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After a couple responses from two of our African ant experts--James Trager & Peter Hawke--we have confirmed that the ants from your picture are the savannah form of the southern African ant Camponotus fulvopilosus. One of our experts believes this could be an example of their known behavior of "tandem running". Unfortunately, there are no pictures on AntWeb currently, but one of our experts mentioned that he has some queued up for imaging, and thus will be up on the site sometime this year.

As an aside, the species is very aggressive, and the majors can inflict a painful bite! Apparently, their sting contains a 45% solution of formic acid, and have a tendency to do so after running up your legs! Beware!

Thanks for your question!

Max Winston & the AntAsk Team


Last year I was in Namibia and near the Waterberg plateau I've seen these giant ants marching. Can anybody help me with identification? I don't have a clue. If suggestions could be mailed to I would be very grateful,

Bas Brinkhof