Ant Course 2012 is over. Time to prepare for Ant Course 2013?

2012course1.jpgThe 2012 group at the Ant Course's closing ceremony.

Another fantastic Ant Course has come to a close, alas, and participants in our African adventure are headed home. We have enjoyed the great generosity of our Ugandan hosts at the Makerere University Field Station, the delights of myrmecological discovery among the local ants, and the warm companionship of students and instructors alike.

Ant Course 2013 will be held in tropical South America. Topping the 2012 Africa class will be a daunting challenge, but we'll certainly do our best.

2012course2.jpgEveryone make antennae!

Thanks for following our little blog during the course, and please continue to drop AntAsk a line with your ant-related questions!

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