The gender of ants

I'm interested in the fact that most ants are female and was wondering if you would know who first discovered the gender of ants and how this was discovered.
I'd love the name(s), years, or any info on how to find this information. Could you point me in that direction?
Thank you!

Susie Henderson

Excellent question, Susie. Just from memory, I was thinking the French Renaissance naturalist de RĂ©aumur first correctly interpreted the gender of ants back in the 1700s. But, to get more info, I posted this at an informal myrmecology forum frequented by a fellow who is very interested in the history of myrmecology. A quite thorough discussion of your question ensued. Turns out, I was right, but rather than repeat it all here: I will provide a link to that discussion -

Thanks for stimulating an interesting look into the history of ant science!

James C. Trager of the AskAnt Team.

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