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Field Guide of Genera in Fiji Ants


Genus: Acropyga

Genus: Adelomyrmex

Genus: Anochetus

Genus: Anoplolepis

Genus: Camponotus

Genus: Cardiocondyla

Genus: Carebara

Genus: Discothyrea

Genus: Eurhopalothrix

Genus: Gnamptogenys

Genus: Hypoponera

Genus: Iridomyrmex

Genus: Leptogenys

Genus: Lordomyrma

Genus: Metapone

Genus: Monomorium

Genus: Myrmecina

Genus: Nylanderia

Genus: Ochetellus

Genus: Odontomachus

Genus: Pachycondyla

Genus: Paraparatrechina

Genus: Paratrechina

Genus: Pheidole

Genus: Philidris

Genus: Plagiolepis

Genus: Platythyrea

Genus: Poecilomyrma

Genus: Ponera

Genus: Prionopelta

Genus: Pristomyrmex

Genus: Proceratium

Genus: Rogeria

Genus: Solenopsis

Genus: Stigmatomma

Genus: Strumigenys

Genus: Tapinoma

Genus: Technomyrmex

Genus: Tetramorium

Genus: Vollenhovia