What kinds of things could you find on an ant hill? (Bobby, Del Rio, Texas, USA)

Dear AntAsk Team,
We have what I wanna say are fire ants under our house. Well my question is around the ant hills the are strands of what I wanna call silver they look like fibers of silver could it be possible that it is silver?

Texas, USA

Dear Bobby, 

When ants are digging their nests, they'll put most of what they have to dig through on top, that's what makes the ant "hill."  So it is possible that if there were something that looked like a short, silver fiber buried where they were making their nests, the ants might bring it to the surface.  There is nothing known about Fire Ants (or any other kind of ant) that would suggest that you are seeing silver threads.  But then again, there's nothing that would make it impossible, either.  

The best way to determine if it is silver would be to test it yourself.  There are a few different websites that describe easy ways to test for real silver, like here: 


Hope this helps! 
Jesse Czekanski-Moir & the AntAsk Team

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