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Species: Myrmica rubra

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Taxonomic History (provided by Barry Bolton, 2014)

1 subspecies

Formica rubra Linnaeus, 1758 PDF: 580 (w.) EUROPE. Palearctic. AntCat AntWiki

Taxonomic history

Combination in Myrmica: Latreille, 1804: 179.
Senior synonym of Myrmica laevinodis (and its junior synonyms Myrmica bruesi, Myrmica champlaini, Myrmica longiscapus): Yarrow, 1955c PDF: 114; Arnol'di, 1970b PDF: 1839; Boven, 1977 PDF}: 115; Arnol'di & Dlussky, 1978: 530; Collingwood, 1979 PDF: 52; Seifert, 1988b: 5; of Myrmica europaea: Radchenko, Czechowski & Czechowska, 1997: 483; Czechowski, Radchenko & Czechowska, 2002 PDF: 17; of Myrmica microrubra: Steiner, Schlick-Steiner, Konrad, et al. 2006: 777.
Current subspecies: nominal plus Myrmica rubra khamensis, Myrmica rubra neolaevinodis.


Throughout SLO


Various habitats


microrubra is here considered as synonym (Dutch vernacular name: gewone steekmier)

Taxonomic Treatment (provided by Plazi)

Smith, F.:
The Bed Ant. B. M.
Formica rubra, Linn . Syst. Nat. 963,7. De Geer, Ins. ii, 1093, 6,
t. 43, f. I. Schrank, Ins. Aust. 415, 837. Oliv. Enc. Meth.
vi. 493. Fabr. Ent. Syst. 353,14. Don. 14,87, t. 503. Latr.
Hist. Nat. Fourm. 246, t. 10, f. 62. Myrmica rubra, Latr . Gen. Crust. Ins. 131. St. Farg. Hist. Nat.
Ins. i. 181,2, t. 2, f. 3, [[ male ]]. Formica minima rubra, Ray , Ins. 69. The Red Ant, Gould, Eng. Ants, ii. 3. Manica rubra, Jurine , 279. Huber, Fourm, 59.
Hab. - Britain, Meadows, Banks, & c.
Formica rubra, Linn . Faun. Suec. 1725. Myrmica caespitum , Zett. Ins. Lapp. 450,1, [[ male ]]. Myrmica ruginodis, Nyland . Adno. Mon. Form. Boreal. 930, 3. Foerster, Hym. Stud. Form. 66, 36.
The majority of specimens examined of this species possessing the Linnean characteristic " punctum nigrum, sub abdomine, " the Linnean name has been retained for it

Specimen Habitat Summary

Found most commonly in these habitats: 0 times found in Unknown, 0 times found in Forest, 0 times found in Anthropogenic, 0 times found in heathlands, 0 times found in Wet grassland, 0 times found in dry grassland, 0 times found in shrubs, 0 times found in Rocks (rocky-calcareous grasslands), 0 times found in dunes & inland dunes, 0 times found in bogs & fenns, ...

Collected most commonly using these methods or in the following microhabitats: 0 times Pitfall trap, 0 times Manual catch, 0 times Color trap, 0 times Malaise trap, 0 times White color trap, 0 times White pitfall, 0 times sifting of soil samples, 0 times beating, 0 times Pyramid trap, 2 times search, 0 times Window trap, ...

Elevations: collected from 5 - 1050 meters, 450 meters average

Type specimens: syntype of Myrmica rubra champlaini europaea: casent0907645; syntype of Myrmica rubra champlaini: casent0904063, casent0907644

(-1 examples)

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