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Subfamilies: 6
Genera: 37
Species/Subspecies: 187


Ants (Hymenoptera: Formicidae) of the Baja California peninsula consist of a diverse and distinctive fauna. Johnson & Ward (2002) provided the first comprehensive account of ant species occurring on the peninsula and estimate that about 20% of the ant fauna remains to be identified. Currently there are 186 ant species in 34 genera, including six introduced species.

The ant fauna of Baja California consists of a large number of species that are endemic or show pronounced geographical restrictions within the peninsula. About 28% of the ant fauna consists of endemic species, which closely corresponds to the proportion of endemic plant species within the peninsula. Additionally, about 30% of the species and 20% of the genera are restricted within Baja California to the relatively mesic California Floristic Province of northwestern Baja California. Nearly all of these species also occur in California. Moreover, habitat diversity, especially that related to topographic relief, appears to be the most important factor affecting the gradient of ant species richness in Baja California.

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Baja Ant Curator.
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