Ants in thin crack in concrete in my garage (Fred, Ovid, NY, USA)


We have a thin crack in the concrete at our garage door. Tiny ants keep bringing up small particles of something. At first I thought they were in the wood door frame as the residue was piled along it. After taking trim off there were no ants.

Have placed terro at the action site but, they keep on coming. Have sprayed, it lasts a few hours and they are again active. Blowing forced air from an air compressor brings them up. Kill them with spray, squirt it in crack and the ants return next day.

The crack is too small to really get anything in it. What next??

Thanks, Fred, Ovid NY

Dear Fred,

Sorry to hear you are having problems with ants in your garage. Although ants are an important part of the balance of the natural world, unfortunately they can also become pests in our homes. Using commercial sprays is usually ineffective, since they only kill the few workers or foragers you see. The rest of the nest, including the queen, is usually far away (deep underground or inside wood or a tree), safe from the fumes of the bug spray. To truly eliminate the entire colony, you must find a way to kill the queen.

In previous posts on AntBlog (click here, here, here, here), we have outlined some general strategies for getting rid of ants including using commercially available poisons like Borax.

Best of luck,
Corrie Moreau & the AntAsk Team

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