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Species: Odontomachus assiniensis   Emery, 1892 

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Odontomachus assiniensis aterrimus, Odontomachus assiniensis caffrorum, Odontomachus assiniensis fauconneti, Odontomachus assiniensis flavescens, Odontomachus assiniensis furvior, Odontomachus assiniensis fuscus, Odontomachus assiniensis oblita, Odontomachus assiniensis tropicalis

Taxonomic History (provided by Barry Bolton, 2017)

Odontomachus assiniensis Emery, 1892f PDF: 558 (w.) IVORY COAST. Afrotropic. AntCat AntWiki HOL

Taxonomic history

Santschi, 1910c PDF: 350 (q.); Forel, 1913f PDF: 666 (q.m.); Santschi, 1914b: 57 (m.).
Senior synonym of Odontomachus intermedius: Wheeler, 1922: 793; Brown, 1976a: 102; of Odontomachus aterrimus, Odontomachus caffrorum, Odontomachus fauconneti, Odontomachus flavescens, Odontomachus furvior, Odontomachus fuscus Stitz, 1916, Odontomachus tropicalis: Brown, 1976a: 102.
See also: Brown, 1976a: 128.

Taxon Page Images:

Odontomachus assiniensis. Mtunzini, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa; 12 July 2016. Photo by Philip Herbst; collection by Ricky Taylor


Afrotropical Region: Benin, Bundibugyo, Cameroon, Central African Republic, Democratic Republic of Congo, Gabon, Ghana, Guinea, Ivory Coast, Kabarole, Kenya, Kibale NP, KwaZulu-Natal, Morogoro, Mozambique, Ogooue-Maritime, Prefecture Sangha-Mbaéré, South Africa, Sud, Tanga, Tanzania, Uganda, West Uganda, Western Uganda, Woleu-Ntem, Zambia
Australasia Region: Northern, Western
Indomalaya Region: Malaysia, Sarawak

Distribution Notes:

Reference for Kenya if not type: Kakamega Forest


Caste of types: (w)

Taxonomic Treatment (provided by Plazi)

Scientific Name Status Publication Pages ModsID GoogleMaps
Odontomachus assiniensis   Santschi, F., 1914, Formicidae., Voyage de Ch. Alluaud et R. Jeannel en Afrique Orientale (1911 - 1912). Résultats scientifiques. Hyménoptères 2, pp. 41-148: 57, (download) 57 8111
Odontomachus assiniensis   Wheeler, W. M., 1922, The ants collected by the American Museum Congo Expedition., Bulletin of the American Museum of Natural History 45, pp. 39-269: 100-101, (download) 100-101 20597

Specimen Habitat Summary

Found most commonly in these habitats: 53 times found in Rainforest, 9 times found in primary forest, 4 times found in tropical wet forest, 7 times found in mature wet forest, 2 times found in remnant ravine forest, 1 times found in Eastern Coastal Belt Forest, 1 times found in swamp forest, 2 times found in moist evergreen forest, 1 times found in primary foret habitat, 1 times found in 2nd growth veg., ...

Found most commonly in these microhabitats: 9 times sifted litter (leaf mold, rotten wood), 3 times ex sifted leaf litter, 5 times ex rotten log, 5 times sifted litter, 3 times nest under stone, 1 times in the soil. Colony in coarse mowed grassland. Nest has multiple exits in an area of 50cm diameter, 1 times sifted leaf litter, 1 times on ground, 2 times leaf litter, 1 times foragers, 2 times at bait, ...

Collected most commonly using these methods: 16 times EC28 Malaise trap, 8 times search, 9 times EC31 yellow pan trap, 8 times MW 50 sample transect, 5m, 6 times pitfall trap, PF bucket, 4 times hand collected, 3 times hand collecting, 4 times Winkler, 3 times pitfall trap, 1 times By hand, 2 times pitfall trap, PF 50 yogurt sample transect5m, ...

Elevations: collected from 25 - 1800 meters, 782 meters average

Type specimens: paratype of Odontomachus assiniensis furvior: rmcaent000017745; syntype of Odontomachus assiniensis: casent0904001; syntype of Odontomachus assiniensis fauconneti: rmcaent000017744; syntype of Odontomachus assiniensis flavescens: casent0913746, casent0915470; syntype of Odontomachus furvior: casent0900580; syntype of Odontomachus assiniensis fauconneti: casent0907424; type of Odontomachus intermedius: focol1047, focol1048, focol2304, focol2305

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