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Species: Camponotus grandidieri   Forel, 1886 

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Camponotus grandidieri atrabilis, Camponotus grandidieri auropubens, Camponotus grandidieri comorensis, Camponotus grandidieri eumendax, Camponotus grandidieri mendax, Camponotus grandidieri rollei, Camponotus grandidieri rotundata, Camponotus grandidieri ruspolii

Taxonomic History (provided by Barry Bolton, 2016)

4 subspecies

Camponotus (Myrmotrema) grandidieri Forel, 1886c PDF: ciii (s.w.) MADAGASCAR. Malagasy. AntCat AntWiki

Taxonomic history

Forel, 1891c PDF: 39 (s.); Forel, 1892o: 232 (m.); Forel, 1912l: 166 (q.).
Revived status as species: Forel, 1914a PDF: 270.
Current subspecies: nominal plus Camponotus grandidieri atrabilis, Camponotus grandidieri comorensis, Camponotus grandidieri eumendax, Camponotus grandidieri ruspolii.


Region: Kenya, Mozambique, Namibia, Tanzania, Zimbabwe
Region: Comoros, Europa Island, Madagascar, Mauritius, Mayotte, Seychelles

Distribution Notes:

Reference for Kenya if not type: Forel 1907g

Taxonomic Treatment (provided by Plazi)

Scientific Name Status Publication Pages ModsID GoogleMaps
Camponotus grandidieri n. sp.  Forel, A., 1886, Diagnosies provisoires de quelques espèces nouvelles de fourmis de Madagascar, récoltées par M. Grandidier., Annales de la Societe Entomologique de Belgique, Comptes-rendus des Seances 30, pp. 101-106: 103, (download) 103 3920
Camponotus grandidieri   Forel, A., 1909, Fourmis du Musée de Bruxelles. Fourmis de Benguela récoltées par M. Creighton Wellman, et fourmis du Congo récoltées par MM. Luja, Kohl et Laurent., Annales de la Societe Entomologique de Belgique 53, pp. 51-73: 55, (download) 55 4018
Camponotus grandidieri   Forel, A., 1892, Hymenopteres 2 (supplement au 28 fascicule). Les Formicides., Histoire physique, naturelle et politique de Madagascar. 20., Paris: Unknown Publisher, pp. 232-280: 232, (download) 232 8239
Camponotus grandidieri   Forel, A., 1891, Histoire naturelle des Hymenopteres. Deuxieme partie: Les Formicides., Histoire Physique, Naturelle et Politique de Madagascar., Paris: L'Imprimerie Nationale, pp. 1-231: 39-40, (download) 39-40 6734
Camponotus grandidieri   Emery, C., 1894, Mission scientifique de M. Ch. Alluaud aux îles Séchelles (mars, avril, mai 1892). 2 e mémoire. Formicides., Annales de la Société Entomologique de France 63, pp. 67-72: 72, (download) 72 3771
Camponotus grandidieri   Santschi, F., 1915, Nouvelles fourmis d'Afrique., Annales de la Société Entomologique de France 84, pp. 244-282: 275, (download) 275 3651
Camponotus grandidieri   Forel, A., 1886, Études myrmécologiques en 1886., Annales de la Societe Entomologique de Belgique 30, pp. 131-215: 57, (download) 57 3923

Specimen Habitat Summary

Found most commonly in these habitats: 48 times found in coastal scrub, 33 times found in urban/garden, 18 times found in urban garden, 17 times found in mixed forest, 14 times found in tropical dry forest, 11 times found in littoral rainforest, 11 times found in dry forest, 12 times found in rainforest, 10 times found in forest, 8 times found in mangrove, ...

Collected most commonly using these methods or in the following microhabitats: 32 times Malaise trap, 12 times beating low vegetation, 11 times Malaise, 5 times sweeping, 3 times beating, 6 times Pitfall trap, 5 times at light, 3 times GC, 2 times ER28 Malaise trap, 2 times Malaise, 1 trap, 2 times Beat 25 sample transect, 10m, beating low vegetation, ...

Elevations: collected from 1 - 1550 meters, 110 meters average

Type specimens: not part of type series: casent0911862

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