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Genus: Azteca   Forel, 1878 


Taxonomic History (provided by Barry Bolton, 2015)

Extant: 84 species, 28 subspecies

Fossil: 2 species

Azteca Forel, 1878c PDF: 384 . Type-species: Liometopum xanthochroum, by monotypy. AntCat AntWiki

Taxonomic history

[Type-species not Tapinoma instabilis, unjustified subsequent designation (based on inaccurate synonymy) by Wheeler, 1911g PDF: 159. Type-species not Azteca muelleri, unjustified subsequent designation by Emery, 1913a PDF: 31; repeated in Wheeler, 1913a PDF: 78.].
Azteca in Dolichoderidae: Ashmead, 1905c PDF: 384.
Azteca in Dolichoderinae, Leptomyrmecini: Ward, Brady, et al. 2010: 361.
[Aztecum Bertkau, 1879a PDF: 13, incorrect subsequent spelling.].
Genus Azteca references
Dalla Torre, 1893 PDF}: 163 (catalogue); Emery, 1893l: 127 (species key); Emery, 1913a PDF: 29 (diagnosis, catalogue); Kempf, 1972b PDF: 29 (catalogue); Longino, 1989b PDF: 1 (Azteca alfari group on Cecropia); Brandão, 1991 PDF: 329 (catalogue); Longino, 1991a PDF: 1571 (Cecropia-inhabiting species key); Shattuck, 1992c PDF: 49 (diagnosis, review of genus); Shattuck, 1994 PDF: 10 (catalogue); Bolton, 1995a PDF: 1048 (census); Bolton, 1995b: 78 (catalogue); Longino, 1996 PDF: 131 (Costa Rica stem-inhabiting species key); Longino, 2007 PDF: 10 (Costa Rica species keys); Guerrero, Delabie & Dejean, 2010 PDF: 53 (Azteca aurita group key).

Taxon Page Images:

The swollen stem of a Cordia nodosa plant houses a symbiotic colony of Azteca ants. The ants protect the plant from herbivores in exchange for lodging. The large ant at center is the queen. Jatun Sacha reserve, Napo, Ecuador.
Image © Alex Wild.

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