Which species of Camponotus is this dealate queen? (Kris, Indiana)


I live in mid west Indiana I found this ant queen under a rock. I found her in my yard in town under a rock behind my house. There is an old oak tree in my neighbor yard but I examined the tree and found no ants. However, oaks are common in the town. I live in a small town 20 min south of Terre haute Indiana, near the Wabash river so not far from Illinois. Can you tell me what species she belongs to? I think she may be of the genus Camponotus. I have included pictures. She has already started to lay eggs.


camponotus castanaeus.jpg

Camponotus castaneus dealate queen

Hi Kris,

We have deferred your question to James Trager, who has been of invaluable help with ant identifications for this blog. He thinks this is Camponotus castaneus, so you were correct with your assumption that it belongs to the genus Camponotus. James is Antweb's curator for Illinois and Missouri. In his experience, this ant species "is a denizen of upland forests, with a variety of dominant tree species, almost always with lots of oaks." Thanks very much for providing such detailed macrohabitat information.

Thanks for your question,
James Trager (guest expert), Steffi Kautz and the AntAsk Team

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