What is the biggest and the smallest ant species? (Cassio, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)

Hi all,

What is the biggest and the smallest species of ant? And where do they live?

Thanks, Cassio

Hi Cassio,

The biggest ants in the world are from the genus Dinoponera. The workers are about 3 cm in length (more than one inch). There are currently six valid species in the genus Dinoponera and they occur in Neotropical rainforests. The ant species Paraponera clavata, the giant Neotropical bullet ant, is also extremely large and the workers reach sizes of about an inch. Paraponera clavata also occurs in rainforests of the Neotropics and is distributed from Honduras in the North to Brazil in the South.

There are many very small ant species and the smallest probably belong to the genus Carebara. This genus comprises 160 valid species, which are found almost worldwide.

Dinoponera australis - one of the largest ants in the world. Photo from http://www.alexanderwild.com/

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Stefanie Kautz, Arista Tischner & the AntAsk Team

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