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Species: Pheidole punctatissima   Mayr, 1870 

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Taxonomic History (provided by Barry Bolton, 2017)

Pheidole punctatissima Mayr, 1870a PDF: 400 (s.w.) MEXICO. Neotropic. NHMW. CASENT0601256. AntCat AntWiki HOL

Taxonomic history


Nearctic Region: California
Neotropical Region: Alajuela, Alta Verapaz, Aragua, Atlántida, Belize, Canal Zone, Cartago, Chiapas, Colombia, Comayagua, Costa Rica, Escuintla, Estelí, Francisco Morazán, Gracias a Dios, Granada, Guanacaste, Guatemala, Heredia, Honduras, Izabal, Limón, Madriz, Magdalena, Masaya, Matagalpa, Nicaragua, Oaxaca, Olancho, Panama, Petén, Puntarenas, Región Autónoma del Atlántico Sur, San José, Tamaulipas, Venezuela, Veracruz
Palearctic Region: Denmark

Distribution Notes:

Mexico (type locality) to Colombia, questionable record from Cuba (Kempf 1972). Costa Rica: disturbed habitats of Pacific lowlands and montane areas.


Natural History:

This species thrives in disturbed areas, and it is often a pest ant. Nests are often in ephemeral cavities: soft rotten sticks, beneath bark flaps, in debris in forks of trees, etc.


(Dutch vernacular name: blauwbaard dikkop)


Brown, W. L. Jr. 1981. Preliminary contributions toward a revision of the ant genus Pheidole (Hymenoptera: Formicdae). Part I. J. Kansas Ent. Soc. 54:523-530.

Taxonomic Treatment (provided by Plazi)

Scientific Name Status Publication Pages ModsID GoogleMaps
Pheidole punctatissima   Forel, A., 1908, Fourmis de Costa-Rica, récoltées par M. Paul Biolley., Bulletin de la Societe Vaudoise des Sciences Naturelles 44, pp. 35-72: 52, (download) 52 4014
Pheidole punctatissima   Wilson, E. O., 2003, Pheidole in the New World. A dominant, hyperdiverse ant genus., Cambridge, MA: Harvard University Press: 618-619, (download) 618-619 20017
Pheidole punctatissima   Longino, J. T. & Cox, D. J., 2009, Pheidole bilimeki reconsidered (Hymenoptera: Formicidae)., Zootaxa 1985, pp. 34-42: 41, (download) 41 22416
Pheidole punctatissima   Emery, C., 1896, Studi sulle formiche della fauna Neotropica., Bollettino della Societa Entomologica Italiana 28, pp. 33-107: 44-45, (download) 44-45 3798
Pheidole punctatissima   Borgmeier, T., 1939, Nova contribuição para o conhecimento das formigas neotropicais (Hym. Formicidae)., Revista de Entomologia, São Paulo 10, pp. 403-428: 420, (download) 420 6484

Specimen Habitat Summary

Found most commonly in these habitats: 22 times found in tropical moist forest, 19 times found in 2º wet forest, 14 times found in lowland wet forest, 9 times found in 2º tropical rainforest, 19 times found in tropical dry forest, 12 times found in Port of Entry, 12 times found in mesophil forest, 2 times found in lowland tropical rain forest, 2 times found in 2º lowland rainforest, 6 times found in riparian mesophil for., ...

Found most commonly in these microhabitats: 60 times at bait, 46 times ex sifted leaf litter, 20 times beating vegetation, 1 times in litter, on palm leaves, 1 times in soil of houseplant indoors, 1 times nest in live stems Myriocarpa, 1 times S. P. Cover#12, 1 times ex carton nest on tree trunk, 1 times nest in rotten stick, 1 times nest in live tree, 3 times foragers, ...

Collected most commonly using these methods: 73 times search, 57 times Baiting, 35 times MiniWinkler, 20 times Beating, 6 times bait, 4 times hand collecting, 5 times Winkler, 6 times MaxiWinkler, 1 times Orchid leaf, 1 times sifted litter, 1 times Berlese, ...

Elevations: collected from 10 - 2500 meters, 527 meters average

Type specimens: Lectotype Pheidole punctatissima: casent0601256; Paralectotype Pheidole punctatissima: casent0601257; syntype of Pheidole punctatissima: casent0901593, casent0901594; syntype Pheidole napaea: jtlc000016094, jtlc000016095

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