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Species: Camponotus atriceps   (Smith, 1858) 

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Camponotus atriceps atricipitoesuriens, Camponotus atriceps nocens, Camponotus atriceps yankee

Taxonomic History (provided by Barry Bolton, 2015)

1 subspecies

Formica atriceps Smith, 1858a PDF: 44 (s.w.) BRAZIL. Neotropic. AntCat AntWiki

Taxonomic history

Mayr, 1862 PDF: 660 (q.); Forel, 1878c PDF: 76 (m.); Mariano, et al., 2001: 269 (k.).
Combination in Camponotus: Roger, 1862c PDF: 285.
Senior synonym of Camponotus taeniatus: Mayr, 1870a PDF: 378.
Oldest synonym of, and hence first available replacement name for, Formica abdominalis Fabricius, 1804 PDF: 409, designated by Bolton, 1995b: 86.
[Junior primary homonym of Formica abdominalis Latreille, 1802a: 175.].
Junior synonyms attached to Camponotus abdominalis Fabricius by Hashmi, 1973b: 82-83 are transferred to Camponotus atriceps, which hence is senior synonym of: Camponotus atricipitoesuriens, Camponotus costaricensis, Camponotus cupiens, Camponotus depressidens, Camponotus epistomatus, Camponotus esuriens (and its junior synonym Camponotus vulpinus), Camponotus fuchsae, Camponotus fulvacea, Camponotus fumata, Camponotus laevilata, Camponotus mediopallidus, Camponotus rabidus, Camponotus romani, Camponotus stercorarius, Camponotus taeniatus, Camponotus transvectus, Camponotus ustulatus.
Material of the unavailable names Camponotus defrictus, Camponotus flavobasalis, Camponotus luisae, Camponotus misionensis, Camponotus panamanus, referred to Camponotus abdominalis Fabricius by Hashmi, 1973b: 82, is here referred to Camponotus atriceps.
Current subspecies: nominal plus Camponotus atriceps nocens.
(status uncertain, see Hashmi, 1973b: 120).

Taxon Page Author History

On 2012-06-05 21:48:46 Eli Sarnat modified References
On 2012-06-05 21:46:04 Eli Sarnat modified Biology
On 2012-06-05 21:33:44 Eli Sarnat modified Biology

Specimen Habitat Summary

Found most commonly in these habitats: 32 times found in lowland wet forest, 26 times found in tropical moist forest, 12 times found in Port of entry, 14 times found in 2º wet forest, 4 times found in pine/oak forest, 13 times found in tropical rainforest, 9 times found in montane wet forest, 6 times found in lowland tropical rain forest, 8 times found in lowland rainforest, 6 times found in tropical wet forest, ...

Collected most commonly using these methods or in the following microhabitats: 71 times search, 20 times hand collecting, 39 times MiniWinkler, 34 times Baiting, 29 times Beating, 27 times Malaise, 11 times blacklight, 10 times flight intercept trap, 6 times fogging, 6 times MaxiWinkler, 1 times under logs near camp, ...

Elevations: collected from 2 - 2290 meters, 551 meters average

Type specimens: Holotype of Camponotus atriceps: casent0903607; Holotype of Formica esuriens: casent0903608; syntype of Camponotus abdominalis costaricensis: casent0910333, casent0910334; syntype of Camponotus abdominalis cupiens: casent0910335, casent0910336; syntype of Camponotus abdominalis cupiens luisae: casent0911794; syntype of Camponotus abdominalis cupiens misionensis: casent0911795, casent0911796; syntype of Camponotus abdominalis depressidens: casent0911799, casent0911800; syntype of Camponotus abdominalis epistomatus: casent0911801; syntype of Camponotus abdominalis floridanus defrictus: casent0911797, casent0911798; syntype of Camponotus abdominalis floridanus panamanus: casent0911805; syntype of Camponotus abdominalis fuchsae: casent0910337, casent0910338; syntype of Camponotus abdominalis laevilata: casent0911802; syntype of Camponotus abdominalis mediopallidus: casent0910339, casent0910340; syntype of Camponotus abdominalis mediopallidus flavobasalis: casent0911803, casent0911804; syntype of Camponotus atriceps stercorarius: casent0910343; syntype of Camponotus atriceps ustulatus: casent0910341, casent0910342

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