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Field Guide of Genera in Fossil Ants


Genus: Acanthognathus

Genus: Acropyga

Genus: Afromyrma

Genus: Afropone

Genus: Agroecomyrmex

Genus: Alloiomma

Genus: Aneuretellus

Genus: Anochetus

Genus: Aphaenogaster

Genus: Apterostigma

Genus: Archimyrmex

Genus: Archiponera

Genus: Asymphylomyrmex

Genus: Attopsis

Genus: Azteca

Genus: Baikuris

Genus: Bilobomyrma

Genus: Boltonidris

Genus: Brachytarsites

Genus: Bradoponera

Genus: Britaneuretus

Genus: Brownimecia

Genus: Burmomyrma

Genus: Calyptites

Genus: Camponotus

Genus: Cananeuretus

Genus: Canapone

Genus: Carebara

Genus: Casaleia

Genus: Cataglyphoides

Genus: Cataulacus

Genus: Cephalomyrmex

Genus: Cephalopone

Genus: Cephalotes

Genus: Chimaeromyrma

Genus: Chronomyrmex

Genus: Clavipetiola

Genus: Conoformica

Genus: Crematogaster

Genus: Cretomyrma

Genus: Cretopone

Genus: Ctenobethylus

Genus: Curtipalpulus

Genus: Cyphomyrmex

Genus: Cyrtopone

Genus: Discothyrea

Genus: Dlusskyidris

Genus: Dolichoderus

Genus: Drymomyrmex

Genus: Ectatomma

Genus: Elaeomyrmex

Genus: Elaphrodites

Genus: Eldermyrmex

Genus: Electromyrmex

Genus: Electroponera

Genus: Emplastus

Genus: Enneamerus

Genus: Eocenidris

Genus: Eocenomyrma

Genus: Eoformica

Genus: Eogorgites

Genus: Eoleptocerites

Genus: Eomyrmex

Genus: Eoponerites

Genus: Eotapinoma

Genus: Eulithomyrmex

Genus: Eurymyrmex

Genus: Eurytarsites

Genus: Fallomyrma

Genus: Fonsecahymen

Genus: Formica

Genus: Furcisutura

Genus: Fushuniformica

Genus: Fushunomyrmex

Genus: Gerontoformica

Genus: Gesomyrmex

Genus: Glaphyromyrmex

Genus: Gnamptogenys

Genus: Gracilidris

Genus: Haidomyrmex

Genus: Haidomyrmodes

Genus: Haidoterminus

Genus: Heeridris

Genus: Huaxiaformica

Genus: Hypopomyrmex

Genus: Hypoponera

Genus: Ilemomyrmex

Genus: Imhoffia

Genus: Iridomyrmex

Genus: Klondikia

Genus: Kohlsimyrma

Genus: Kotshkorkia

Genus: Kyromyrma

Genus: Lasius

Genus: Leptogasteritus

Genus: Leptogenys

Genus: Leptomyrmex

Genus: Leptomyrmula

Genus: Leucotaphus

Genus: Liaoformica

Genus: Liometopum

Genus: Lonchomyrmex

Genus: Longicapitia

Genus: Longiformica

Genus: Magnogasterites

Genus: Messelepone

Genus: Messor

Genus: Mianeuretus

Genus: Miomyrmex

Genus: Miosolenopsis

Genus: Monomorium

Genus: Myanmyrma

Genus: Myopopone

Genus: Myrmecites

Genus: Myrmica

Genus: Nesomyrmex

Genus: Nylanderia

Genus: Odontomachus

Genus: Oecophylla

Genus: Orbicapitia

Genus: Orbigastrula

Genus: Ovalicapito

Genus: Ovaligastrula

Genus: Oxyidris

Genus: Pachycondyla

Genus: Parameranoplus

Genus: Paraneuretus

Genus: Paraphaenogaster

Genus: Paraponera

Genus: Paratrechina

Genus: Petraeomyrmex

Genus: Petropone

Genus: Pheidole

Genus: Pheidologeton

Genus: Pityomyrmex

Genus: Plagiolepis

Genus: Platythyrea

Genus: Plesiomyrmex

Genus: Podomyrma

Genus: Pogonomyrmex

Genus: Polyrhachis

Genus: Ponera

Genus: Ponerine_genus1

Genus: Ponerine_genus2

Genus: Ponerites

Genus: Prenolepis

Genus: Prionomyrmex

Genus: Pristomyrmex

Genus: Proceratium

Genus: Prodimorphomyrmex

Genus: Proiridomyrmex

Genus: Protaneuretus

Genus: Protazteca

Genus: Protoformica

Genus: Protomyrmica

Genus: Protopone

Genus: Protrechina

Genus: Pseudectatomma

Genus: Pseudocamponotus

Genus: Pseudolasius

Genus: Pseudomyrmex

Genus: Quadrulicapito

Genus: Quineangulicapito

Genus: Rhytidoponera

Genus: Sicilomyrmex

Genus: Sinoformica

Genus: Sinomyrmex

Genus: Sinotenuicapito

Genus: Solenopsis

Genus: Solenopsites

Genus: Sphaerogasterites

Genus: Sphecomyrma

Genus: Sphecomyrmodes

Genus: Stenamma

Genus: Stigmatomma

Genus: Stigmomyrmex

Genus: Stiphromyrmex

Genus: Strumigenys

Genus: Tapinoma

Genus: Technomyrmex

Genus: Temnothorax

Genus: Tetraponera

Genus: Titanomyrma

Genus: Trachymyrmex

Genus: Vollenhovia

Genus: Wilsonia

Genus: Wumyrmex

Genus: Yantaromyrmex

Genus: Ypresiomyrma

Genus: Zatania

Genus: Zhangidris

Genus: Zherichinius

Genus: Zigrasimecia