Why are these ants dying? (Rumesh)

Hi AntAsk,

Just wanted to inquire as to why would ants suddenly die ? When I mean ants i mean almost all of the same type... somewhat of a kind of small fire ants... but they are dying everywhere, and to add to that there is another variety , which doesn't bite .. tends to swarm to sweet things, and they seem to be packing up.. as the whole kitchen wall was filled with them carrying the eggs and just still and they kinds disappeared, just wanted to know what could be the cause for this.. as I find the one particular type of ants just dying randomly everywhere in mass quite disturbing.

Looking forward to your response,

Hi Rumesh,

Thanks for your question! Would it be possible that the ants, which you observe dying, have been exposed to some type of poison or insecticide? It almost sounds like that. Alternatively, they might all be from the same batch of eggs and all have reached the end of their life span, which is often relatively short in ants (a couple of months or up to a year, usually). Based on your description that would be my best guess.

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Steffi Kautz and the AntAsk Team

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