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State/Province: Tennessee

Subfamilies: 8
Genera: 35
Species/Subspecies: 143
  Endemic: 1
  Introduced: 10
Imaged Specimens: 12

Joe A. MacGown


Currently, only 131 species of ants in 7 subfamilies and 30 genera are known to occur in Tennessee. This species total is lower than most other southeastern states, which is somewhat surprising given the variety of habitats present and the number of species found in adjacent states. This total will likely increase with further targeted collections in the state.

Similar to other southeastern states, the most speciose genus in the state is Strumigenys (17 species), followed by Formica (12), and Camponotus (11). Only eight introduced species have been reported from the state. Of these, Solenopsis invicta (red imported fire ant) and S. richteri are the most serious.

Several distinct physiographic regions are found in Tennessee including the Mississippi Alluvial Valley, West Tennessee Plain, West Tennessee Uplands, Highland Rim, Central Basin, Cumberland Plateau, Valley and Ridge, and the Unaka Mountains.


Joe A. MacGown