-04-07.sql
  Description Edit Orphan Manager
  Do not cache error pages.
Release 5.8
Date: Apr 7, 2014
  Mysql Process list added to server busy log message

Release 5.7.4
Date: Apr 4, 2014
  Image Picker fix.  Handle images without profiles  

Release 5.7.3
Date: Apr 4, 2014
  Link to Creative Commons Licence v4
  Orphan Manager Duped Genera query re-engineering.

Release 5.7.2
Date: Apr 4, 2014
  Image Move Capacity
  Image owner change capacity
  Duplicated Genera tool updated

Release 5.7.1
Date: Apr 4, 2014
  Change taxonPage to have an Image Picker link if there is or isn't a favorite defined.
  Fix default Image Picker query
Release 5.7
Date: Apr 4, 2014
  Plazi work.  
  Default image specimen will include headshot
  New view for Darwin Core (dwc_image) and renaming of darwin_core_2 to dwc_speciment.

Release 5.6
Date: Mar 31, 2014
  Fix Compare Images for subspecies in Santa Cruz example

Release 5.5.5
Date: Mar 14
  Logging modifications
  Subfamily fix for field guide and compare images
  Minor setImages() refactoring to reduce unnecessary code.

Release 5.5.4
Date: Mar 10
  Image upload pipeline modified to handle uppercase file extensions

Release 5.5.3
Date: Mar 8
  Fix the genus images display page
  create index specimen (collectioncode).  Change collection query to utilize.

Release 5.5.2
Date: Mar 2
  Fix image picker non-selection

Release 5.5.1
Date: Mar 2.
  Status UI element (Luke)
  Image Picker Subspecies support functional candidate
  Taxon hierarchy setImage refactoring

Release 5.5
Date: Feb 27
  Image Picker changes
  Mysql Process list features
Date: Feb 26
  Modifications so that Notes may be modified by administrators or Jack

Date: Feb 26
  Another collection bug fixed (where type is null)
  GoogleEarth bad localityCondition handled.

Date: Feb 26
  Change slideshow to use subfamily= instead of name=
  Collection page fixed in regard to statusDisplay.jsp
Release 5.4.8
Date: Feb 25
  Image Picker fixes
  Image comparison mods to support subspecies

Release 5.4.6
Date: Feb 22
  Field guide changes to support subspecies.  Map work remains.
  Governor to only allow n field guide creations at a time.  Initial default = 2.

Date: Feb 21
  Statuses options removed from species and subspecies pages
  Determined and Indetermined criteria changed

Release 5.4.5
Date: Feb 21
  Status Set selector added to advanced search page - for admin only.
  Search timing added to web/log/search.txt log

Date: Feb 21
  Partial backwards compatibility with old name= urls.
  Specimen type indicator fix
  Valid indicator fixed on search page
  Recent Desc Edits list supporting subspecies

Release 5.4.4
Date: Feb 20
  Support subspecies in advanced search

Release 5.4.3
Date: Feb 19
  Recently Imaged search list names include subspecies
  Map page links correct
  Specimen file reupload feature

Release 5.4.2
Date: Feb 18
  Get web directory web visible to fix some features.
  Fix rank problem in specimen upload
  Fix for invalid subfamily for genus check
  Recent Images list changes  
Release 5.4.1
Date: Feb 17
  Page title extensions to included subspecies added to specimen and specimen images.
  Status vs valid changes to search feature, begun.
  Option to not automatically recalculate child images counts after species list upload.
  Begin work to generate species lists.
  Work to allow directory listings
Release 5.4
Date: Feb 17
  Extend specimen table and UI to support subspecies  
* remove taxon.author_and_date, valid
  Upload file to fold fix for antweb dir
  Option to not regenerate counts after species list upload
Release 5.3
Date: Feb 10, 2014
  Suggestions for synonyms during upload
  Direct antcatId access of taxons
  taxon_country table timestamp added
  Many fields added to taxon from the new worldants file
  Refactoring of specimen/speciesList upload process.
  Statuses object creation and integration with UI.  Attained for all taxon insertion means.
  New record types added from the Bolton upload.
  isValidName.jsp changed to statusDisplay.jsp.  Icons visible for administrators.
  Rearchitecture of proj_taxon data and methods to store higher order taxa.
  Creation of Tribe and Subspecies ranks.
  Links to Master Admin added to logins and groups management pages.
Release 5.2.3
Date: Jan 9, 2013
  Work to utilize the new Bolton data to identify misspellings and current valid names

Date: Jan 7
  getStatus mods in Taxon
  Remove the isAllASCII check until performance and function vetting.
Date: Jan 5
  Backwards compatability with old worldants file
Date: Jan 3, 11pm
  Fix valid criteria in queries
  Fix statistics

Release 5.2.1
Date: Jan 3
  Worldants related database modifications and upload procedure changes
  Fix for the insertSubfamily method of the species list upload process
  Favorite Images Orphan Manager to report on genera as well as species
  * update taxon table

Release 5.2.0
Date: Dec 20
  Upgrade to Java 7
  Running on new server architecture
  Minor changes to upload process
  Codebase images removed from images directory
  Image Upload lock fixed
  AntWeb "hosted and supported" copyright text
  Page cache time raised to 10 seconds.

Date: Dec 18, 2013
  Expire cache items after 1 week.
  OneView fix to store "chosen" in the session
  Upgraded to commons-fileupload-1.3.jar
    Added commons-io-2.4.jar
  Test dev: src/org/cal/antweb/util/fileUploaderTest.jsp,
  Copied deployment images into "image" directory

Release 5.1.38
Date: Dec 11, 2013
  Handling of specimen xml parsing error
Release 5.1.37
Date: Dec 9, 2013
  Image comparison fixed
  Caching time changed from 5 to 10 seconds.  Current cache count: 14594

Release 5.1.36
Date: Dec 6, 2013
  Curator page editable by curators modified to tolerate 0 size files. 
  Quotes removed from species list elements prior to upload.  Error message added.

Release 5.1.34
Date: Nov 27, 2013
  Owned by changed to a contains or equals parameter

Release 5.1.33
Date: Nov 27, 2013
  Author date field modifications to Taxon.  Display on taxonReport and taxonomicPage.
  Be lenient in specimen upload process, allowing missing final tab at end of line.
  "Data tests passed" message added to successful upload logs.
  Duplicate entry error conditioned handled specifically without database exception.
  Owned by handled differently in advanced search

Release 5.1.32
Date: Nov 21, 20-13
  Specimen Upload modifications.  Increased format tolerance.  Improved logging.
  Implement taxonPage-body.jsp fix of editor to be any access group (even without admin privs)

Release 5.1.31
Date: Nov 13, 2013
  Specimen Upload rapid list launch for testing
  Elevation fathoming extended to handle quotes and commas
  Empty string class of errors trapped, skipped and logged in specimen upload
  Description pages no longer cached for any taxons
  Specimen pages type icons and type info added to images page
  *alter table taxon add column typed tinyint(4);
  *rm -rf /data/antweb/web/data/description

Release 5.1.30
Date: Nov 6
  Desc Edit query facility
  UI fix for login components
Release 5.1.29
Date: Nov 6
  Specimen Upload change to be handle empty header values

Release 5.1.28
Date: Nov 5
  UI changes for long usernames

Release 5.1.27
Date: Nov 5
  Cleaned up documentation in jsp code that was breaking search

Release 5.1.26
Date: Nov 4
  Advanced search type copy changed ("Type status contains").  Like instead of equals in query.
  Specimen Data Summary modifications
  Alphabetize description edit orphan list  
Release 5.1.25
Date: Nov 1
  Disable type from advanced search

Release 5.1.24
Date: Oct 28
  Image_count_materialized removed completely.  Image_catalog1 and 2 dropped.

Release 5.1.23
Date: Oct 28
  Fix image counts in search results.
  Change search to a get instead of a post.

Release 5.1.22
Date: Oct 28
  Image Picker changes to how we handle default project

Release 5.1.21
Date: Oct 21, 2013
  Something Amiss emails now sent to the "data uploaded by" email address
    on specimen, collection and locality pages.

Release 5.1.20
Date: Oct 21, 2013
  Enable stable IDs via specimen servlet

Release: 5.1.19
Date: Oct 21, 2013
  Missing genera for indet subfamilies.  UploadAction refactoring.
  * insert_method field added to taxon table.

Release 5.1.18
Date: Oct 16, 2013
  Duplicate genera detection and correction tool in Orphan Manager
  Description Edit Orphan Manager made fast.  Transfer capabilities moved to new page.

Release 5.1.17
Date: Oct 11, 2013
  Problem with doubled quotes fixed in specimen upload
  Add a link to the API in the header
  Address longer names in the map infoWindow
  Display name in comparison when user has chosen the "All" view
  Add in a missing "&" in the javascript for oneView.jsp
Release 5.1.16
Date: Oct 7, 2013
  Legacy Sort mod for Java 7
  Indet subfamilies handled properly
  Resolution work on the extra type images in search results.
  Indet subfamily support added to upload processes.  
  Changes to oneView-body.jsp (line 158).  Incomplete.
  Fix of bad date import (AntwebUpload.constructDate() error)

Date: Sep 26
  Upload process modifications to subfamily checks

Release 5.1.15
Date: Sep 25
  add isValidSubfamilyForGenus check to the speciesList upload process
  Delete project admin feature moved to the masterAdmin page

Release 5.1.14
Date: Sep 23
  Delete project admin feature
  Create project drop down fix
  AppCheck modifications
  One view direct access check

Release 5.1.13
Date: Sep 18, 2013
  Fix missing page number for selected page of recentImagesSearch results
  Orphan Genus Manager and Orphan Subfamily Manager
  Specimen upload criteria and logging changes.  Refactoring.
  * darwin_core_2 view created
  UI changes including page jiggling fix
  decimal_latitude and decimal_longitude datatypes changed from float to double for greater precision
  UC Davis Upload Institution String added

Release 5.1.12
Date: Sep 2
  Fix order by country on species page and advanced search

Release 5.1.11
Date: Aug 30
  Adjustment to allow for bulleted lists on Overview page.
  Typo fix to user guide.

Release 5.1.10
Date: Aug 28, 2013
  Fix Species List in archive
  addMissingGenera orphan manager modifications
  Type summaries added to Species Pages

Release 5.1.9
Date: Aug 22 5:30pm
  * Move *_project.txt to *_speciesList.txt
  Modify copyProjectData.php to respect new file structure.
  Block directory listing for images directory
Release 5.1.8
Date: Aug 22
  Fix the struts action

Release 5.1.7
Date: Aug 21
  Fix of speciesList file copy operation
  fix of generateAndSaveHomePage preview -> body copy operation
  fix of reloadProject operation
  * mv old authorityFiles out of speciesList directories.
      find . -name \*_authority.txt -exec mv {} ../bak/backupAuths \;
    mv recently uploaded speciesList into *_project.txt place
Release 5.1.6
Date: Aug 20
  Fix download speciesList link on curator page

Release 5.1.5
  Image upload process writes recentImages urls with the www machine name.

Release 5.1.4
Date: Aug 15
  Modify connection length
  Fix new statistics.jsp path

Release 5.1.3
Date: Aug 13
  Non ASCII taxon names are now blocked and logged during the upload process
Release 5.1.2
Date: Aug 13
  Recent Images file generated properly from php
  Recent Desc Edits written to right place 
  Hyperlinked taxon name on recent images page    
Release 5.1.1
Date: Aug 8
  Re-enable directory listings

Release 5.1.0
Date: Aug 8, 2013
  Move project pages, homepage, ancillary pages, team page, etc... into web/ directory.  
  Create the action.
  Create the redirection jsps.
  Correct PDF links
  * To do during deployment:
    mkdir web/forwards
    cp -r documentation web/
    sudo cp recentDescEdits.jsp web/genInc/
    sudo cp statistics.jsp web/genInc/
    cp -r team web/
    cp -r homepage web/
    cp index.jsp web/homepage/
    ant deploy
    edit homepage/index.jsp to point to /common... 
    Regenerate the homepage to create the new web/homepage/index-body.jsp
      (home page will not display until now)
    Run the moveSpeciesLists function
    Run the genRecentDescEdits
    Run the runStatistics function
    Run the generateAllHomePages function
    mv /data/antweb/forwards/*.jsp /home/mjohnson/antweb/web/forwards/
    sudo chmod 777 /data/antweb/*.jsp
    ant deploy
    Execute the db/upgrade/5.0.10/2013-08-01.sql script to adjust database file references    
    Commit the antweb/web/forwards directory and jsp files    
    Add /web to the img links in /web/team/staff.jsp
    From antweb web dir:
      mv california/* /web/speciesList/california/    
      mv madagascar/* /web/speciesList/madagascar/    
      mv madants/* /web/speciesList/madants/    
    Carefully remove documentation recentDescEdits.jsp statistics.jsp team homepage index-body.jsp
Release 5.0.9
Date: July 29, 2013
  Images will show up in image picker when running on stage or dev machine.
  Project selector added to Image Picker Results page.
  Direct link to image picker added to Taxon Overview in case of administrator
  ProjTaxon info added to Taxon Page administrator section
  Project List added to taxon page administrator section
  Project parameter added to actions.
  Bad extents for a project error handled.  North Carlina extents fixed.

Release 5.0.8
Date: July 24, 2013
  Updates to highlight type status at specimen level.
  Complete BigMap changes.  Remove  Create forward for backwards compatibility.
  Netbeans support (partial)
  Fix image picker default selection to choose workers over males

Release 5.0.7
Date: Jul 18, 2013
  Fix problem with Image Picker replacing and Java files

Release 5.0.6
Date: Jul 17, 2013
  * Run the database file  db/upgrade/5.0.6/2013-07-16.sql and delete the cache
  Add primary key to the project table
  New project function modifications.  Use .do instead of .jsp.  Reload projects.
  Replace antweb header with antweb admin header in remaining six pages
  ProjectResource refactoring.  Only load from file system at startup.
  JSP modification to never directly access Project Resource Bundle
  Species.setTaxonomicInfo and Genus.setChildren modified in how to handle subfamily
  Bug fix in Orphaned Taxons Report.  Now acknowledges new source names.  Shows all taxa ranks.

  Remove parentheses around species name on specimen level pages
  Adjustment to gradient for name contrast
  Remove hover state over images
  Add genus and species to specimen header
  Respect cookie choice on specimen images level and comparison tool
  Add messaging to major pages
  Minimize display area for count tallies on images
  Provide context to changing current view
  Update to allow user to more quickly go through all the big pictures for a specimen.

Release 5.0.5
Date: Jul 4, 2013.  6pm.
  Fix Field Guide title and caching
  Session related fixes

Release 5.0.4
Date: July 4, 4am.
  Add parent_taxon_name to taxon and specimen
  Remove taxon_id from taxon and specimen
  Greatly improve performance of Child and Specimen Count crawls
  Create non-existant morphos genera during specimen file uploads
  Removed more cases of hasImagesCount method of access
  UI presentation of commas fixed
Release 5.0.3
Date: Jul 3, 2013 2pm
  Double ? removed in sort by of specimenReport
  Fixed JQuery page count in taxonomic page
  Turn off caching for field guides

Release 5.0.2
Date: Jul 3, 2013, 1am
  homepage slideshow typo fix
  Consolidation of different crawl count methods.  Change to count logic
  Ancillary Page Manager
  CuriousQueries page fix with creation of adminMessage.jsp
  Fix to
Release 5.0.1
Date: jul 1, 2013
  UI changes
    Address a bug in ratio slideshow navigation
    Display all of the images for a given specimen
    Generate the imaged taxon count for region taxon pages and insert via jQuery
    Add link to Image page from specimenReport 
    Style adjustment to recent search results
  Server changes
    Children counts and image counts stored in taxon, specimen and proj_taxon
    dev_antweb.css added to allow remote development to continue
    Fix facebook icon in academy header to use imgDomainApp
    ProjTaxon and Rank refactoring
Release 5.0
Date: Jun 25, 2013
  New UI integrated
  A few image links prefaced with domain app to work in all environments
  taxonName= added to links on field guide page
  Replaced speciesListMapping include to /common/antweb_admin-defs.jsp
  Remove from homePage Generation
  testMessage feature
  New admin feature.  Curious Queries.
  AntwebProps.getProject() functionality further rolled out for consistency.
Release 4.149
  Fix Subfamily Lists on project pages.  Species List upload modification.
  SpeciesListMapping enhancements.
  Fixes to support new UI.

Release 4.148
  * db/upgrade/4.148/2013-05-20.sql
    Database changes to clean up data from old uploads of specimen and project
  Code changes to prevent data anomalies.  Check Integrity fixes.
  SpeciesListMapping and move tool enhancement.
  Source field of taxon captured in more cases

Release 4.147
Date: May 17 2013
  SpeciesListMapping tool refinement.  Subfamily pagination.
  CheckIntegrity enhancements

Release 4.146
Date: May 9, 2013
  Image picker may now work on non-valid taxa.
  Project selector now uses pretty names 

Release 4.145
Date: May 8, 2013
  * test image upload with new backup directory present
  Species List Edit Mapping Tool deployed to stage.
  ToUpload dir tool
  Admin accessible log file access
Release 4.144
Date: Apr 28, 2013
  Extend isServerBusy logging and protection.

Release 4.143
Date: Apr 26, 2013
  SQL injection defense
  Project session bug fix on showBrowse.jsp
  SpeciesListMapping changes.  Region creation modifications to support.
  * project table modifications (adm1, country, species_list_mappable)
Release 4.142
Date: Apr 18
  Species List Mapping tool enhancements.  Valid flags, rename and transfer function.
  Dynamically generated downloadable species list for selected projects
  Regions related to country and adm1

Release 4.141
Date: Apr 17
  Changes to support antweb_test functionality on stage.
  Minor Species List tool enhancements
  Generate recent images page function added to curate page

Release 4.140
Date: Apr 16, 2013
  Hymenoptera Name Server links no longer use port number 210
  Fix california ants species download list link
  Basic Search now sets default session project to allantwebants
  Do not block upload of project/region species not in Worldants
  Species List Mapping Tool engineering. 
    Added equals method to Taxon to support contains method in SpeciesLocationMapping-body.jsp
  Create generate recent images function for curator page 

Release 4.139
Date: Apr 10
  Caching changes
  Species List enhancements
  Project DB modifications to correlate with country and state

Release 4.138
Date: Apr 8, 2012
  Caching changes
  Server task time changed to 8:05pm.

Release 4.137
Date: Apr 4, 2013
  Plazi data in utf8
  Ancillary page fixes
  caching changes

Release 4.136
Date: Apr 3, 2013
  Plazi changes.  Exploration of UTF8 and proper return page.
  Bay Area search handling spaces in search terms.

Release 4.135
Date: Apr 2, 2013
  Beginning implementation of Species List Tool
  Java server based access logging
  ProjectUpload mods
  Honor the passWorldAntsSpeciesCheck method in ProjectUpload.
  Fix a field guide googleMapInclude issue

Release 4.134
Date: Mar 27
  Allow specimen requests for bioregions to proceed with allantwebants project
  Other project parameter exceptional cases handled.
  Logging changes.
Release 4.133
Date: Mar 26
  Increased map points 
  handle bad project parameters (with numbers truncated, ignore them)

Release 4.132
Date: Mar 25, 2013
  Google Maps V3 changes made live on production site.
  locality and collection page changes to support new google map include project parameter

Release 4.131
Date: Mar 22, 2013
  Enlarged Map scope changed to include project parameter
  Luke's GoogleMaps V3 changes
  A Specimen.setImages method signature changed to throw SQLException

Release 4.130
Date: Mar 21, 2013
  Work to add validNames, dateCollected and elevation to advanced search
  Date Collected field sorted in descending orer
  Remove old bioregion pages from web dir to avoid indexing by google
  Fix of some bioregion queries
  Region menu change to remove error links from bioregions when on page.
  case of project=null in url bar handled gracefully

Release 4.129
Date: Mar 14
  Field guide bug fix
  Initial Like feature display

Release 4.128.1
Date: Mar 13, 2013
  Advanced search bug fixed
  Google Map V3 work

Release 4.128
Date: Mar 13, 2013
  * add database file: db/upgrade/4.119/2013-03-09.sql
  BigPicture Like functionality initial implementation
  Check on allantweb page length
  Beginning GoogleMap V3 functionality.  New Key and supporting functionality.

Release 4.127
Date: Mar 6, 2013
  lat long format changed to have comma and degree symbol check to verify that if a project is specified, the specimen's taxon is in that project
  Advanced search governor modification and display
  Specimen Data link now has the Right-click option

Release 4.126
Date: Mar 5, 2013
  Work to integrate the Specimen Report with the Collections page.
  Fixes to advanced search.  
    Owned by enabled.
    Query governor.  Record count summary modifications  
  Add specimen count to compareResults
  LocalityCode added to specimen data download
  Nightly removal of mysqld.log file
  Advanced Search project in session issue resolved.  
Release 4.125
Date: Feb 22, 2013
  Modify taxon display to remove extra space and to correctly count images in case of h2 or p2.
  subfamily list on home page updated to remove space
  A software bug from the specimen report redesign impacting the collection page has been resolved.
  Documentation for the imageUpload process, in case of now-illegal filenames, added to notes.txt.

Release 4.124
Date: Feb 18, 2013
  Change Location format to be consistent
  Made search pages return a sessionExpired page with header in case of session expiration.
  Changed Collected On date format for advanced search results
  UI mods to enable advanced search functions to work in development environment
  Adjust image counts in advanced search to exclude label images.

Release 4.123
Date: Feb 12, 2013
  New Specimen report is now live on the showBrowse page and advanced search pages.

Release 4.122
Date: Feb 1, 2013
  New Specimen Report for advanced search and taxon browse
  Fix specimenUpload logMessages problem
  Add data items to advancedSearch
Release 4.121
Date: Jan 30, 2013
  Add realtime statistics lists
  Taxon and Specimen exception handling
  ReloadAllProjects has special statistics handling in report

Release 4.120
Date: Jan 29, 2013
  Unlinked bioregions aside from Madagascar pending country based data
  Modify specimen and taxonomic browser to reflect specimen validity according to AntCat
  Login leads directly to curate page
  Pre and Post update stats added to update log
  Fix to fossil and valid flags, extending changes from last release
  Pending:   SpecimenReport3 UI modifications from Luke

Release 4.119
Date: Jan 25, 2013
  Modifications to upload reporting.  With uploadDetails refactoring.
  Data truncation exception handled
  Reorder statistics for better display
  Unique key implemented on proj_taxon enforcing uniqueness.
  Prevent operation if no project is selected during upload project 
  All taxons and specimens reloaded from scratch

Release 4.118.1
Date: Tue Jan 22, 2013
  Implement unique keys on description_edit
  Modifications to stats and presentation of stats.  
    Remove valid flag from some queries
    Set taxon.fossil default to 0  
Release 4.118
Date: Mon Jan 21, 2013
*  Execute 4.118/2013-01-08.sql
*  innodb_buffer_pool_size=64MB to my.cnf
  Valid flag comes from
  Upload process refactoring
  Specimen file upload modes
  Real time Statistics page extensions
  Specimen file mods to support Field Museum upload
  Database config to allow massive file uploads
  All output put to log file of reload projects function
  Fix DNANotes translation
  Rewrote the Project Page taxon count queries

Release 4.117
Date: Dec 27, 2012
  Query profiler mechanism

Release 4.116
Date: Dec 24, 2012
  Valid name status added to specimen and specimen page

Release 4.115
Date: Dec 20, 2012
  Fix for taxonPage images

Release 4.114
Date: Dec 19, 2012
  Project handling refactoring with minor feature changes.

Release 4.113.1
Date: Dec 17, 2012
  Enhance taxonomic pages with images.  
    For sets too large, print 100 and then a More link.
    For sets too small (with no images) print nothing.
  Updated home page images to include new header links.

Release 4.113
Date: Dec 13, 2012
  Modify operation lock on server status page to reflect expiration.
  Country added to browse specimen report.  
    Behind the scenes engineering changes to unify browse and advancedSearch specimen reports
  TaxonomicPages now can be displayed with images
  TaxonomicPages with Images are now included in the generated project pages
    except for bayarea, austrailian, atol, southeastasia, allantweb, fossil, world

Release 4.112.1
Date: Dec 4th, 2012
  Removed old PDF based Field guide code.
Release 4.112
Date: Dec 4, 2012
  Adjust max_safe_children_count to allow larger Google Earth specimen count results (to 400).
  Remove logging to error file for serverStatus request.  Add isServerBusy.
  Fix one staticCall possibility.  bigPicture.jsp handled.
  FieldGuide direct access check reimplemented.  isPost() method enhanced.
  Create new error page type.  Ignore session.  Include header.  Called from jsps.

Release 4.111.1
Date: Nov 13, 2012
  Fix bug introduced with last release affecting search item selection.

Release 4.111
Date: Nov 12, 2012.
  Locality and Collection "uploaded by" info displayed on respective pages.
  isValidName used instead of isMorphoOrUndetSpecies in header bar for Bolton Catalog link.
  Valid Name displayed on taxon pages
  checkIntegrity Utility action created. login resolved
  fieldGuide.jsp direct access check removed
  Extra carriage return in specimen file will terminate upload
  Exceptions thrown through upload process
  Specimen file Bad rank check during upload process.
  Collxyaccuracy specimen file field now maps to collectionnotes
  Fossil dagger displayed on
  Final character of collectionnotes as \ bug handled.
  Specimen Upload List in admin reports

Release 4.110
Date: Oct 17, 2012
  BigPicture image not found exception handled.  imageNotFound.txt log file created.
  Further alternate shot changes to taxon page
Release 4.109
Date: Oct 17, 2012
  Modify taxon page so that specimens with only alternate head shots are displayed.

Release 4.108
Date: Oct 16, 2012
  Description Edit report added to home page.  
    Now has taxon pretty name and curator.
  Locality info display change on the specimen page.

Release 4.107
Date: Oct 12, 2012
  Recent Description Edit report (for administrators)

Release 4.106
Date: Oct 11, 2012
  Navigate Project Selector now available to all users and is context sensitive so that
    only available projects for the given taxon may be selected
  Specimen page modifications to show group and login name as well as id in admin section
Release 4.105
Date: Oct 11, 2012
  Image counts are now "deep" as displayed in taxonomic browser
  Navigation Project Selector now available to administrators
Release 4.104
Date: Oct 10, 2012
  Add project selector drop down in bread crumb trail for administrators
  Modify image counts to reflect deep count.

Release 4.103
Date: Oct 9, 2012
  Modify calculateValidName procedure to be very fast and put in a UI independent thread
    to speed upload process
  Icons work.  Fix isValidName icon and hasImages icon and count for specimens

Release 4.102
Date: Oct 8, 2012
  Biota upload modifications
    Logging of extra carriage return errors
    regenerate proj_taxon records on biota upload

Release 4.101
Date: Oct 5, 2012
  Image count extended to address taxonomic browser
  Refactoring of
  Bug fix to remove duplicate taxon in taxonomic pages by specifying proper rank
  Bug fix to allow null in description_hist table

Release 4.100
Date: Oct 3, 2012
  Valid Names feature added to taxonomic pages and taxonomic browser
  Image count added to taxonomic pages
  UtilAction created to unpack UploadAction

Release 4.99.2
Date: Oct 2, 2012
  Defend against unhandled empty rank parameter in BrowseAction.

Release 4.99.1
Date: Oct 1,  2012
  Defend against possibility of a bad number in the BigPictureAction class

Release 4.99
Date: Oct 1, 2012
  The passGenusSubfamilyCheck() method will now only fail formicidae that do not have a special character in the name
  Direct access JSP calls prevented in case of field guides

Release 4.98
Date: Oct 1, 2012
  Upload log results and log aware of if errors exist and communicated to curator
  Field Guide elevations added to taxon field guides
  More database conditions trapped and handled properly.
  Trap initial taxon field guide empty condition

Release 4.97
Date: Sep 26, 2012
  UsrAdm list
  Upload log header section and formatting
  Non-Bolton genus/subfamily taxons not uploaded

Release 4.96
Date: Sep 25, 2012
  Database errors printed in improved format in upload log files
  deleteAll option added to orphanFavImages admin tool

Release 4.95
Date:Sep 24, 2012
  Add link to upload files to curate admin section
  Groups admin page modified so that list is ordered by id and id is displayed.  
  passBolton and passGenusSubfamily upload list will not accumulate if login is changed.

Release 4.94
Date: Sept 20, 2012
  Field guide modifications.  
    Search based field guide results alphabetized.
    Results made distinct
Release 4.93
Date: Sep 19, 2012
  Upload file formatting enhancements
  navigation links added to admin tools
  isServerBusy check logging frequency modified
  busy connection count added to Cache Manager
  open statements closed.  

Release 4.92
Date: Sep 14, 2012
  Fix invitation system
  Copyright data updated in database and presented on bigPicture pages.
  Caching thread modified.

Release 4.91
Date: Sep 14, 2012
  Cache system modifications 
Release 4.90
Date: Sep 11, 2012
  Caching system changes
    Show all long_requests option
    Caching time and request info now added to results
    Caching thread implemented on production server

Release 4.89
Date: Sep 10, 2012
  Species drop down added to orphan description edit form
  Description edit history logic refactored.  Correctly shows up on page reload.
  Changes to the caching system.  Recaching flagged on save.  Alternative domainApps ignored.
  Daily and monthly database backups integrated into nightly reboot script.
Release 4.88
Date: Sep , 2012
  * 4.88/2012-09-05.sql
  Upload Files copied to web accessible directory for administrator access
  Have Worldants upload log file have a header if nothing else.  
  Gen Cache thread implementation

Release 4.87
Date: Sep 4, 2012
  Delete orphaned taxons function
  GenCacheItem function created
  Bug fix, description_edit
  Subfamily.setChildren() bug resolved 

Release 4.86.1
Date: Aug 29, 2012
  Cache Detail administrator page created.
  Cache Manager enhancements

Release 4.86
Date: Aug 28, 2012
  Direct download option for SpecimenList
  AntwebCache impementation	
  Microhabitat field size increased to 500
  bigpicture now forwards to
  New more graceful cronjob

* 2012-08-17.sql
* Add to cronjobs: 5 4 * * * /home/mjohnson/antweb/bin/
Release 4.85.4
Date: Aug 16, 2012
  Change googleEarth servlet into a struts action
  Extend isServerBusy feature to include googleEarth, EOL.
  Modifications to profiler system

Release 4.85.3
Date: Aug 13, 2012
  Modify how we handle & in urls.

Release 4.85.2
Date: Aug 12, 20122
  Further minor enhancements.  Mostly to logging.
  Incorrect subfamily's specified in query params disallowed

Release 4.85.1
Date: Aug 5th, 2012
  Minor enhancements to 4.85
    Add server busy check to
    logging changes
    handle appended numbers to project in    
Release 4.85
Date: Aug 4, 2012
  Improved curator feedback for specimen file uploads
  Further field guide changes.  Now utilized for regions and taxons.  PDF Field guides removed.

Release 4.84.8
Date: July 27, 2012
  Fixed bug during Bolton upload that affected project_taxon records

Release 4.84.7
Date: July 26, 2012
    Fix formicidae rank and ProjectUpload error handling the special case of formicidae.
  If slideshow fails, provide an appropriate error message.  "justMessage".
  If curator not logged in, notLoggedIn page has Antweb header now, to save user effort.  
  Recent Images More link fixed

Release 4.84.6
Date: July 25, 2012
  Fixed a display error when collectioncode is null on specimen page
  Return a message instead of error when BigMapReq does not find a map  
  Implemented BigMapReq to fetch map when specimen not in the session
  Changes to passGenusSubfamily check in upload process
Release 4.84.5
Date July 18, 2012
  passGenusSubfamilyCheck added to biota upload process
  logging modified

Release 4.84.4
Date: July 17, 2012
  Server Status database handling
  taxonPage-body.jsp iterator removed to avoid potential concurrent modification

Release 4.84.3
Date: July 17, 2012
  Admin access to initial implementation of web based field guide added to region pages
  Specimen data summary removed from family pages
  BigMapRequest no longer using session except in the case of specimen
Release 4.84.2
Date: July 16, 2012
  Fixes to maps and pictures introduced in 4.84 release.
  Enhanced logging.

Release 4.84.1
Date: July 12th, 2012
  Beginning deployment of web based field guides for taxons (genera)

Release 4.84
Date: July 5th, 2012
  BayArea Search now returns AdvancedSearchResults
  Beginning implementation of Search based Field Guide 
  Dev implementation of Web based field guide for taxons
  17 deprecated java and jsp files related to search removed
  Image comparison fixes
  BigMap changes to reduce reliance on session

Release 4.83
Date: Jun 19, 2012
  Test implementation of taxon page caching
  Missing images, and too large images, in slide show skipped

Release 4.82
Date: Jun 19, 2012
  Madagascar download species list link fixed.
  Administrator deleteCaches function created.
  Allantweb download species results cached.

Release 4.81
Date: Jun 18, 2012
  Create allantwebants authority file.
  Remove bioregion authority files
  Set links to be appropriate in generated project pages

Release 4.80
Date: Jun 15, 2012
  FileExists method to reduce expensive database operations in SpecimenListAction

Release 4.79
Date: Jun 14, 2012
  Create AntwebFunctions and genRecentDescEdits 
  Simple genRecentDescEdits function
    Do not generate with genus records.

Release 4.78
  CKEditor mods (restrict menu options on taxonPage.
  Create a dev mode (limit result set) for EOL faster data file generation and testing
  Removed last of Yahoo editor

Release 4.77.1
Date: Jun 12, 2012
  Ancillary permission fix
  Minor logging changes

Release 4.77
Date: Jun 11, 2012
  Initial public release (for curators) of CKEditor.
  Remove potential "in null" heading in ancillary file creation process.

Release 4.76
Date: Jun 8th, 2012 (to stage server)
  Initial test implementation of CKEditor (administrators only)
  * Unzip ckeditor into /data/antweb dir.

Release 4.75
Date: Jun 7, 2012
  EOL modifications to change how we handle certain titles
    Overview has #TaxonBiology subject.  Added.
    Biology has #Description subject.  Modified, was TaxonBiology.
    Identification has DiagnosticDescription subject.  Modified, was GeneralDescription.  
    Identification has #DiagnosticDescription subject.  Modified, was GeneralDescription.
    Taxonomic History has #Description subject.  Added.
    Taxonomic Notes has #Description subject.  Added.
    Taxonomic Treatment has #DiagnosticDescription subject.  Added.

Release 4.74
Date: Jun 1, 2012
  EOL modifications to add & and   to CDATA sections  
  Efforts to direct bay area ants over to advanced search
Release 4.73
Date: May 24, 2012
  Search modifications to compare images and record descriptor.
  Species mapping changes
  Fixed georeferenced bug
  Option of species field guild removed for Bolton World Catalog

Release 4.72
Date: May 16, 2012
  Modify directory structure of generated data files
  Add specimen header to generated specimen files.
  Change geo-located to georeferenced
  Add carriage returns to search downloads.
  Bug fix in search in handling data set in session
  Restrict search results to formicidae

Release 4.71
Date: May 16, 2012
  Result set modifier (geo-located and imaged) added to compare and map results
  Initial implementation of search results data download

Release 4.70
Date: May 15
  Download options available only at genus level and below
  Upgrade Yahoo rich text editor from 2.7.0 to 2.9.0.
  Search results 2000 per page
  Handle no data conditions on specimen page
  Not display empty subfamily on Formicidae showBrowse.jsp
  Do not print null in specimen title if species or genus unknown.
  Biogeographic region and country log message modification to exclude empty string

Release 4.69.1
  "Data is" changed to "Data are" on about page.

Release 4.69
Date: Apr 29, 2012
  Changes to Home page and About page.

Release 4.68.1
Date Apr 29, 2012
  Minor fix to correct madagascar download species file link

Release 4.68
Date: Apr 26, 2012
  Only display taxon download links if children count > 0.
  Display all subfamilies with images on home page
  UI changes on taxon page admin section.  Print nothing if null values.

Release 4.67
Date: Apr 25, 2012
  Modify logging
  imageCatalog php script.  * 4.67/2012-04-25.sql
  Minor UI mods to taxon page field ordering, and download links.

Release 4.66
Date: Apr 20, 2012
  Add kml and cvs links to taxon pages.
  Add species list download link to project pages.
  Update description_edit created field default * 2012-04-28.sql

Release 4.65.1
  Fix Change Password feature to work on live app.

Release 4.65
  Fetch taxons by primary key - taxonName.
  Add species uploads to upload log tracking system.
  File backup on species file upload (specimen file backup already in place)
  Forward gyandromorph.jsp to anomalous.jsp

Release 4.64
Date: Apr 10, 2012
Depends: 4.49/2012-01-27.sql, 4.64/2012-04-05.sql, db/lookup/lookup.txt
  Bioregion table populated, driving the search page select box, and providing specimen upload validation.
  Country table populated, driving the search page select box, and providing specimen upload validation.  
  compareResults bigPicture link opens a new tab created to explose lookup values (country and bioregion) mechanism to display log file history to curators and administrators
  All taxons with ( to pass the Bolton check.
  Orphaned Favorite Images report modified to only show species.

Release 4.63.1
Date: Apr 5, 2012
  Rollback taxonomicnotes fixes
  If taxon source was ever worldants, leave as worldants.

Release 4.63
Date: Apr 4, 2012
  Initial release of the orphan curator pages  
  Upload file log files are now in the format: [timestamp]-[group abreviation]SpecimenUpload.txt
  Unimaged Bolton report
  Link changed from to in results.
  Fixed half (64) of the taxanomicnotes to be taxonomicnotes.
  Description edit mods.  Remove textauthor and revdate.  Add title to desc edit history.
  Notes description edit un-editable.
Release 4.62
Date: Mar 29, 2012
  Add Overview field to taxon descriptions
  re-order the taxon description fields
  Removed Author and Revision Dates
  Add definitions for curators during description field editing.  
  Initial implementation of the description field edit author history.

Release 4.61
Date: Mar 23, 2012
  * 4.61/2012-03-23.sql
  Added created, access_group, access_login to favorite_images, description_edit, description_hist tables
  Description edit changes.
    Anchor tags added around images to allow view of full resolution copy.
    Comment added to support curators - do not save while in "Edit HTML Code" mode.
    Create error message and disallow content that contains div tags.
    Manually correct div tag containing references and add anchor tags to existing images.
  Comparison body bug fix.

Release 4.60
Date: Mar 21, 2012
  * 4.60/2012-02-22.sql
  Change Password feature created for administrators
  Add indet to the list of exceptions in the "pass bolton check"
  Increase noticabillity of upload errors log report
  Source shortened in persisted form.
  Beginning implementation of orphaned taxon, favorite images and description edit reports.
  Admin section on Taxon page
  Taxon name management refactoring

Release 4.59.2
Date: Mar 16, 2011
  Fix Species header in specimen file
  Default to animalia, arthropoda, insecta, hymenoptera in specimen file upload if omitted

Release 4.59.1
Date: Mar 14, 2012
  Changes to update higher hierarchical data instead of via deletion.
  Changes to siteNav.jsp
  Rearchitect AntwebUpload.saveHash() to handle specimen and taxon separately.

Release 4.59
Date: Mar 13, 2012
  * 4.59/2012-03-08.sql
  * rm -rf /data/antweb/WEB-INF/classes/org/
  Add order, class, phylum, kingdom to specimen table.  Populate during specimen file upload.
  Add to taxon table.  Populate during species upload.
  Modify to display hierarchy.
  Database modifications to support higher hierarchy.
  Taxon rank state corrections.
  Specimen habitat field increased to 256 characters.

Release 4.58
Date: March 7, 2012
  Map and Compare options added to species search.  Work as yet incomplete.

Release 4.57
Date: Feb 26, 2012
  * db/upgrade/4.57/2012-02-25.sql
  * db/upgrade/4.57/2012-02-25b.sql
  Changes to artist management.  
    Data cleanup.
    UI checks.  
    Active flag and created timestamp.

Release 4.56
Date: Feb 22, 2012
  * db/upgrade/4.56/2012-02-22.sql
  Image Upload timeout set to one hour.
  Added unlock_op to operation_lock.  
  Minor image upload lock UI changes.  Security check added.
  Created date added to artist table
  Updated google maps key for stage server
  Cleaned and documented image pick system and challenges
  ImageUploadSearch modification

Release 4.55
Date: Feb 21, 2012
  Modified Image Upload Lock message for non-administrators
  Add is Image Upload Lock indicator to serverStatus   
  Modify setImages(project, useDefaults)  
Release 4.54
Date: Feb 17, 2012
  Fixed issue with family and subfamily "default" images
  A project="" error was fixed.
  2 problems with ImagePicker fixed.  (outer join allowing out of project ants, and some ants returning no images).

Release 4.53
Date: Feb 16, 2012
  Image Upload Lock unlock time recorded
  Specimen file download copy modified.
    Recreated fresh instead of appended.
    Remove specimen data from passBoltonCheck.txt.  That is recorded elsewhere.
    Name changed from passBoltonSpecimenCheck.txt  
    Links provided at end of Regenerate All Species lists
  Species file reload integrated with new curate form

Release 4.52
Date: Feb 14, 2012
  * 4.52/2012-02-10.sql
  OperationLock mechanism for Image Upload process

Release 4.51
Date: Feb 9th, 2012
  Stage machine is now our old production machine
  ImagePick fix Part 1.

Release 4.50
Date: Feb 8, 2012
  Curator page redesign
  Download species list feature on curator page
  * 4.50/2012-02-07.sql
  DateCollectedStart, DateCollectedEnd and DateDetermined now support yyyy-mm-dd format 
    and partial dates (yyyy or yyyy-mm).  Search support included.
  Improved elevation parsing.  Now handles "0-" and "+"
  Add disk space stats to
Release 4.49
Date: Feb 5, 2012
  * 4.49/2012-01-27.sql  Create bioregions and countries lookup tables for field validation.  
      See db/upgrade/lookup/ for process.
  Allow [Species]Genus column in specimen file headers
  Create image upload lock to prevent sumultaneous uploads

Release 4.48
Date: Jan 27, 2012
  ~ now allowed in elevation field for specimen file upload.  Average of ranges now used for searches.
  Elevation format errors added to upload error report
  Genus now a suitable alternative to [Species]Genus in specimen file.
  Adjusted specimen page date determined to be in yyyy-mm-dd format
  Make nonBolton taxon list at specimen upload be distinct
  archive uploaded biota files by name and date for backup purposes.
  Default Family is formicidae

Release 4.48
Date: Jan 26, 2012
  Add curator data feedback for both species and specimen file uploads.

Release 4.47
Date: Jan 23, 2012
  Extend logStackTrace(n) functionality to support jsp and classes
  Cease generation of regions from Bolton catalog
  * db/upgrade/4.47/2012-01-23.sql
  * /data/antweb mods see fileMods.txt

Release 4.46
Date: Jan 20, 2012
  Initial implementation of authority upload taxon name in bolton world catalog check
  Increased specimen table size of columns method, microhabitat, and dnaextractionnotes
  Downgraded noExist warning to info.  Create logStackTrace(n) functionality for error.jsp.
Release 4.45
Date: Jan 18, 2012.  4pm
  Diacritics from windows uploads
  Refactoring of file handling in Upload process
  Special characters resolution for taxonomic history
  Mechanism to reload all authority files
  Curate page can now trigger materialize images.  image_count ported to new server.
  * 2012-01-15.sql - All orphan taxons removed.  View fix.
Release 4.44
Date: Jan 10, 2012
  species+subspecies imaged stats on project pages
  family comes from biota instead of being derived from subfamily
    Change of family display logic
  Provisions made for Bay Area Ants to include bay area search
  Do not display broken image on project page prior to author image added.
  Taxon existance check in setTaxonomicInfo(project)
  Integrate check to block page generation during upload action.  Display flag with server status.

Release 4.43
  Create logging for taxons with more than 200 children images per taxon
  Home page images mechanisms

Release 4.42
Date: Jan 3
  Disallow the population of more than 200 children maps for all taxons

Release 4.41
Date: Jan 2, 2012
  Build browseAction profile mechanism
  Reactivate all functionality

Release 4.40
  Temporarily inactivate googleEarth, mapComparison and fieldGuide while implementing query governor

Release 4.39
Date: Dec 31, 2011
  GoogleEarth and advanced search reactivated.  
  MapComparison unavailable if getChildren > 500.

Release 4.38
  Map functionality clean up

Release 4.37
Date: Dec 30
  ResourceBundle handling mods
  Reactivate Field Guides, inactivate GoogleEarth and advanced search.
Release 4.36
Date: Dec 30
  new ResourceBundle handling test
  FieldGuides and GoogleEarth temporarily taken offline

Release 4.35
Date: Dec 30
  ResourceBundle handling

Release 4.34
Date: Dec 29
  Created capability to take certain aspects of our site temporarily offline. changed to be static.
  Logging changed in php and perl scripts

Release 4.33
Date: Dec 29
  Old deployment compiled jsps removed.

Release 4.32
Date: Dec 28
  bayAreaSearch query modifications to be only California Formicidae

Release 4.31
Date: Dec 28 modifications.  
    Add two secondary administrative regions (San Joaquin and Santa Cruz).
    Minor bug fixes.

Release 4.30
  Add diagnostic method to appCheck.php
  Return anomalous.jsp to requests for gyandromorph.jsps
  Add to statistics total_images
  * alter table statistics add column total_images int(11);  
  Project save UI changes
  isStageMode property added
Release 4.29.3
  Removed backup kill process from appcheck.php.

Release 4.29.2 requests handled properly
  jspStaticCall logic standardized and utilized on various jsp pages.

Release 4.29.2
  taxonPage.jsp with no parameters handled.  FieldGuideAction blanket trap all exceptions.

Release 4.29.1
Date: Dec 25, 2011
  Handle cases in FieldGuide and MapComparison where incorrect requests would cause errors
    Uppercased project in cached requests
  BigPicture link in GoogleEarth changed from jsp to .do and fixed
Release 4.29
Date: Dec 24, 2011
  Browse... menu changed into Global... Regions... Projects... menus
  site_nav.jsp refactored into siteNav.jsp, menuBar.jsp, browseMenu.jsp, 
    regionMenu.jsp projectMenu.jsp and globalMenu.jsp
  Administrator regeneration of ProjectResources enabled
  Undeployed changes to properly return if a requested ant does not exist.
  Changes to some taxon methods to MySQLEscape some completeNames

Release 4.28.1
Date: Wed, Dec 21, 2011 at 2:47 PM
  Changed taxonPage header from Images to Taxon Page Images
Release 4.28
Date: Dec 17
  Implement taxon page image upload

Release 4.27
Date: Dec 14
  * remove old gen_inc.jsp files
  * DB changes: db/upgrade/4.27/2011-12-14.sql
  * Run an upload to regenerate the genInc files
  Change fields from county, province to adm1, adm2
  Change location that search field options are stored (/web/genInc/).
  recentImages_gen_inc.jsp moved

Release 4.26
Date: Dec 12, 2011
  * Modified length of project authorImage
  Increase statistics size
  Allow mapComparison on taxonPage for species
  Improve documentation for copyProject backup process and to rename a project.
  Changed Documentation to Participate
  Finished removal of site.url in favor of
Release 4.25
Date: Dec 8, 2011
  * DB changes to specimen table.
  New Specimen file format.  DateCollectedStart, DateCollectedEnd and LatLonMaxError.
  DateCollectedStart and DateCollectedEnd implemented from upload file to UI display
  Empty field display flag on specimen, collection and locality page
  Improved upload error log messages.  Timestamp and log file.
  makeDirTree() method.  log/ and eol/ directories moved to web/
  Another invite login fixed
Release 4.24.1
Date: Dec 7, 2011
  Calacademy, non-admins, now have project access list displayed correctly
  Fixed a mapComparison bug in the case where there is no head image
  Cleaned up the taxon page body html
  Fixed homePageTemplate and project template to use domainApp for dev specific url creation
  Specimen, collection, locality page changes.
  Create curator directory if not extant during image upload

Release 4.24
Date: Dec 6, 2011
  * DB changes: db/upgrade/4.23.1/2011-10-22.sql
    added and modified localitynotes, specimennotes and collectionnotes
    increased length of specimenImages
  Changes coming from Ant meeting in Reno.
    mapComparison images link to bigPicture.  Also added example specimen link.
  Some UI changes to the specimen page
  empty collection and locality codes tolerated
  Collection code field added to collection page
  Display names of Province and County changed to "administrative division" on locality and collection page
  Renamed CollectionEvent object Collection
  locality, collection and specimen notes initial implemention
  edit project pages modifications.  Links and field lengths.
    Moved edit_home pages into proper structure (curator/project/editHome).
  At file upload add an image link and an image html tag for curator cut-and-paste
  Login info modifications by curators fixed.

Release 4.23.1
Date: Nov 22, 2011
  Output EOL xml file as eol.xml
  Fixed column length issue in the project table

Release 4.23
Date: Nov 17, 2011
  EOL process rewritten without using DOM to allow larger data set.
  Corrected EOL header

Release 4.22.1
Date: Nov 14, 2011
  Fixed error message in
  Fixed CSS overlap issue
  Browse icon changed
  Removed image borders from Firefox

Release 4.22
Date: Nov 13, 2011
  UI changes 
    Browse Icon
    Homepage copy change to facillitate browsing
    Simplifications to project pages

Release 4.21.2
Date: Nov 9, 2011
  Minor eol change (response element update)

Release 4.21.1
Date: Nov 9, 2011
  Minor eol change (xml tag element order)
  Minor search filter changes

Release 4.21
Date: Nov 8, 2011
  Subfamily and genus level searching
  Add mediaURL to eol feed
  * classes moved.  Must run rm -rf build  and   rm -rf /data/antweb/WEB-INF/classes/org/ at deployment

Release 4.20
Date: Nov 3, 2011
  Fixed and improved EOL process.
    * Remove crimson jar from source, build dirs
    Made output persistent.
    Updated namespaces
    Made well-formed by enclosing dc:description in CData tags

Release 4.19
Date: Nov 2, 2011
  Major code restructuring of search features
    Removed instances of direct jsp calls (replaced with .do calls)
    Code cleanup.
  Top View link of project pages goes to View instead of taxonomic browser (regenerate pages)
  Bay Area links corrected and extended
  Redundant locality county and province removed from specimen page
  locality null changed to "No data".  
    Elevation and Max Elevation Error not displayed if null or empty string
  Taxon not in DB condition handled

Release 4.18
Date: Oct 25, 2011
  * index created.  See db/upgrade/4.18/2011-10-25.sql
  Browse... now leads to Formicidae
  Search with "species only" option
  Bay Area Search fixed and speeded up. 
  db connection leak fixing...
  Curator page administrator statistics report
Release 4.17
Date: Oct 18
  Created Family implementation to handle non-ant entries
  Statistics logging

Release 4.16
Date: Oct 17
  Source field added to the taxon table
Release 4.15.2
Date: Oct 17
  TaxonomicPage mods.  Add count to header.  
  Remove redundant Browse: from project template.  Added browse icon.
  biota upload file filter fix

Release 4.15.1
Date: Oct 11, 2011
  Minor UI changes.
  Created field added to specimen and project table
  Datedetermined added to UI
  image count made consistent between taxon page and taxonomic browser

Release 4.15
Date: Oct 10, 2011
  Add created field to taxon table
  Have Formicidae display correctly as family page
  Have species display correctly in the breadcrumb trail for specimens
  Minor locality display mods

Release 4.14
Date: Oct 6, 2011
  Search error handling
  Upload data error reports
  Upload action checks - Verify that upload files are txt files.  Tab delimited.  In current format.

Release 4.13.5
Date: Sep 29, 2011
  zonageek log and mechanism
  Slight FieldGuildAction refactoring

Release 4.13.4
Date: Sep 27, 2011
  Locality name not found condition handled.
  db connection logging with uptime check
  stateprov fix
  Varied db connection mods
  modified pool properties
  Gracious error message for collection and locality if an upload is in process. 

Release 4.13.3
Date: Sep 23, 2011
  Breadcrumb trail changes
    Lead to taxonomic browser in some cases.  Lead to description page in some cases.
    include formicidae
  Replace taxomomic page with taxonomic browser in project-template
  Collection db exception handling corrected

Release 4.13.2
Date: Sep 21, 2011
  Image count anomaly initial address
  Locality db exception handling corrected

Release 4.13.1
Date: Sep 21, 2011
  Moved StartupPlugin, ProjectResources to util package
    * manual deletion of build class files
  Minor Locality Info change
  taxonPage.jsp debugging support
  ProjectResource modifications to add fossil to all authority files

Release 4.13
  * fossil column added to taxon table
  Fossil daggers added to taxon, specimen and hierarchy browser pages.
  Redesign of hierarchy browser pages to make more intuitive.
  Modify logging properties
  Alter uptime.jsp to make it use the connection pool manager (by calling
  Locality Information changes on specimen page
  Formatting changes for specimen, locality and collection pages
  Directly called BigPicture.jsp handled.
  Re-integrated database, connection pool jar files.

Release 4.12
Date: Sep 6, 2011
  Resolve a String case bug relating to big images.
  Create RedirectTest to redirect antweb_test queries to corresponding antweb page in case of no 
    test application instance running.
  Created search log file
  Major specimen field modifications affecting biota upload, storage and display
  Modification of appCheck to make it work in staging environment.
  Uptime check strengthened to include database access.
  Bold script integrated into source tree.  Initial engineering on php rewrite.
  Worldants and allantweb condition modifications (performance)
  Fixed project related map issue 
  Project related performance bugs relating to search
  Preliminary work to reveal data upload issues to curator
Release 4.11
Date: Aug 19, 2011
  Upload checks to verify tab-delimitation.
  Zip file upload unzipping.
  Extended error handling in upload process.
  Moving jar file into tomcat installation from source tree

Release 4.10
Date: Aug 17, 2011
  Added Release Version hyperlink to header.  
  Enabled jspCompile build task.
  Lowercased bigPicture link to avoid broken link.
  Clarified text of curator page
  Create googleEarth and antwebEvent logs
  Upgraded jdbc jar file for MySQL.  Minor database related code changes.

Release 4.9.3
Date: Jul 28, 2011
  Minor bug fixes
  Log googleEarth hits with simultaneous count.

Release 4.9.2
Date: July 5, 2011
  Modified connection pool

Release 4.9.1
Date: July 2, 2011
  Completion of removal of all System.out and servlet.log statements (replaced with proper logging).
  Minor logging changes and bug fixes.
  Remove very old team page that causes errors in the logs
Release 4.9
Date: July 1, 2011
  Add in C3P0 connection pool manager.
  Debugging to handle db connection expiration better
  Add extant flag to the taxon table to support fossil data
  Add a fix for Florida Keys to display a Google Map
  Removed "Global taxon page" link
  Modification of Search to remove anticipated exceptions

Release 4.8
Date: Jun 21
  Make fix to included undets in AllAntweb, and deploy to live site.
  Research and delete orphan data from taxon, similar_species, synonymy, description_edit and favorite_images.

Release 4.7
Date: Jun 17
  Implemented All Antweb project
  EOL cleanup.  Insignificant changes.
  All Antweb / World breadcrumb options
  All Antweb statistics
  Fix WorldAnts query to remove morpho species changes
  Minor UI changs.

Release 4.6
Date: Jun 7, 2011
  Fix Locality check to be more flexible with biota data
  Investigate imagepicker/world ants

Release 4.5
Date: May 26
  Zip file upload mechanism.  Incomplete.
  'Curator Dir' option added to non-anc file upload
  Specimen, slideshow and locality jsp exceptions handled.
  Elevation and Collect Date added to Taxon Summary Data

Release 4.4
Date: May 16, 2011
  * Must run SQL and SH scripts in the db/upgrade 4.3 directory
  Special character handling
  Curator page made dynamic (not complete or linked in).
  GoogleEarth bug fixes 
  Some minor bug fixes
  Documentation of hack attempts
  Initial work to enable zip file upload and unzip

Release 4.3
Date: May 2, 2011
  Augment AncFile system to store in a curator specific directory
  Add access_login to specimen table
  Curator Page made (as anc file).
Release 4.2.3
  Fixed a login bug where if you were on the login page, using the javascript widget, it would 
    redirect back to the login page.

Release 4.2.2
Date: Apr 27
  Fixed the image picker that wasn't working for some taxons.  Changed from getFullName() to getNameWithoutGroup()

Release 4.2.1
Date: Apr 27
  GoogleEarth record limit workaround.  Add a 0 to the projectname to see all records.
  config modified so that kml files may be accessed in the web root. created

Release 4.2.0
Date: Apr 21
  Bad special character upload block.
  Minor bug resolution resulting from log review.  

Release 4.1.9
Date: Apr 20
  Upload Action modified to allow 1 upload at a time.  Forwards corrected.  Logs modified.  

Release 4.1.8
Date: Apr 14
  getEncoding change
  Sample specimen debugging

Release 4.1.7
  Created bin/urlCheck.php to periodically check on locality urls.
  Fix of map.setImages(), and of is_manual_update query.

Release 4.1.6
Date: Mar 31, 2011
  Project form will validate to disallow commas in geographic extent
  Description edit improvement to have all records flagged in an is_manual_entry field

Release 4.1.5
Date: Mar 31.2011
  Fix bugs.  
    Single quote within locality name breaking query
    Empty location string invalidating query in GoogleEarth.
    Map.setImages was building a bad query.  Added diagnostics.
  Removed New Caledonia project
  Set habitat and method to return distinct collection codes.
  Biota Upload debugging and logging mods to track and resolve issues related to bad xml parsing
Release 4.1.4
Date: Mar 23, 2011
  Enable JPG upload
Release 4.1.3
Date: Mar 22, 2011
  Habitat and Method display

Release 4.1.2
Date: Mar 21, 2011
  * 2011-03-17.sql
  Group/Login redesign to associate properties with Login
  Default shows up in Favorite Images list for non-curators

Release 4.1.1
Date:Mar 16, 2011
  Fix for Bonnie's Anc file problem

Release 4.1
Date: Mar 16, 2011
  Luke's Ant Collect app support
  Project create should be fixed...

Release 4.0.4
Date: Mar 15, 2011
  New Project fixed.
  New Group fixed. 	
  Anc and project web files moved to web/curate/
  Some Anc File updates.  Bonnie's issue awaits resolution.	
Release 4.0.3
Date: Mar 7, 2011
  Image Picker more fully fixed.

Release 4.0.2
Date: mar 7, 2011
  Fixed default drop down and UploadImageAction

release 4.0.1
Date: Mar 5, 2011
  Minor changes.  @ allowed in username.  

Release 4.0
Date: Mar 4, 2011
  * 3.5/2011-02-11.sql
  * Remember to copy properties from to others...
  New login design
  Invitation functionality
  Added homePagePreview.jsp to source tree
  packages created: home, login, curate, ancFile, group, project
  curate and login web directories created

Release 3.4.1
Date Feb 10, 2011
  Fixed advanced search

Release 3.4
Date: Feb 9, 2011
  * 2011-02-09
  Description Edit homepage list
  Fix the Locality Code URI bug
  Project related bug causing description edit records not to show up, fixed
  Cleaned up Taxon and Utility classes
  Fixed apparent typo in strutsAction regarding childImages and childMaps
  description edit report preliminary work
  implementation of ant_test database, isolated webApp.
  use of shortStackTrace in error.jsp
Release 3.3.1
Date: Jan 27, 11am
  * 2011-01-27.sql
  Logging refinement
  Recreate valid_taxa view to utilize the lowercased taxon table
Release 3.3
Date: Jan 26,2011
  * 3.3/2010-12-29.sql
  lowercased the Taxon table
  DescriptionEdit functionality
  Code refactoring of UploadAction into UploadAction, AntwebUpload, ProjectUpload, BiotaUpload,
    ProjectUploadDB, BiotaUploadDB, and AntwebUtil, and the upload package.  
  copyProjectData.php to enable decent development environment configuration.
  bug fixes, error handling and logging improvements

Release 3.2.1
Date: Dec 27, 2010
  New documentation
  Configuration modifications
  Project logging made useful.
  EditProjectAction session problem averted

Release 3.2
Date: Dec 23, 2010   * Deployed on new Antweb server
  First revision of install.txt completed along with config of Antweb2.
  imageUpload php and perl files added to deploy process, and put in CVS(!).
  Changes to support new server configuration
  imageUploadGuts.html added (temporarily) to support testing of imageUpload without Tomcat.
  Removed (most) all of the  hardcoded links from src and web files.
  URL fixes (domainApp replacing siteURL)
  (Lots of) debug diagnostics added.
  ForgotPassword page now points to the new curator documentation page
  appCheck.php fix.
  uploadResults.php display error (extra li tag)

Release 3.1.2
Date: Nov 11, 2010
  Fixed missing species on genus page (missing children)
  Made initial fix for double slash in URLs.  Deprecate getSiteURL.
  Make empty descriptionEdit field entries delete the description
  in academyHeader.jsp, login target will be the struts target instead of the jsp.
  siteUrl replaced with domainApp in header and about pages.  Struts targets created.

Release 3.1.1
Date: Nov 9, 2010
  Description edit and logging feature V1 completion.
    * description_edit table added.
  struts-configDbAnt.xml and config changes to support database configuration
    * Run sh etc/config*.sh    
  fijiants and africanants extents fixed by removing commans in
  Unique Errors documented created (uErrors.txt) and added to docs directory
  Added database modification tracking hierarchy to source tree /db/upgrade/

Release 3.1
Date: Nov 5, 2010 (stage only)
  Login feature added.
  Description edit features yahoo gui tool
  Lots of system.out log messages moved to antweb.log

Release 3.0.14
Date: Oct 20, 2010
  Luke's home page changes for curators
  Non-public descriptionEdit changes

  Minor bug fixes in and
  Reduced logging in

Release 3.0.12
  Login target functionality
  Minor error handling changes
  bigPicture able to display original tifs for lowercased uploads.

Release 3.0.11
  Remove servlet.jar and servletapi-2.3.jar from /data/antweb/WEB_INF/lib
  Added debug/error handling to Locality and
  Added logging to handful of classes and redirected log file output appropriately
  Replaced all e.printStackTrace(); calls
  Documented the Description table.

Release 3.0.10
  add includeantruntime="false" to build.xml
  Fixed Plazi
  Created install.txt and imageUpload.txt documentations

Release 3.0.9
Date: Sep 6, 2010
  GoogleEarth application deprecated.  GoogleEarth functionality added to Antweb.  
  BrowseAction fixes
  GoogleEarth URI added to Application Resources (configurable)
  site.url resource utilized in multiple jsps to correct non-production links
  Changes to support new staging (soon to be production) server
  web/documentation/links.jsp added to facilitate testing
  reunion.jsp removed from CVS
Release 3.0.8
Date: Aug 16, 2010
  Locality maps
  Collection maps
  hand edited to remove double quotes
Release 3.0.7  
Date: Aug 9, 2010
  Regenerate all home pages link on Upload page
  Bolton supporting changes

Release 3.0.6
Date: Jul 26, 2006
  New GoogleEarth plugin support
  Very minor change to created and copy of release.txt added to build.xml (so I can see newer files in docroot).
  UploadAction modification to regenerate all Home pages
  Fixed some cancel buttons and redirection to

Release 3.0.5
Date: Jul 13, 2010
  Fix getOutputStream exception on PDF generation.  Implement servlet.
  Null Pointer Exception in

Release: 3.0.4
Date: Jul 12, 2010
  Re-integrate code changes.
  Upgraded commons-logging jar and removed old commons-logging jar file(s).
    Nightly reboot at 4:05am
    Permissions changed.

Release: 3.0.3
Date: Jul 7, 2010
  Roll back to original Dave Thau code (with new deployment mechanism)

Release: 3.0.2
Date: Jul 5, 2010
  Fix the broken Browse link.  Remove extra /.
  Add AppContextListerer and memory logging to app startup and shutdown
  Remove log4j.  Dummy logging system.
  Remove servlet.jar and servletapi-2.3.jar
  Incorporate odd files into CVS.  /etc/add directory.
  Trap most common stacktraces and log info

Release: 3.0.1
Date: Jun 23, 2010
  Add uptime.jsp
    Implement AppCheck.php
    Implement uptime check    
  Fixed error.jsp.  Fixed exception.  Write to log file.
  Added - collection of utility methods
  Bug fixes:
    More diagnostics in Specimen.getDescription for Null Pointer Exception
    Attempt fix in SpecimenImage.getShot()
    Handle null project in BrowseAction to fix problem in TaxonPage.jsp

Release: 3.0
Date: Jun 17, 2010
  display head and profile images (if available)
  Address the homepage slideshow intermittent hiccup affecting PCs.
  Change build process to include server specific
  Add to CVS in the /etc dir.
  Log4j logging mechanism implemented.
  Javadoc generation process fixed (classpath error).
  Documentation created: antweb-docs.txt, ERD, fileMods.txt, notes.txt, release.txt...