Ant or Spider? (Toni, Croatia, Europe)

Please help! Do all ants have 6 legs (3x2) and in your opinion is this an ant or spider on this picture?
Thanks a lot.
Toni Mindoljevićspider ant mimic.JPG

Hi Toni,

All ants do have six legs you are correct. However, the attached picture is NOT an ant. On the original website, it is identified correctly as an Ant-mimic spider, although the title of Eight Legged Ant is rather tongue-in-cheek. You can clearly count the legs to see all eight legs of a typical spider. It does appear though that this little mimic is holding one pair of legs out front to imitate ant antenna. The spider is from the family Salticidae, a jumping spider, and can be easily recognized by the large prominent four eyes in front and two smaller pairs along the side of the cephalothorax. This gives them excellent vision, and some species have even been recorded as even being able to see colors and watch TV.

The subject of ant mimics has been addressed in a previous AntBlog post, so take a peek to learn a more.

Best wishes,
Rebekah Baquiran & the AntAsk Team

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