Are these ants? (Torie, Charleston, SC, USA & Shashika, Sri Lanka)

Hi there,
I live in Charleston, SC and my husband took this picture of these ants outside his workplace. Can you identify them for us?


- AND-


One of my friends photographed what we think is some kind of ants here in Sri Lanka !! not quite sure the name of these ants

Shashika Kulamannage Sri Lanka.jpg

is it possible to identify ?

Thanks in advance,


Dear Torie and Shashika,

Thank you for contacting AntAsk and sending a photos of your "ants" in question. What you have found are not ants, but a group of hemiptera insects that looks a lot like ants! There are lots of insects and spiders that mimic ants and we have a couple posts on this already here, here, and here.

The term myrmecomorphy is also used to describe ant mimicry.

Thank you for contacting us,
Corrie Moreau & the AntAsk Team

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