About AntWeb

AntWeb focuses on specimen level data and images linked to specimens. In addition, contributors can submit natural history information and field images that are linked directly to taxonomic names. Distribution maps and field guides are generated automatically. All data in AntWeb are downloadable by users. AntWeb also provides specimen-level data, images, and natural history content to the Global Biodiversity Information Facility (GBIF), the Encyclopedia of Life (EOL.org), and Wikipedia.


Species pages: https://www.antweb.org/description.do?rank=species&name=apache&genus=pseudomyrmex&project=worldants

Regional lists: https://www.antweb.org/page.do?name=california

Projects: https://www.antweb.org/page.do?name=floridakeys

Field guides: https://www.antweb.org/mapComparison.do?rank=genus&name=adetomyrma&project=madants

How Reuse Content and Cite AntWeb:

AntWeb content is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution License. We encourage use of AntWeb images.

In print, each image must include attribution, the specimen code of the image, to its photographer and "from www.antweb.org" in each figure caption.

For websites, images must be clearly identified as coming from www.antweb.org, with a backward link to the respective source page. Photographer and other copyright information is provided on the big image page. Some photos and drawing belong to the indicated persons or organizations and have their own copyright statements. Photos and drawings with CCBY, CC-BY-NC or CC-BY-SA can be used without further permission, as long as guidelines above for attribution are followed.

We've made it easier to cite AntWeb by providing a "Cite this page" tool at the top right of each page. By clicking on that, you'll be able to copy the citation to use.

To cite AntWeb as a whole (example):

AntWeb.  Available from https://www.antweb.org. Accessed 

To cite individual sections (example):

Ward, P. S., editor (2013). AntWeb: Ants of California. Available from: https://www.antweb.org/page.do?name=california. Accessed 

In both cases, the "Accessed" date should be the date you accessed the content, in "day Month Year" format.

Taxonomic names in Antweb

Taxonomic names in Antweb are provided from three sources: The Bolton Catalog of ant names, specimen records, and user created species lists (Regions, Projects). The Bolton Catalog of valid names and regional and project species lists provide a filter to all names in AntWeb.

Because identifications and images are linked to specimens it is important to submit the specimen record number along with comments on images or distributions.