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Hi there,
I am in the planning stages of a new ant farm. I will attempt a 2' x 6' x 1" gelatin substrate farm. Similar to the Uncle Milton farm, including the fancy led lights, only larger and wall mounted.
I will also include at least 1 divider in order to sustain 2 colonies simultaneously. My question is; based on the dimensions, I will have a total of 1 cubic foot of substrate. How many ants can a farm of this size sustain?
If I include the divider and thus provide 0.5 cubic feet per colony, how large can these colonies get? Will they be cramped over a short time? Or will I end up with a lot of unused area?

Any insight would be appreciated. Of course any other tips would be great also.

Thank you,


It is always good to hear that people are interested in keeping ants! And you seem to be planning to do it on a very large scale. We have addressed other questions regarding building very large ant farms here and on keeping ants here, here, and here.

As for how many ants your ant farm will hold, that will depend on which ant species you decide to populate your farm with. I did speak with a colleague who has quite a bit of experience with this (thanks Michael!) and he suggested that if you put the standard harvester ants that come with most ant farms "it would seem 600 ants over all would do well or 300 per section".

Good luck with your ant farm!
Corrie Moreau & the AntAsk Team