Big-headed ants in Hong Kong apartment

Stefan wrote on Jul 22 to askantweb
Hi, we have an ant species running around in our flat in Kowloon, Hong Kong, very likely a Pheidole, and I was wondering whether it might be possible to further identify it based on these pictures I made:

I don't know much about ant morphology, so in case I should make a picture of some special anatomical trait, I'd do my best :)

Thank you!

Dear Stefan:

I have taken a look at the pictures you linked. The ant in question is the common tropical house and garden ant Pheidole megacephala, a.k.a. big-headed ant. The large-headed wingless one is a major worker, the smaller one a minor worker, and the winged one on its back is a male.

Thanks for writing the AntBlog!

James C. Trager of the Ask Ant Team

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