Brazilian Camponotus identifications

Hi, my name is Felipe and I live in Brazil, I found some queens in the countryside and I wonder which species are them, can you guys help me out?
I found them living under a rock and they are red legged and their body is black. Some told me they are Camponotus, I knew that, but which camponotus species specifically?
Here are some pictures of them in a tube.
That's it, I hope you guys can help out..

Thank you
Felipe Lei
Mirmecolista e Estudante
São Paulo Brasil

Hello (Olá) Felipe!

It's great to see you become interested in raising ants. This is an excellent way to learm more about their home life. It is difficult to identify the ants to species from your pictures, though they do look like Camponotus.
There are many species of this genus in Brazil. Some do not have names yet, as the group needs work in that rich fauna. However, a number of them are pictured at AntWeb's Paraguay page - You might be able to compare the color and hair patterns of your queens to the worker pictures there, and make a good guess about the species.

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