Ant Course 2012 Snapshots

[The following contribution is by Ant Course participant Eunice Soh]


Just taking a break from the ant work now... Anyway, the field site we're at is beautiful and there's a good diversity of animals.

[2].jpgThe place where we stay, at the Makerere University Biological Field Station, at the heart of Kibale Forest, Western Uganda.

[3].jpgHere's the friendly "neighbourhood" monkey that hangs around, the Red-and-White Colobus Monkey!

[4].jpgA very cool blue lizard spotted by one of the participants of the Ant Course.

[5].jpgSnooping around the forest, I found many beetles, especially weevils that come in many different colours and sizes...

[6] moths_combined.jpgThe moth diversity is really amazing as well!

[7] IMG_4988.jpgOne last photo: an ant-mimicking fly, possibly.

So far, the weather, diversity and learning so much about ants has been really amazing and I wouldn't exchange it for anything else!

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