Polyrhachis identification help (Dai, Vietnam)

Hi Antweb Team,

I am Dai, in Viet Nam. These are some pictures of Polyrhachis species that I found in a wet land, Sai Gon outskirts.

I kept them for a while. They ate only sweet things like sugar, watermellon... I did put some fish pellet but they took and threw away from the nest.

They also use larva to "weave" like P. dives but I am not sure it is. I am not specialist, maybe other species in the genus also do "weave"...

From these pictures, could you please tell me what species it could be?

Many thanks
Dear Dai,

Thank you for contacting AntBlog! We have asked an expert on Polyrhachis ants, Rudy Kohout, from the Queensland Museum, Australia to help with the identification. Here is what Rudy had to say:

"The photographs do not show all the characters necessary to identify them, but it is clear that the specimen represents a member of the Polyrhachis dives species-group and most likely P. dives itself. This is a very widespread species, ranging from south-east Asia (including Vietnam) south to northern Australia."DSC06148.jpg

Many species of arboreal Polyrhachis use their larvae to weave or sew leaves together to build their nests, much like Oecophylla ants.

Good luck with your spiny ants!
Rudy Kohout (guest expert), Corrie Moreau & the AntAsk Team

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