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I live in Ipswich, Queensland, Australia and have black with white stripe ants all over my verandah. I have never ever seen one of this type until about 6 months ago at my home. Visitors to my home are always suprised as they have never seen that type before either. They are larger then a green ant, but not as big as a bull ant. They walk side by side with the common black ant and are not agressive to my family or to other ants. I do not know what their nest looks like as I have never found it. I have looked at many other web sites in my quest to identify them, but with no success. I am hoping you can help me identify them please. Thanking you.

Dear Pamula,

Unfortunately without a image of the mystery ants it is very difficult to identify them. I am glad to hear that they are not aggressive to you or your family. Here are a couple of websites that may help with identification:

Ants Down Under
Ants of Brisbane

If you are not able to figure out what they are from the websites, you may want to contact an entomologist at a nearby natural history museum.

Best of luck,
Corrie Moreau & the AntAsk Team

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