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Species: Solenopsis ufv-30

   (Not a Valid Name)
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Not found on any curated Geolocale/Taxon lists.


This morphospecies is represented in the LABECOL collection by a single dealate queen. Morphologically it is a very distinct Solenopsis and seems to belong to a group of social parasites, like S. phoretica and this morphospecies:,_Brackenridge_Field_Lab,_Texas,_Alex_Wild.jpg

It differs from S. phoretica by the shape of the masticatory margin (having three teeth, without any concavity, instead of two teeth separated by a large concavity) and differs from the specimen imaged by Alex Wild by having the petiole's sternite process much more developed.

It is also similar to S. succinea and allies for lacking clypeal longitudinal carinae and by the petiole shape, but is much smaller. For example, the queen of Solenopsis ufv-30 (HL 0.48) is smaller than the worker of Solenopsis ufv-13 (HL 0.61).

Additional traits of Solenopsis ufv-30 worth to mention is the almost flat anterior clypeal margin and the ventral concavity of the anterior portion of first gaster segment. Dorsal anterior portion of first gaster segment is concave too and in dorsal view of the gaster, there is a conspicuous pair of anterolateral lobes.

(Note by Júlio Chaul, xi.2017)

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