Fire ants in BC, Canada?!

I was vacuuming my house And when I got to my front entrance a had a swarm of these ants all over front door and walls...... It is quite a large ant approx a 1/4" long. I have heard that fire ant have been invading our area I have small pets and children so this was concerning to me.

I can get a better picture if needed

Michelle from Surrey BC, Canada.

Dear Michelle:

The photo lacks clarity, so we won't post it, but nonetheless I can assure you it is not a fire ant, and apparently is one of your native Formica or Lasius species (which have no sting).

Further, though we have had warming winters in recent years, the essentially tropical fire ants are still not established anywhere in or near Canada. The closest location to you is Orange Co., (far southern) California.

I hope this allays any fears for pets or children.

James C. Trager of the AntAsk Team

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