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Genus: Gnamptogenys   Roger, 1863 


Current Valid Name:

Taxonomic History (provided by Barry Bolton, 2022)

Extant: 144 valid species

Fossil: 6 valid species

Gnamptogenys Roger, 1863a PDF: 174. Type-species: Ponera tornata, by subsequent designation of Emery, 1911e PDF: 44. AntCat AntWiki

Taxonomic history

[Type-species not Ectatomma concinna, unjustified subsequent designation by Wheeler, 1911g PDF: 164; see Emery, 1912d PDF: 271 and Wheeler, 1913a PDF: 79.]
Gnamptogenys in Ponerinae: Mayr, 1865 PDF: 15 [Poneridae].
Gnamptogenys in Ponerinae, Ectatommini: Emery, 1895l PDF: 767; Emery, 1911e PDF: 44; Forel, 1917 PDF: 236; Wheeler, 1922: 643; all subsequent authors to the following.
Gnamptogenys as genus: Roger, 1863a PDF: 174; Forel, 1917 PDF: 236; Brown, 1958g PDF: 211; all subsequent authors.
Genus Gnamptogenys references
Roger, 1863b PDF: 19 (catalogue); Mayr, 1863a PDF: 422 (catalogue); Mayr, 1865 PDF: 15 (diagnosis); Mayr, 1870b PDF: 963 (all species key); Mayr, 1887 PDF: 540 (diagnosis); Emery, 1889: 494 (Ectatomma (Stictoponera) species key); Emery, 1896g PDF: 43, 44 Gnamptogenys (Holcoponera), Gnamptogenys (Gnamptogenys) species keys; Forel, 1900f PDF: 316 (India & Sri Lanka species key); Bingham, 1903 PDF: 82 (India, Sri Lanka & Burma species key); Emery, 1911e PDF: 34 (Rhopalopone diagnosis, catalogue); Emery, 1911e PDF: 40 (Holcoponera diagnosis, catalogue); Emery, 1911e PDF: 43 (Ectatomma (Poneracantha) diagnosis, catalogue); Emery, 1911e PDF: 44 (Ectatomma (Parectatomma) & Gnamptogenys (Gnamptogenys) diagnoses, catalogues); Emery, 1911e PDF: 46 (Emeryella diagnosis, catalogue); Emery, 1911e PDF: 46 (Alfaria diagnosis, catalogue); Emery, 1911e PDF: 47 (Stictoponera diagnosis, catalogue); Gallardo, 1918c PDF: 22, 42 (Argentina species key); Mann, 1919 PDF: 286 (Wheeleripone species key); Wheeler, 1924c PDF: 240 (Rhopalopone species key); Santschi, 1929h PDF: 471 (Holcoponera species key); Chapman & Capco, 1951 PDF: 26, 29 (Asia Rhopalopone, Stictoponera checklists); Brown, 1954h PDF: 1 (Gnamptogenys coxalis group species); Brown, 1956d PDF: 489 (Holcoponera species notes); Brown, 1958g PDF: 211 (revision of genus, all species keys); Brown, 1958g PDF: 230 (New World species revision, key); Brown, 1958g PDF: 237 (Old World species revision, key); Kempf, 1972b PDF: 111 (Neotropical catalogue); Smith, 1979: 1337 (North America catalogue); Taylor & Brown, 1985: 30 (Australia catalogue); Taylor, 1987a PDF: 28 (Australia checklist); Brandão & Lattke, 1990 PDF: 489 (Alfaria group, status); Lattke, 1990b PDF: 22 (Venezuela species key); Hölldobler & Wilson, 1990: 10 (synoptic classification); Brandão, 1991 PDF: 344 (Neotropical catalogue); Lattke, 1992a PDF: 123 (Gnamptogenys minuta group, key); Bolton, 1995a PDF: 1049 (census); Bolton, 1995b: 208 (catalogue); Lattke, 1995 PDF: 149 (New World species revision, key); Wu & Wang, 1995a: 36 (China species key); Xu & Zhang, 1996 PDF: 56 (China species key); Shattuck, 1999: 185 (Australia synopsis); Zhou, 2001a PDF: 31 (China, Guangxi species key); Lattke, 2004 PDF: 51 (Old World species revision, key); Lattke et al., 2007 PDF: 257 (New World species key); Lattke et al., 2008 PDF: 68 (Colombia species key); Lattke & Delsinne, 2016 PDF: 141 (minuta group species); Chen et al., 2017 10.3897/jhr.54.10816 PDF: 93 (China species key); Cantone, 2017 PDF: 143 (brief male diagnosis); Feitosa & Prada-Achiardi, 2019 PDF: 666 (Colombia species key); Camacho et al., 2020 PDF: 452 (Neotropical species key)

Taxon Page Images:

Gnamptogenys mordax adults, pupae, and larvae. Ants darken as they age, so the different colors of the adults in this photo indicates time since eclosion. Venezuela.
Image © Alex Wild.

Gnamptogenys binghami, Kerala. Dr Kalesh Sadasivan 2016

// Distribution


  Geographic regions (According to curated Geolocale/Taxon lists):
    Americas: Argentina, Barbados, Belize, Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, French Guiana, Guadeloupe, Guatemala, Guyana, Haiti, Honduras, Jamaica, Martinique, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Puerto Rico, Saint Lucia, Suriname, Trinidad and Tobago, United States, Uruguay, Venezuela
    Asia: Borneo, Brunei, Cambodia, China, India, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Nicobar Island, Philippines, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam
    Oceania: Australia, Fiji, Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands
  Biogeographic regions (According to curated Bioregion/Taxon lists):
    Australasia, Indomalaya, Nearctic, Neotropical, Oceania

Taxonomic Treatment (provided by Plazi)

Scientific Name Status Publication Pages ModsID GoogleMaps
Gnamptogenys nov. gen  Roger, J., 1863, Die neu aufgeführten Gattungen und Arten meines Formiciden-Verzeichnisses, nebst Ergänzung einiger früher gegeben Beschreibungen., Berliner Entomologische Zeitschrift 7, pp. 131-214: 174, (download) 174 4101
Gnamptogenys   Mayr, G., 1866, Diagnosen neuer und wenig gekannter Formiciden., Verhandlungen der Zoologisch-Botanischen Gesellschaft in Wien 16, pp. 885-908: 892-893, (download) 892-893 4366

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