How many ant species are there in the U.S.? (Marlene)

My 6 year old grandson asked me how many species of ants are in the United States and I cannot find the answer. I see the worldwide number, but not the U.S. Can you help?

Thank you in advance,

Dear Marlene,

That is an excellent question. It is currently believed that there are around 1000 species of ants in North America. Of this number, many species are likely represented within the borders of the U.S. A more precise answer may be difficult in this case as new species are constantly being identified. Many groups of ants possess characters or behaviors that make it difficult to find or single them out from other ant species. Myrmecologists across the U.S. are currently working on this problem, but there is a lot left to do yet.

Thanks for your question,
Will Montag & the AntAsk Team

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