Little line of some LITTLE ants (Nicholas, Texas)


I just found this little line of some LITTLE ants. The have distinctly black heads and clear-brown bodies. Very strange. I have some sugar ants in another part of the kitchen, but these new ants are smaller and definitely different. They seem to be attracted to water/liquids. They move in uniform lines, but they are wide lines. Help?

Tomball, TX


Dear Nicholas,

Without a picture, it is hard to say what species you have crawling around your house. However, by your description, it sounds like they could be Tapinoma melanocephalum. Follow the link to the AntWeb species page for Tapinoma melanocephalum to see whether your ants match our guess.

In terms of getting rid of the ants, check out this previous post for some good advice.

Hope this helps!


Max Winston & the AskAntTeam

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